Homeopathic Formulas Testimonials

What our customers are saying about how our homeopathic formulas have helped their pet and at the same time saving money on expensive vet bills. For a customized remedy for your pet's unique health issue, call 843-881-5500.

I know you have most likely heard this a thousand times, but thank you so very much. Max was diagnosed with bone cancer late December and we were told we only had a couple of months. We chose not to amputate his leg, or do kemo. It has been trying, but he is still doing so very well. Here it is over three months later and he still behaves as he always did, except he doesn't like to walk around to much. But, you know, he never really did any way. He has always been lazy, but he still does his happy dance before every meal. I know our time is still short, but it is giving us all time to get ready for the inevitable.

Thank you again,
Margaret M.

Well, thanks to you guys, I feel like it is Christmas! I wanted to write a quick testamonial. All of us pet owners know that the vets aren't going to carry Lax-eze and the anti-constipation formula, because then they won't make money on x-rays and hideous enemas! These products are the bomb!!
I've had the x-rays before and there is nothing wrong with Dasher cat except that he is a couch potato. Now, if a cat does not have a bowel movement as often as he should, there CAN be a lot of reallyy bad things that happen with impaction and mega-colon, so I was running around with the syringe to orally administer water all day long and massaging his abdomen and trying to scare him up and down the stairs to exercise and as soon as I got your products, my life and Dasher's completely changed!
Instead of little dime-sized, hardened nuggets every OTHER day, Dasher started giving me long coils EVERY DAY, when he would go to the box.
He is the MOST finicky eater, so I was really surprised that he eats with just as much gusto as always with the Lax-eze on it, and this is coming from a cat that won't allow me to add even a couple drops of omega 3 oils to his canned food because he doesn't like the taste!
I'm so happy I don't have to keep investigating his poop size. I am a professional trying to conduct a home business and I began to get REAL tired of digging through the box, hoping for poo, but being disappointed. Thanks Allergicpet!

Sharon W.

Hello, Just wanted to let you know that I received your products (Lame-eze, 1 oz. Knee Pain, and Eye See Clearly) on Wednesday and administered them on Wednesday night. Yesterday (Thursday) when I got home from work it was as though Asa had a new energy!! He was jumping up and down off of the couch – as a matter of a fact, I had to fuss at him because he was doing so much jumping up and down. He has not done that in MONTHS!!!! I could tell that he felt better and my best testimonial is that I administered the Eye See Clearly and he was sitting on the bed and noticed a dog in the window (ACROSS THE STREET – A SMALL DOG MIND YOU) and he jumped down off of the bed ran into the living room jumped up onto the back of the couch to bark at that dog – something he has done all of his life – has not been able to do this since he got the “football knee” and he saw it – he was able to do it again yesterday!! It was as though the old Asa was back!
I am really impressed with your products – I am telling everyone I know about your website!

Thanks much and God bless –
Lindera O.
Memphis, TN

Thank you isn't enough to say. I feel you have saved my cat's life!! My four month old kitten was hidden by her mom & so shy I thought she was wild, too afraid to come with the rest of us. What I didn't see right away was she was having seizures. Your Seizure control drops have given me a new kitten & her a new life!! She has only been on this med for three weeks. She has not had a seizure for the last week!! Also when I gave during a seizure, it stopped within seconds. I think it is nothing short of a miracle!!! Highly recommend.

Linda T.

Our family includes a beautiful 11 year old American Eskimo named Buck. He is a wonderful dog; smart, loyal, well behaved and affectionate. American Eskimo Dogs, (a descendant of the German Spitz) have very few health problems so with the exception of fluffy white dog hair everywhere in our home, Buck has been very easy to care for. Since global warming has changed the climate so much here in Huntington Beach, California poor Buck has been suffering with the worst allergy attacks. He suffers attacks of the sneezes that last several minutes each and go on for hours. The poor dear can barely spend ten minutes on the grass without suffering. I was really getting worried so, like any “mom” in the modern age, I did some research on my computer, which led me to AllergicPet.com.
First, let me say that I was surprised at how quickly my order arrived; I swear it was only 3 days from the time I ordered until it was delivered. I used both the herbal and the homeopathic formulas. The effect on Buck’s well-being was astounding! The first doses cut his sneeze attacks in half. After being on the fresh-aire and the asthma formula for two days, Buck has been symptom free – I can always tell when it is time for his pills, as he will sneeze a few times to let me know. Once he has had his herbs, his lungs are quiet for 10 to 12 hours. Buck is so much happier and has lots more energy, as do I now that I am not being woken up all night by his sneezing and wheezing.
These are great products, and I appreciate the personal service I received when I called with questions. Please feel free to reprint any of this letter – I would love it if other pets could be soothed by your wonderful products!

Fond Regards,
Lisa C.

Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!! this stuff really works!!!!!!!...its awesome....my dogs eyes have virtually cleared up !!!!just has a small part of her eye covered with the cataract that a couple of weeks ago,,,,almost covered her entire eye....thanks so much ...for anyone out there thinking of cataract surgury for their pet..plz try this product first..i am amazed that in a few short weeks ...that i would get these type of results so quickly....thanks once again.....

Valerie Y.

Dear AllergicPet.com: My husband and I cannot thank you enough for your Diar-eze fiber and homeopathic drops!! Our 15 year old cat (Pekoe) was diagnosed with IBS this year. Over the past 6 months we and our vet have been eliminating the possible cause for the throwing up and chronic diarrhea. When IBS was finally ruled and he was put on the steroid predinzone it would work for a while then we'd need to up Pekoe's dosage for a week and lower again when he'd have an episode of diarrhea. It was not until my husband found your wonderful product and started to give to Pekoe did he really improve.
Pekoe is no longer throwing up or having stool issues and has become his whimsical, alert self again. No more shots for dehydration either!!
We rave about your product to all the pet owners we know and have brought it to the attention of our vet so other animal can benefit from your product.

Thank you again
Laurel, Bill & Pekoe
Danbury, CT

Hi, I just wanted to once again commend you on your product and customer service, I started my 10 year old Aussie on your seizure formula about 3 months ago, (he was having the grand mal seizures) when he was in a seizure I would give him the drops and the seizure would stop almost immediately. On Nov. 4th he had his first seizure in about 2 ½ months it was about 2:00 in the morning I grabbed the drops and half asleep I took the top off and spilled the whole bottle, but got enough in his mouth to help him. I got on line Sat. morning and reorder the drops, and I received my order on Monday. I still had him on the capsules but had cut him back to 2 a day instead of 4 I think that is why he had another seizure, so I started him back on the 4 a day, and keep the drops on hand in case he does have one. Tuff was having the seizures every 2 to 3 hours and now thanks your seizure formula he is down to almost none. So thank you again for you super fast delivery and a fantastic product.

Terry T.

I have been using your homeopathic product for urinary tract infection. I believe my cat is back to normal now. My cat is prone to infections & your product seemed to put him back on a healthy tract. Thanks for letting me know how to keep him that way.

Rose Marie A.

Hello, You guys saved my little dogs life with your constipation cures. I will pass the word on about your comany and great products here in NYC. No more lactulose or propulid!

Monika L.
New York City, NY

My dog, Teddy, had a mast cell tumor removed in early December (approx. two months ago). She tires easily, but is always eager to play, etc. She has had more zest for life since I have had her on your full treatment cancer package.

Thank you,
Kelli and Teddy

On a symptomatic hunch after weeks of trying to get our VET Clinic to think beyond the checkbook, I started my web search for IDing the symptoms and then finding a homopathic asthma treatment for our 16 yr. old female, seal point, siamese. Her breathing was frightening to watch as she appeared ready to go at any moment. She was otherwise trim and had no graying or visable maladies. She was agile and alert when she wasn't breathless.
Not realizing her symptoms initially, this disease had been building for several years and had finally manifested itself into serious, open-mouth breathing, asthma. All her blood work and other tests had shown a strong body but life-threating, labored breathing. On top of this she had developed acute anxiety and hyperventilated quite alot.
The vet wanted to drag out the testing already into hundred of dollars. He didn't even suggest asthma or allergies. The alternate vet said Mandy had cancer and did not want to bother.
After locating and receiving the first bottle of ALLERGICPET Asthma Formula, Mandy began to slowly recover to the point of no open-mouth breathing and much reduced, labored breathing. She does require a small dose per day but the real testament to your superior formula came recently.
My wife and I, with Mandy along, were off on a trip(2 hrs.) to our country home, which takes us through sparsely settle areas, when Mandy got an acute anxiety attack and began to open mouth gasp, her tongue turned purple and she became limp, barely breathing.
My wife was uncertain what to do as there was no available help. I pulled off the road and instructed her to give Mandy a small squirt of the Asthma Formula from the needleless syringe and to try to calm her by wrapping her loosely in a towel and distracting her.
Within just a few minutes, Mandy had begun to recover dramatically and we continued our trip without incidence.
Your ASTHMA-FORMULA is Incredible stuff and so easy to administer...as they say:"...we would not leave home without it"!

Les D.

I just wanted to write to you and inform you how completely satisfied I am with your products. A few weeks ago I took my seven year old cat to the vet due to his inability to have a bowel movement. After spending two hundred dollars on x rays it was determined that he was impacted with feces. The vet gave him an enema and prescribed Lactulos. He told me to give it to him until the bottle was finished. Total vet bill was about $250.00. Unfortunately, after spending all this money I found the Lactulos was doing absolutely nothing to help his problem as it had no positive effect at all. I spent considerable time on the internet researching different products that I felt could be helpful. Although I was reluctant to make such a purchase on-line I felt that it was necessary as the vet's therapy was just not working. I purchased the Anit-Constipation Full Treatment Pack. The cost was not cheap but I was encouraged by the testimonials and how helpful your products had been for others. I gave my cat a few drops of the anti-constipation formula on two occasions over four hours. I then went to bed. Upon awakening the next morning I checked his litter box. To my surprise my cat had a healthy bowel movement for the first time in about a week and a half. The only thing different in his diet during this time was that I had administered the anti-constipation drops to him. I have now begun to give him about a teaspoon of Lax-eze mixed in to his dry food as a preventative. So far he seems to be tolerating it well. Thanks for your products. They perform as advertised.

Michael M.
Jacksonville, FL

Hello from Houston!
Just wanted to thank you all for your efficiency, as well as your exceptional products. I ran out of the Eye See Clearly drops and my Maltese's eyes went right into staining. Hence, if I ever wondered how great of a job it was doing - there was my proof. (smile)
Also, I have to mention that every single time I order from your company, my order shows up almost immediately! Thanks!

All the best,
Sheryl D.

I began using the anti-diarrhea formula in conjunction with the Vet Select Diar-eze, day before yesterday, and it seems to be working miracles with my cat. My question is do I continue to use this ongoing or do I use it when her diarrhea flares up?


We want to thank you for the drops! Thank you for trying to get in touch with us. It is very much appreciated. Shelby is our baby. She sleeps with us, she is as dear as any human that we love. Sounds crazy to people who don't love dogs but she is our JOY! She is much, much better with the dosage you told us to give her. Almost back to normal! We are so happy. We had almost given up and the Vet. here wanted almost $3,000 to run tests on her and then he couldn't promise a thing! We have our ": Shelby " back and we thank you so very much!!!

Bill and Judy M.
Spring, TX

I just received your Anti-Constipation drops and Lax-eze Formula in the mail yesterday. I immediately administered the drops to my cat, who has recently experienced some major traumas, including not being able to have a BM. After the doctors further traumatized him by giving him enema after enema, which literally drains the life out of him, I decided to take my own action to help heal him. It has been only 24 hours since the first dose of drops, and my cat has already had success. It had been almost 7 days since his last BM, and now things are finally moving. I gave him a few drops every six hours and viola.
I can't even tell you how grateful I am for your product. I am sure that you saved my cats life, and mine too, cause it was breaking my heart to see him in pain.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

A devoted client,
Laurie N.

I just wanted to let you know about my experience with Eye See Clearly ...
My dog was diagnosed with Dry Eyes about a year ago... The vet gave me ointment to put in his eyes... nothing... then they gave me a brochure regarding surgery and that he would never be "cured" if I didn't have the surgery... I knew it was time for me to look into alternatives... I found the Eye See Clearly web site... skeptically .. I ordered the Eye Drops...followed the instructions and within a couple of months his eyes cleared up ... I haven't had to use the drops in over 6 mos.. his eyes look great.
This stuff has been wonderful...
I wish more vets would look into natural medicine before they offer surgery as a solution.

Wendi - Florida

I just wanted to give you an update on my cat, Merlin. He is doing great, not one seizure or spacey behavior. Acts like a new cat. He's been on 5 drops two times a day in the juice of his cat food for just about 2 weeks now. Can I wean him off or leave him on the same dose or whatever? Let me know. I have told many people about this and they are as happy as i am with it (and Merlin, the cat, too).

Thanks Again,
Ann H.

Hello: Our Italian Greyhound Rudy has been experiencing grand mal seizures on the order of about one every two days. My wife and I have been VERY reluctant to put him on phenobarbitol or any other sort of heavy chemical drug.
In desperation, we found your product and decided to give it a try. We received the Seizure Formula pills and homeopathic treatment on a Thursday. On Friday, I noticed that Rudy was in the pre-ictal phase and was about ready to seize. I quickly squirted a few drops of the homeopathic formula in his mouth and, even though he was sort of wobbly for about 30 minutes, he never did go into a full-blown seizure, the first time that I've ever seen that happen.
On Saturday, we found him right in the midst of a seizure; once again, a few drops of the homeopathic solution in his mouth, and his muscular convulsions stopped immediately, and he began his recovery; it was the shortest seizure that we've ever seen him have.
And on Sunday, he was completely seizure-free.
I'm writing this on Monday, so it's way too soon to see what long-terms effects your product will have on Rudy and his seizures, but from what I've seen, they have already helped him tremendously. My fingers are crossed!

Many thanks for what I hope will be Rudy's salvation.
Scott and Laura R.

Dear Friends, I am writing to SINCERELY THANK YOU for your liquid miracle. I spent $750.00 at an Emergency Animal Clinic in October due to constipation. The Vets suggested adding pumpkin at every meal, had to freeze little portions, thaw out, ect. much added extra work, with not much success. Since I add the liquid drops to his food I don't have to go through all the extra work and my 17 year old kitty is NO longer constipated. You have saved his life.

Linda R.
Menomonee Falls, WI

Just a quick note of thanks. My one year old Golden Retriever dog was diagnosed with cataracts. My vet told me it would not be a good idea to breed her since it is probably a genetic defect. I did not want to breed a defective dog but found it hard to accept that a one year old dog could have cataracts. I went searching on the web and found this product "Eye See Clearly" I read about it and thought I would give it a try, well I am happy to report, after only a 1-1/2 weeks, it appears the cataracts on my dogs inner eyes have cleared up. I will be bringing my dog back to the vet to confirm my observation and give her a clean bill of health.

Best Wishes
Ted T.

I recently ordered the natural drops for seizures in my cat and he has been perfect ever since so I highly recommend your website. Can you tell me if you have something for overall good health in cats? I have 3. One is 15(the one that had the seizures) other is 2 years and the other is about 1 year old. Can you suggest anything?

Thank You,

Hi, A couple of years ago, I contacted you, after my dog suffered her first seizure.. The seizures were coming steady every 3 weeks or so. You suggested the capsules and homeopathic drops. I started cooking for the dog, organic meat and vegetables and continued the protocole faithfully. The progress was slow but it was encouraging. I have now to report that she has been seizure free for the past 7 months. I can't thank you enough!! Needless to say I recommend your products to all who will listen.


I just wanted to tell you that I started to use Diar-eze with the anti-diarrhia formula liquid 2 days ago....My 1 year old cat seems to be doing great already! He has had severe diarrhea for 7 months! All the medications he has been on have not only been expensive, but have not worked. I can hardly wait to tell my vet how DIAR-EZE has worked!

I don't know how to THANK YOU enough!!!!!!
Becky P.

I’ve been using Eye See Clearly for about three months now. My dog is totally blind from cataracts, and I didn’t think Eye See Clearly was helping much. I stopped using it for awhile, and now my dog is bumping into things again, which he didn’t do when I used Eye See Clearly. I see now that the product is, indeed, helping him!

John W.

Hi- Just wanted to let you know how very very much this product has changed my cat's life. Baker is 8 years old, and two years ago, before I was aware of your miraculous formula, he suffered horribly with mega colon, and had to have part of his colon removed after we tried everything we knew about. He seemed better for a while, but then it all started up again, and I was told that he would need to have the rest of his colon removed to prevent this constant constipation/enema cycle. The cost would have been astronomical AGAIN, so I did a google search and your company came up!! I ordered the anti-constipation drops out of sheer desparation, and THEY WORKED!!!! Baker is a happy happy boy now, just with the use of a few drops a day it has completely eliminated his painful chronic constipation. This has been going on since February, and I can't thank you enough.

Pam M.

On 26th May we received the "Vet Select Nuroplex (Seizure) Full Treatment Pack" for our 9 year old Italian Spinone - Rosie. That very evening we thought she was going to go into a fit as her teeth started to chatter violently. We used the homeopathic drops as per instructions and Rosie "came back" to normal. She has been on four capsules twice a day since this and I want to report what a different dog she has been.
She has appeared to have shed years and she is so happy - long may this continue!! No sign of a seizure although I still keep a very close eye on her.
The testimonials on your web site were extremely helpful to me and so I wanted to write and report also - because there is probably someone else out there like me who is trawling the internet to find help (without side effects) for their beloved pet. It is here folks - just click on the order button!
Thanks also for your wonderful service - I have ordered a second lot of capsules and those also got here in four days - I can only describe the service as EXCELLENT.

Many many thanks.
Somerset, England