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Lax-eze Testimonials From Dog Owners

What our customers are saying about how Lax-eze and has helped their dog's overcome the discomfort of constipation.

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literally saved her life.

Thank you very much for your wonderful products. I have a cat with IBD and by using Anti-constipation Formula, and changing her food to Petguard, has literally saved her life. Thank you again and I have recommended your website to many pet parents.

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Hi . . . Enclosed is my check. Please send me a 7 oz. container of Lax-eze. A friend sent me a container of this product a few months ago, and the improvement and change in my 7 year old Cocker Spaniel mix has been TRULY remarkable! No more canine constipation for Rufus!

Steven R.
New Ulm, MN
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I have two dogs, a terrier mut named Bart, and a Maltese, Buddy. I've had Bart for 8 years, and walk him daily. Bart has always had a very normal stool, and has always been very regular. Buddy has been with us for a year now. I walk them both together, but Buddy has really been a problem. I've had to double the length of my regular walks with Bart, and, still, it is not uncommon for Buddy to have days, sometimes two or three in a row, without a bowel movement. During this time, he usually has bad gas as well. A friend suggested Lax-eze. I mix about a teaspoon into his food each meal, and now Buddy has regular, normal bowel movements and, best of all, no more gas! I'm very happy with the results.

Betty T.
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You guys saved my little dogs life with your constipation cures. I will pass the word on about your comany and great products here in NYC. No more lactulose or propulid!

Monika L.
New York City, NY
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