Christmas Presents for Pets?


With all of the madness of holiday shopping ramping up, we have but one question – will you be buying your pet a gift? Does your sweet cat or spunky pup have a special present under the tree that’s all of their own? In our household, our pets are our family, so we love spoiling them too with cute little presents. Of course, they don’t really understand what’s going on, but it makes us feel like we’re sharing the love. Plus, we love taking cute pictures of our dogs and cats under the tree. ;)


Pet Christmas Cards

Do you include your pets in your Christmas cards? Our precious furry friends are definitely an integral part of our family, so we couldn’t imagine not including them in our family photo. Plus, who doesn’t love pictures of cute cats and dogs?

Here are some of our favorite funny Christmas photos we found around the web. Which one is your favorite?





Funny christmas cat pictures1






Pet News: Air Swimming Edition


How can you not love Grumpy Cat? If you’re wild for Grumpy Cat, like the rest of the world, check out the great Christmas video above from Purina. Adorable!

  • Did you think dog parks are the best place for dogs to socialize? Well, you might want to think again. Learn more details from Mother Nature Network where they debunk 4 common misconceptions about dogs.


Testimonial Tuesday: Daily Go Edition

Panther, a toilet-using cat, photographed in S...

Panther, a toilet-using cat, photographed in San Francisco on 22 August 2005. He is ten years old and has been using the toilet since the age of six months. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was having a difficult time with my cat Derby’s digestive/intestine issues.  I literally spent thousands of dollars on tests, enemas, x-rays, etc which never helped her.  She continued to be constipated and lost weight. After using your product for a few short days, she has a daily “go” in her litter box!  She is gaining weight and no more expensive vet visits where nothing happens (the last time they recommended surgery).  I think it would be great if all professional vet offices sold your products!  These products are worth every penny!  Your products do exactly what you state they will do for your pet!  THANKS SO MUCH!

Shop the Full Pet Digestion Treatment Pack from Allergic Pet.

Dog Food Allergies

Allergies are a common problem affecting over half of the human population at a variety of levels from mild (runny noses and itchy eyes) to severe (requiring emergency room visits). In spite of this fact we often fail to realize that our dogs are subject to the same types of allergic reactions as humans.
The most difficult dog allergies to diagnose are food related. Food related allergies can sometimes be dangerous if left untreated. Symptoms of food allergies may appear as something different such as flea bites or other environmental sensitivities. However, certain foods may also cause itchy irritated skin, congestion and breathing problems, as well as digestive problems. For example, if your dog continues to have skin problems after using topical treatments and skin soothing shampoos, diet may be the culprit. Other symptoms of food allergies are dog diarrhea, gas and bloating and vomiting. And just like humans, dogs may also have severe life threatening reactions such as respiratory distress or more rarely anaphylactic shock.

The only way to diagnose a food allergy in a dog is to eliminate all possible allergens from the dog’s diet. The most common food allergies are wheat, soy, eggs, chicken, beef, and dairy products. Anyone with food allergies will express the difficulties of grocery shopping. Many products are contaminated with allergens, and even the smallest amount may trigger a reaction. The same goes for dogs. According to WebMD, placing the dog on a hydrolyzed protein diet is the safest way to start the process of elimination. Once the dog has been on the special diet for 12 weeks, slowly introduce new foods and monitor your pet for any signs of distress. Once you determine the allergen, your veterinarian will discuss diet options with you. Often, pet owners must prepare home-cooked meals for dogs with allergies. In addition, new lines of allergen free dog food products are appearing on the market. Most importantly, consult your veterinarian prior to making any decisions that may affect the health of your dog. Your dog will thank you with many wet doggy kisses.

Pet News: Jewel Edition


  • San Francisco is on a roll! First Bat Kid, now therapy dogs at the airport. San Francisco International Airport will be welcoming the “Wag Brigade” into their terminals for stress relief and general enjoyment.
  • Read more: San Francisco airport welcomes therapy dogs


Odd Cat Behaviors Explained

Portrait of a male tabby cat

Portrait of a male tabby cat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cats are definitely a rare breed and some of their behaviors can be a real head scratcher. I mean, why do cats knead our chests with their claws? Or why do they groom us? Lucky for us, Michele C. Hollow provides these answers and more to Parade Magazine. Go learn, find out what’s going on in your kitty’s head. 

Read: Odd Cat Behaviors Explained

Pet News: Turkey Day Edition


  • She’s just being Miley? Well in this case being Miley includes performing in front of a lip-syncing cat gif. What do you say, cute or crude?
  • Dog lovers, rejoice! The National Dog Show will return to broadcast on NBC this year. Catch the competition between the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and some NFL football. We all know it’s not really Thanksgiving until John O’Hurley graces our screens, right?
  • We’re all about luxury and extravagance, but what about for your cat? Some businesses are taking it to the next level with luxury cat hotels. Via The Guardian, “Each suite at the Ings has “stunning panoramic views”, underfloor heating and bespoke wrought iron four poster beds “complete with cut glass crystal balls and the softest cotton bedding with goose feather cushions.” Flat screen TVs come as standard, permitting the pampered pet to watch their favourite DVDs, such as looped footage of a fishtank or butterfly meadows, and an optional a la carte menu offers dishes such as pan fried sea bass with organic butter and steamed prawns.”


Tips for feeding cats and dogs Thanksgiving leftovers

Thanksgiving Day - I give thanks for...

Thanksgiving Day – I give thanks for… (Photo credit: RaGardner4)

Thanksgiving is definitely one of our favorite holidays and meals, but sometimes we think turkey sandwich leftovers can  be better than the main dish. Who doesn’t love a turkey sandwich with white bread and some delicious mayonnaise? It might be tempting to spread the sandwich love, and leftovers in general, with your dog or cat, but consider these tips before you give up your scraps.

  • If you’re sharing turkey, be sure to remove any excess fat or skin from the meat. Also, turkey bones are dangerous to dogs, make sure they stay far away from your pet.
  • Potatoes are safe to share, but mashed potatoes contain ingredients that pets should avoid: butter, cheese, sour cream, etc.
  • A small serving of cranberry sauce is safe for dogs.
  • We shouldn’t have to remind you, but chocolate is off the table.
  • Fresh vegetables such as green beans make for a safe treat, again just be careful they don’t contain additional dairy and alliums (onions, garlic, scallions, shallots, etc.).

Pet News: Cat Bark Edition


  • A kitten barking like a dog? You have to “hear” it to believe it! Watch the video above to hear Bun Bun’s unique purr.
  • #theoandbeau love. Daily photos of an adopted puppy and a toddler napping have gone viral. Jessica Shyba, who adopted the puppy, started posting the photos on Instagram and her blog, Momma’s Gone City. Check out the pictures for your daily dose of #love.
  • We’re going to keep the sweet stories rolling. Coming out of Philadelphia are eight month old lab/pit bull mix brothers. Their story is especially heart-warming because one of the dogs is blind. It took the animal shelter some time to notice, but once they did, they could see that the other dog has been acting as a seeing-eye dog for his brother. The two dogs are always cuddling and never leave each other’s sides.

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