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Large Special Full Treatment Skin Pack

Large Special Full Treatment Skin Pack

Save This Month Only (20% Discount!) by ordering our Large Special Full Treatment Package. This package includes 360 Skin-eze capsules or tablets, 2 bottles of Skin-eze Shampoo (8oz ea), 1 bottle of Skin-eze Spray (8oz), and 1 bottle of Skin-eze Oil O3 (1oz). Approx. 1 month supply for large pets (41# and over).
  • The Package Deals are your complete solution for skin problems due to allergies along with symptoms of secondary skin infections as well. Please read our article "Can dog allergies cause bacterial and yeast infections?" for more information on this topic.
  • Check our "How to Use Topicals" article to ensure you're using the recommended products, and that you're using them correctly.

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Suggested Dosage For Skin-eze

For generally itchy pets, start with the suggested dosage on the chart below. You should see results anywhere from twenty minutes to four days. If not, adjust the dosage upward. When Skin-eze is working, and your pet is itch free and comfortable for a couple of weeks, you can try cutting back on the dosage to the suggested maintenance level. Remember, the following chart is only a GUIDELINE. If your pet becomes itchy again after reducing the dose, you will know that your pet needs to stay on the higher dosage. You want to try and find the minimum dose necessary to control the symptoms. For a large dog, or even a small dog with severe allergy problems, the maintenance level to control symptoms might be four capsules or tablets, two times daily. A very large dog (90-140 pounds) might need as many as six tablets or capsules, two times daily.

Since Skin-eze is an herbal, all natural approach, it is safe to use as much Skin-eze as is necessary to control the symptoms. There are no harmful side effects. Also, the dosing of herbs is different than the dosing of drugs. Herbal remedies often times require higher dosing levels than pharmaceutical drugs.

If your pet has lesions (sores), dry or flaky skin, ear infections (active or a history of this problem), or foul odor, we highly recommend the use of our topicals (Skin-eze shampoo, skin spray, and O3 oil). This will speed up the healing process with the use of tablets or capsules. See FAQ for more information on how to use topicals.


Suggested Starting Dosage

Suggested Maintenance Dosage

up to 20 lbs.

3 tabs, 2 times daily

1-3 tabs, 2 times daily

20 lbs. to 60 lbs.

4 tabs, 2 times daily

2-4 tabs, 2 times daily

60 lbs. to 100 lbs.

5 tabs, 2 times daily

3-5 tabs, 2 times daily

100 lbs. and up

6 tabs, 2 times daily

4-6 tabs, 2 times daily

Dogs with seasonal allergies might only need Skin-eze during the itchy months, while dogs with year-round allergies might need to take Skin-eze all year.

REMEMBER, SKIN-EZE IS NOT A DRUG. IT IS SAFE TO GIVE AS MUCH AS NECESSARY TO CONTROL SYMPTOMS (ITCHING). During periods of additional stress (high pollen count, fleabites, etc.), increase dose as needed.

We do not recommend giving Skin-eze to pregnant dogs, just to be safe.

You or your vet are welcome to contact us if you have questions.

Skin-eze Testimonials

I just received my skin-eze today. I ordered the tablets, spray, shampoo, and ear drops. I have a 2 year old shih tzu that has chronic allergies and has recurrent yeast infection. I just bathed her, and for the first time in over a year, she is NOT itchy!!! She is not dragging her face all over the carpet, going after her ears, and licking her privates. Thank you for such a wonderful product!! I will be a life long customer!!

Thanks again,
Arlene S.

I have a 6 year old Shih Tzu named Lola. For years she has suffered miserably with skin allergies. It had gotten so bad that her fur was falling out. She scratched, licked and chewed herself all day and all night long. I have tried everything to help her. About 2 months ago, I switched her from a high quality food which she has always eaten, to a raw diet which is high protein, low-carb, and grain free. She also gets plain yogurt every day to help control the yeast which causes her ear infections. The allergies persisted. So finally I had decided I was going to put her on steroids as a last resort. The day before her vet appointment, I decided to once again search the internet for an alternate solution as I do not believe that veterinarians are very educated when it comes to nutrition or allergies. They immediately want to drug the animal which can lead to all kinds of other ailments. I got online and was so happy when I came across the Skin-eze website. I read the testimonials, checked the product ingredients and was convinced it was worth a shot. I am a big believer in holistic remedies and was really hoping that this would be the solution I had been searching for. I received my order today in the mail (very quickly I might add...only 2 days after I had placed the order) which consisted of the shampoo, oil drops, tablets, and skin spray. I immediately bathed her, sprayed her hot spots, and gave her 3 of the tablets (disguised in moist food). Within an hour she was a completely different dog. No chewing or biting and very limited scratching. She smells good too! Tonight she is sleeping comfortably with no itching. I am blown away by the power of Skin-eze. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who has an animal that is suffering with debilitating allergies. It is worth the every penny. I spent less on these highly effective products than I would have spent on one trip to the vet! Give it a try. You and your dog will be very happy you did!! It is truly remarkable.

JoAnne W.

My westie has suffered for five years with yeast infections. I was at my wits end trying to help her. She has been on your product for two weeks and I have seen a remarkable improvement. The shampoo is wonderful. I hope it continues!

Thank you.
Pam R.

I have a Chocolate Cocker Spaniel named Hershey. Last fall she started getting hotspots and a bad yeast infection on her ears. I have tried Benedryl, steroids and everything else. She had lost almost all of her hair when I found your site early June. I ordered your products and 10 weeks later she is much better. She still itches some which I think may be more habit than anything at this point. Her hair is coming back in. Granted it's a slow process but she looks so much better. I've enclosed before and after pics along with my sincerest gratitude.


Good Morning!!!
Gizmo and I would like to thank you sooooo very much for the relief that your product has given both of us. Gizmo is a five year old Yorkie that has had allergy problems all of his little life. He weighs less than six pounds and I was upset at how often we were having to have allergy shots and antibiotics because of the staff infections from his scratching. I was goggling one day and came across your product. I e-mailed you with my concerns and was still skeptical but decided what the heck I have tried everything else from pills to shampoos to food I might as well try this since it was all natural. Thank goodness I did. I purchased the whole package. Gizmo decided he would not take the pills but It didn't really matter because after the first week of baths he felt better. We are entering his worst allergy time of year, but I am not worried now for the first time in five years. It has been over a month since we started with your product and he is happy and I am very happy. I am writing this because I have given your name to my groomer (Colleen Doyle) and I hope you allow her to sell your product so other dogs can have the relief that we have found.

Thanks again,
Dennis, Patti, and Gizmo

We recently ordered your full skin treatment pack for Sophie, our 6 month old French Bulldog puppy. She has allergies that gave her a tummy rash that was really causing her misery - with constant scratching until she would bleed. After several vists to our Vet, with steroid and cortisone shots - the rash would go away, then return even worse in a few days. We tried every commercial/vet shampoo and pet skin care product out there with very little effect and were at our wits end, with the rash starting to spread to her neck and jowls. Then we came across your web site. We have been using your shampoo, spray, and oil on our puppy for about a week now and the results have been wonderful. Her rash has improved a lot, is shrinking and starting to go away, and the shampoo and spray gives her significant relief from the itching, where nothing else we tried worked. Great products!!!!

Thank you from:
Mark and Judi H. (and Sophie)

I've been using Skin-eze Spray and Shampoo for flea control, and am so happy to have found natural products that are safe. I have been using the shampoo weekly, and the spray daily. The shampoo kills fleas, and the spray works great as a flea repellent. I especially like not having to rely on chemicals and nasty topicals to control fleas. And it?s great to be able to bathe Rocky as often as I want without worrying about washing off the chemicals - I now have a sweet smelling pooch again.

Shirley M.
Edgewood, NM

I had contacted your site about our mix breed pomeranian, 2 1/2 years old with severe allergy or something causing big lesions and hair loss, extremely sore feet and odor. After having him seen by 4 vets and many antibiotics and other meds I read the information on skin-eeze and looked at the photos. I decided after all the money I had already spent, what was the cost of one bottle of the skin-eeze. I am happy to say that after finishing the first bottle he has had only two new lesions, smaller than a pencil eraser, when previously some spots were as big as the palm of my hand. He has new hair coming into all the bald spots from the previous lesions. He still looks kind of sad but seems to be getting better. I started giving him the second bottle this last week and today gave him the first bath with the shampoo. It smelled good, not mediciney like some I had tried. Itching seems to be almost gone too. Thank you for Skin-Eeze. First thing to help in over two years of misery for him.

Thank you, thank you!
Janet K.

hi just wanted to know where i can post a testimonial i have a Rottweiler on your seizures product and i have a Chihuahua who has skin issues actualy vet told me he had scabies so we treated him but he never did regain his fur and he smelled well i can tell you first day i started given him your herb he didint smell any more my only problem is he hates the capsul i have to dilute in water and syringe it down his little throat but i tell him it for his own good and one week im a happy camper fur is growing back and he smells like a puppy should not yeasty thank you so much and as far as my Rottweiler i havent had any seizures except one and it was small i used the drops on her every day but when she had seizure i gave her extra and i think it helped I could not see where I could add a comment about your product. We too were at a lost after spending thousands of dollars at the Vets and nothing was helping our dog. After doing some research and came accross your website and reading some of the other people's comment we decided we did not have anything to loose and if this did not work we were seriously looking at putting our dog to sleep as he was in pain. thank you as we are now on our second order and he is no longer on any of the other medications the vets gave us and his skin is growing back, he still has a bit to go but so far he is looking alot better. I have given your website to our local hdro bath dog lady as she was saying she has other clients with the same problem.

once again thank you.
Donna M.

Didn't know how to contact you and tell you what a GREAT product this is... but I guess you already know that! Most of your stories are about small dogs. I have a 120 lb. german shephard who has struggled with skin issues all his life (he is 5) this breed is prone to skin issues as you may be aware. His itching, scratching, biting and SMELL were awful! No one wanted to be around him he stunk like a skunk no matter what I did. One try of your shampoo (I used the entire bottle on him... like I said he is BIG) and it made a huge difference. The icky black patches on his belly began to heal, his coat is soft and my girls just love to pet him now! He doesn't smell like a skunk anymore! I have ordered more of the shampoo (6 bottles this time) and I am going to take this product over to an all natural pet store in my town to tell him he should carry this stuff! I tried almost every product in his store with no relief before I tried Skin eze.

Thanks for a great product!
Lucy B.

I want to tell you about my dog Bailey, a Westy, and how your product has helped. Bailey has atopic dermatitis. He has been on prednisone and antibiotics for 4 or 5 years now and nothing has really controlled or eliminated his itching. October 07, he was worst off then he's ever been, I was at my wits end, and tired of the same treatment offered by the vet. I found your product online and ordered it in November 07, and have been using it since. When we started Bailey's hair was almost gone, his skin was full of welts and hot pink in color, and smelled awful. About one month later I started seeing Bailey's hair growing and his skin returning to normal. Everyday I kept seeing improvement. Today Bailey's hair, the fine underlayment and outer hair is all grown in, his skin is back to its normal color and texture and the smell is gone. This is due to the Skin-eze caps and your shampoo. He looks better than he has in 3 years, we are very pleased.

Your Satisfied Customer

I would like for you to know that our Boxer-Boston Terrier mix, Marley, had such severe skin issues (itching, hot spots, open sores, bright red skin, losing all her hair, miserable all the time, never wanted to play, etc...) that we were gearing ourselves up to have her put her to sleep. We had tried everything and spent SO much money. The vet would only cover up the symptoms with steriods and antibiotics. Once the treatment stopped she'd revert right back to misery. She's not a complainer, she just kept on itching and looking at us with love in her eyes. It was truly heartbreaking.

Skin-eze is the very first product that has made any difference. I honestly can't believe the difference. Marley's itching much less, her skin is not longer an inflamed color of red (it literally looked like the most severe sunburn ever and probably felt like it too), her hair is growing back, she is running around the yard and wants to play again.

I am so grateful and thankful that we did not put her to sleep and that she is on her way back to a more normal and comfortable life. Thank you so much. You've actually saved my dog's life.

Claire R.

I absolutely love Skin-eze...I have 2 shih tzu's who suffer badly with skin allergies...I have purified water, the get groomed weekly, brushed daily, air purifiers, we avoid walking on grass, etc...and they just kept itching and scratching all the time...countless visits to the vets, prescriptions, a dozen different shampoo's, sprays and creams...After just "one shampoo" there was a remarkable I have all my friends dogs using your products and even my GROOMER is using it.

Thank you!...I just ordered more shampoo today.
Susan O.
Palm Harbor, FL

called last week desperately searching for help for my 11 year-old fox terrier. I was finally able to get her in to a dermatologist on Friday. She diagnosed Foxy with an immune disease called Pemphigus Foliaceus after a physical exam, blood work and skin scrapings. She placed Foxy on a natural food diet, Baytril once a day, Medrol twice a day, and Omega 3 oil capsules twice a day. In addition to these medications, I have been giving her the Skin-eze twice a day, rubbing the pads of her feet with the essence oil, plus bathing her in the shampoo I purchased from you. She has almost completely stopped getting the crusty patches, flaking and the pads on her feet are almost totally healed. Thank you so much for taking the time last Thursday to talk to me regarding this problem and getting the product to me so quickly. The dermatologist told me during our office visit that if I wouldn't have gotten help for Foxy when I did, she wouldn't have lived more than a couple more weeks. Although it is very difficult to prove, she seemed to suspect the vaccination as being the reason Foxy's immune system went so haywire. She advised against ever having my dog vaccinated for anything other than rabies ever again. She also confirmed my belief in getting a titer test done on dogs before you blindly get yearly vaccinations done on any dog. I feel very fortunate indeed to have had the good luck to find your products and a good dermatologist for Foxy. I have learned a valuable lesson from Foxy's misfortune and will campaign to inform all of my acquaintances of the value of the titer test for dogs, your products, and how to avoid picking a vet the refuses to test before immunizing. Once again, thank you very much for your help with Foxy's problem.

Sue E.

I have another question about my dog, first I would like to tell you that oil did the trick on his ears!!!! It is just wonderful!!! His ears are well after 4 years!!!!

Debbie H.

What's in Skin-eze?

Ingredients: Skin-eze capsules & tablets

Capsules - Angelica; Arctium; Calamus Gum; Salvia; Rehmannia; Forsythia; Sophora Root; Cicada; Kochia; Schizonepeta; Siler; Licorice in a vegetable capsule.

Tablets - Angelica, Arctium, Calamus Gum, Salvia, Rehmannia, Forsythia, Sophora Root, Cicada, Kochia, Schizonepeta, Siler, Licorice. Other (binding) ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, Stearic acid, Hydroxypropyl cellulose, Croscarmellose sodium, Magnesium stearate, Silicon dioxide.

Ingredients: Skin-eze Shampoo

Deionized water; Citrus oil; Coconut oil; Aloe vera; Cajuput; Bay; Erigeron; Lavender; Roman chamomile; Egyptian geranium; Symphytum; Calendula; Hypericum; Urtica; Arnica.

Ingredients: Skin-eze Spray

Deionized water; Citrus oil; Extra virgin olive oil; Aloe vera; Cajuput; Bay; Erigeron; Lavender; Roman chamomile; Egyptian geranium; Symphytum; Calendula; Hypericum; Urtica; Arnica.

Ingredients: Skin-eze Healing O3 Oil

Ozonated extra virgin olive oil; Lavender; Roman chamomile; Egyptian geranium; Symphytum; Calendula; Hypericum; Urtica; Arnica.

Have a question about this product?

FAQ - Skin-eze Tabs & Capsules

How do I determine the proper dosage to give my dog? See Skin-eze Suggested Dosage

A. The dose is determined by the size of the pet and the severity of the itching. A small dog that is mildly itchy might start with two tabs or capsules, two times daily. The same size dog with severe itchy skin might need 3-4 tabs, two times daily. A large dog that is mildly itchy might start with 4 tabs, two times daily. The same dog with severe itchy skin might need 6 tabs, two times daily. Once you determine the starting dose, continue with it and see how it goes. If the itching is less, but has not been eliminated completely, then increase the dosage.

Can I overdose my dog on Skin-eze? See Skin-eze Suggested Dosage

A. No, since this is an all-natural, herbal combination, there are no harmful side effects. However, once the itching is completely under control, you'll want to try to find the minimum dose necessary to control the symptoms (itching). Once the dog is comfortable and itch free for a week or two, you might want to gradually reduce the dose (in other words, if you were giving 3 tabs twice daily, go to 2 tabs twice daily to see if this dose will be adequate to control itching). If itching increases, you'll know that you will need to go back up to the original dose. Of course, you can always call our Customer Service representative for help if necessary.

Can I stop giving my dog the drugs my vet prescribed for itching?

A. This is a decision that you and/or your veterinarian will have to make. We can offer you the following guidelines. It is usually best to not make any changes in current treatment protocol until you have started using the Skin-eze products and your pet is 'itch free' for a week or two. Many of the drugs given for allergies (itchy skin) can have harmful side effects. Generally speaking, your pet would be better off without these drugs if at all possible. Just remember that steroids must be reduced gradually, so you might want to consult your veterinarian on how best to do this.

What is the difference between Skin-eze tabs and Skin-eze capsules?

A. Skin-eze tabs and capsules both contain the same active ingredients. Capsules can be hidden easily in soft food, and most pets don't notice them in the food because the capsule is soft. If your dog or cat is small (12# or under), you might find it easier to administer the tablets, which can be cut into smaller pieces with a pill cutter.

What if my dog won't eat the tabs or capsules?

A. Some dogs will eat the tabs as treats. If your dog is a picky eater, you will need to find creative ways to get him to eat the tabs or caps. One trick that works well is to soften a thin piece of cheese in the microwave, then wrap the sticky cheese all around the tab or the capsule (most dogs will just wolf it down this way). Another option is to hide the tab or capsule in a small meatball of canned food (dog food or even canned cat food - most dogs LOVE canned cat food due to its high protein content). Of course, you can always try wrapping the tab or capsule in a thin slice of lunch meat, or even putting peanut butter on it. If your dog is REALLY finicky, try giving him two bites of lunch meat with nothing in it, then sneak in the tab or capsule on the third and subsequent bites (or between bread)! Also, the tabs can be crushed up and hidden in soft food. However, it is best to try and hide the entire capsule or tablet, or a smaller piece of tablet, in some type of food, because they have no odor when given whole and your pet is less likely to reject the product due to taste or smell. Go to this link for more suggestions: Directions.

My dog has itchy ears that have become infected. He sometimes has a foul odor, and licks his paws frequently. Some of these dogs have chronic ear problems or scabs on their face. Sometimes the skin is dry and flaky. Will Skin-eze help?

A. Yes, there is a good chance that Skin-eze will help. However, on cases like the ones described above, follow the following regimen for best results. Bathe your dog with Skin-eze all natural, herbal shampoo daily for 5-6 days. This is VERY important, in order to speed up the healing process for more immediate relief. After that, continue to bathe twice weekly thereafter. Treat the ears with Skin-eze Oil O3 - put two drops in ears one to two times daily. If the dog has any lesions or sores on the skin, use the Skin-eze Oil O3 or Skin-eze Spray on those areas, too. In addition, use the Skin-eze tabs or capsules as directed above for long term, systemic relief of itchy skin caused by allergies. This will help prevent a recurrence of the scratching that caused the surface damage to the skin.

My dog has red hot spots. What should I use on that?

A. In addition to the Skin-eze tabs or capsules, use Skin-eze Spray to cool the skin and give topical relief to itchy skin.

Is Skin-eze guaranteed to work?

A. No. There is no product that will work on 100% of all cases (this is why huge drug companies do not guarantee their products). Skin-eze does work on a high percentage of cases, though, and our rate of reorders is excellent. We wish we could help every animal, and we hope that the product works well for your pet. Our Customer Service representatives are available by email or telephone to help you to get the best results possible from our products.

My dog has lost a lot of hair from biting himself. What can I do for this?

A. The Skin-eze Spray will help promote healing of the skin. In addition, our Vet Select Healthy Fresh food additive helps promote regrowth of damaged hair, in addition to many other health benefits. It contains enzymes and chelated minerals. Check the website for further info.

How long will it take before Skin-eze starts to work?

A. Some pets respond to Skin-eze almost immediately. Other times, it takes longer. It takes diligence on the part of the owner to be sure to give Skin-eze twice daily, and to stick with it! Often times, best results are achieved when Skin-eze is used in combination with some of our topicals shampoo, O3 oil, and skin spray) especially if there is a lot of surface sores, red skin, ear problems, etc. In the more extreme cases, it might take as long as three to four weeks before you'll see a big improvement; however, even in these cases you should see some improvement within the first two or three weeks, with things getting progressively better from there. Remember to try increasing the dosage as necessary for good results, and don't be afraid of overdosing - Skin-eze is not a harmful drug that can cause unwanted side effects.

My dog got more itchy after starting on Skin-eze tabs. Is this possible?

A. In rare cases, the pet could have an allergic reaction to one of the herbal ingredients. Also, if you have discontinued drug therapy within the previous month or two, your pet could become more itchy due to the side effects of stopping the drug therapy. In most cases, it is better to start using the Skin-eze products along with current therapies until your pet is 'itch free' for a week or two. Then slowly wean your pet off of the drug therapies (we suggest that you consult with the veterinarian who prescribed the drugs on how best to do this when your pet's condition has adequately improved).

Will Skin-eze help my itchy cat?

A. Skin-eze works equally well on cats, and all of our topicals can be used on cats, also. We recommend Skin-eze tabs for cats. The best way to get cats to eat Skin-eze is to cut the tab into smaller pieces with a pill cutter and hide it in canned food or any of his favorite foods. We also have our Cat Special Full Treatment Skin Pack which includes our liquid homeopathic skin formula for cats. Go to this link for more suggestions on administering Skin-eze tabs to cats: Directions

You or your vet are welcome to contact us if you have questions.

    How It Works - Skin-eze

    Herbal Formulas

    These formulations are designed to work extremely well together. By adding additional herbs to a main formulation, one can target specific issues.

    Our herbal formulation for skin and coat issues addresses these problem areas in more than one way. The unique blend works to calm the nervous system. Stress reduction from scratching is addressed. Blood flow and detoxification are affected by various ingredients. Many of the herbs are used for their anti-fungal and anti-bacterial effects. There are also ingredients that promote healthy skin and coat condition.

    All of our herbal formulas are comprised of the highest quality human grade herbs. Our products are processed and bottled in the United States in approved FDA bottling facilities that must adhere to stringent regulations governing laboratory testing for purity.

    Topical Formulas

    Skin-eze shampoo, spray and O3 oil are formulated to work synergistically with Skin-eze capsules or tablets. These are the products that comprise our Special full treatment skin packs. The topical formulas contain a blend of the highest quality essential oils and homeopathic mother tinctures. These topical products are a proprietary blend of exotic substances that bathe and condition the coat and skin (shampoo), help to relieve dry, itchy skin (shampoo and skin spray), help to calm red, inflamed skin (shampoo and skin spray) help heal the skin (shampoo, skin spray and O3 oil), and help promote healing and prevent infection (O3 oil). The Special full treatment skin packs are your best choice for relief from the more serious skin irritations and secondary infections that can result from your petís scratching due to skin allergies.

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