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Natural Cat Diarrhea Treatment - Testimonials from Owners of Happy Dogs

What our customers are saying about how Diar-eze has helped their dog's overcome the discomfort of diarrhea.

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I began using the Vet Select Diar-eze in conjunction with the anti-diarrhea formula, day before yesterday, and it seems to work miracles for diarrhea in dogs.

Justin W.
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His diarrhea was gone within days, and his stools were back to normal within a week.


After trying nearly every vet office canine diarrhea treatment available for my large German Shepherd, I found your information on the internet about Diar-eze and decided to give it a try. We had already tried everything else, including changing the dog's diet. No other remedy had ever worked completely for my dog.

I put him on the Diar-eze and Anti-Diarrhea Formula as you suggested over the phone. His diarrhea was gone within days, and his stools were back to normal within a week. He is a much happier dog, and the canine diarrhea problem is now under control for the first time since I've had the dog.

Thank you for making these canine diarrhea treatments available for dog owners.
Sherry M.
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I just wanted to let you know that I began using your Diar-eze with the anti-diarrhia formula liquid a couple of days ago....My 3 year old dog Rufus seems to be doing great already because of this miracle of dog diarrhea treatments! He has had severe dog diarrhea for the past 4 or 5 months! All the treatments he has been on have not only been very costly, but have not done a thing for him. I can hardly wait to tell my vet how Diar-eze has worked!

Rufus and I thank you!!!!!!
Cecilia K.
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I have been giving my dog Diar-eze for a couple of months now. She has liver damage from chemotherapy (which she was on because of multiple small mast cell tumors). I stopped the chemotherapy because of the liver damage, but she developed chronic diarrhea---The Diar-eze helped her greatly.

Susan E.
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Today, Maya is 20 lbs heavier and incredibly healthy and happy.

We adopted our boxer girl, Maya, as a rescued adult stray. She was nothing more then skin and bones - weighing less than 40 lbs, and the rescue organization said she had diahrrea from living on the streets and eating anything she could find. They said it would go away. A week later, Maya was hospitalized at our vet's office with severe, explosive diahrrea and bleeding so bad it looked like hemoraging. After a month in the hospital, Maya came home on a new prescription diet, but her diahrrea continued almost daily, except without the copious bleeding. Searching for some answers to her diagnosis of IBD, I came across your website. I ordered a jar of your Diar-eze formula and within 2 days, her stools were significantly solidified. That formula was a lifesaver, both for Maya and for us as her adoptive parents. We loved her to death from day one, but the constant vigilance and care required was getting to be overwhelming. Today, Maya is 20 lbs heavier and incredibly healthy and happy. I shared your formula's success with my vet and they became believers - they now carry your formula for other pets brought to them with symptoms of diahrrea. They are amazed, and we cannot thank you enough!

Joanna C.
Miami, FL
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My tibetan terrier spooky was a different dog when introduced to Diar-eze This product definitely works. If ever you consider utilsing a UK distributor/franchise, I'm your lady.

Donna L.
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My dog, Erik, is a large, Golden Retriever. Erik has had a problem with diarrhea, and we've tried everything, but nothing seems to work. We were desperate, because a dog this size can really make a horrible mess around the house, since we work and no one is home with Erik during the day to let him out, and he has numerous accidents. My new vet recommended a prescription, very high quality and, very expensive dog food. Because of Erik's size and the amount of food he eats, this option would be a very costly one for me. My sister in South Carolina recommended Vet Select Diar-eze Formula. Her vet recommended it for her dog. He said it improves the quality of any off the shelf supermarket food. I've been giving it to Erik ever since and it has completely solved Erik's problem. And it's much cheaper than the high quality food.

Greg H.