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Natural and Effective Therapies for Seizures, Epilepsy, Tremors

What our customers are saying about how Vet Select Seizure Formula has helped their dog's overcome epilepsy and seizures.

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My dog has been on the Vet Select Seizure Formula for a couple of months now. Before the herbs my dog was getting seizures 2-3 times a month. After the herbal formula was started his seizures completely stopped and did not occur for approximately three months. Although he started getting them again, the seizures are not as bad or often as before.

Lan L.
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We have given our dog Vet Select Seizure Formula for four months now with great results. Before taking the formula, he was having one or two seizures every two months. But since taking the formula, we have not witnessed him having a seizure.

Jennifer S.
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she has not had a single episode that I've witnessed


Hi, my name is Doreen. I phoned and spoke to you a little over a month ago. My dog Alley was experiencing seizures over the past few years. More frequent, this past year. This past June incident, had been very disturbing...we brought her in for an overnight stay at the hospital. They said, she was fine, and ruled out most of all what they could, without going through the expence of mri and neurologist...They thought is neurological, but could not be certain withouot neorolist checking and mri. She than had another seizure in July...In the interim I went onto your web site..and thought maybe I should try. Well after the July incident, I phoned you and placed my order. The person on the other end of the phone thought to start, twice daily dosage might be just right for her.

I want to tell you I am amazed..........she has not had a single episode that I've witnessed (I do not want to talk to quickly)...but I am amazed...and so, so happy.............she is the love of our lives...we lost her mom from a freaky she is very special to my family. Thank you, thank you, thank you..........I hope I'm not jinksing her...but I just had to tell you how happy I am.......................Have a great week.

Doreen B.
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Rally an eight year old Golden Retriever, has had an average of one seizure every 24 days all his life, but in 2004 his seizures average diminished to every 13 days. But now thanks to your formula, since last October he is having them every 34 days and with a lot less intensity.

Best regards,
Juan C.
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On behalf of my dog (Cisco), myself, and the rest of my family: Thank you, for the product Vet Select Seizure Formula. Hopefully, all grand mal seizures are history.

Cisco & Jan K.
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She runs around like a much younger dog- my family is amazed!

I just had to write to say a big thank you- my baby girl Shadow (an 8 year old Boston terrier mix) has had seizures and the doctors wanted to put her on all types of drugs. I decided to try a natural approach and ordered your Vet Select seizure formula and I have been amazed at the way it works! Not only does she have dramatically fewer seizures (maybe once every few months, and even then, they are very mild) but it makes her coat and nails healthier and it gives her SO much energy! She runs around like a much younger dog- my family is amazed!

Thank you so much from the bottom of OUR hearts:)
Wendi & Shadow Vess
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Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for your Seizure Formula, I have a 10 year old Australian Shepherd named Tuff. He started having seizures for the first time about 2 months ago. I took him to the Vet and he was diagnosed with epilepsy. They put him on Phenobarbital 15mg twice a day. It made him really spaced out and he was still having the seizures. I order your formula and as soon as I received it I started him on the full dose. (I got the pills and the liquid). After a few days I cut back his Phenobarbital to 1 a day and then to half a pill a day for 2 days and then took him off it completely. I kept him on the full dose of Vet select for about 7 days and started cutting him back on that. until he was down to one capsule a day. He went for 2 days with out it and he had a mild seizure Wednesday night. I immediately gave him the drops and it only lasted about 20 seconds. I started him back on the capsules at 2 a day and he is doing great. Thank you so much. Just so you know he was having Grand mal seizures about every 1 to 2 hours and it was terrible. The Phenobarbital made him so dazed and confused. We thought we might have to put him down if we could not get them under control. I have always been skeptical about trying things, but I am so glad I gave this a chance.

Again, thank you so much.
Terry T.
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Tuff was having the seizures every 2 to 3 hours and now thanks your seizure formula he is down to almost none.

Hi, I just wanted to once again commend you on your product and customer service, I started my 10 year old Aussie on your seizure formula about 3 months ago, (he was having the grand mal seizures) when he was in a seizure I would give him the drops and the seizure would stop almost immediately. On Nov. 4th he had his first seizure in about 2 months it was about 2:00 in the morning I grabbed the drops and half asleep I took the top off and spilled the whole bottle, but got enough in his mouth to help him. I got on line Sat. morning and reorder the drops, and I received my order on Monday. I still had him on the capsules but had cut him back to 2 a day instead of 4 I think that is why he had another seizure, so I started him back on the 4 a day, and keep the drops on hand in case he does have one. Tuff was having the seizures every 2 to 3 hours and now thanks your seizure formula he is down to almost none. So thank you again for you super fast delivery and a fantastic product.

Terry T.
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We've been using the Vet Select Seizure Formula for our dog (Nero) for almost a year now and its worked amazingly well, not only have his seizures virtually stopped but he has much more energy and is a much bouncier, happier dog!

Many thanks for your help!
Matthew & Helena D.
Surrey, England
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Molly's seizures have diminished so significantly in both duration and severity that it is hard to tell if she is having them any longer

Hi! I am writing to say what a wonderful product you have in the Vet Select Seizure Formula. In November 2004 my then 23 month old Golden Retriever, Molly, had her first mild seizure, followed by significantly worse seizures over the next 2 months. I am sure many vets would have prescribed phenobarbital for Molly but I have a conservative vet who pointed out the risks of using that drug, all which seemed to have worse risks than the seizures themselves. I started using Vet Select Seizure Formula in January 2004 and have closely monitored Molly since. I am happy to report that since using Vet Select Seizure Formula Molly's seizures have diminished so significantly in both duration and severity that it is hard to tell if she is having them any longer. Molly is now 4 years old and I am very thankful I am able to provide her relief by using Vet Select Seizure Formula.

John C.
Warrington, PA
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his muscular convulsions stopped immediately, and he began his recovery


Our Italian Greyhound Rudy has been experiencing grand mal seizures on the order of about one every two days. My wife and I have been VERY reluctant to put him on phenobarbitol or any other sort of heavy chemical drug.

In desperation, we found your product and decided to give it a try. We received the Seizure Formula pills and homeopathic treatment on a Thursday. On Friday, I noticed that Rudy was in the pre-ictal phase and was about ready to seize. I quickly squirted a few drops of the homeopathic formula in his mouth and, even though he was sort of wobbly for about 30 minutes, he never did go into a full-blown seizure, the first time that I've ever seen that happen.

On Saturday, we found him right in the midst of a seizure; once again, a few drops of the homeopathic solution in his mouth, and his muscular convulsions stopped immediately, and he began his recovery; it was the shortest seizure that we've ever seen him have.

And on Sunday, he was completely seizure-free.

I'm writing this on Monday, so it's way too soon to see what long-terms effects your product will have on Rudy and his seizures, but from what I've seen, they have already helped him tremendously. My fingers are crossed!

Many thanks for what I hope will be Rudy's salvation.
Scott and Laura R.
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I have an 8 year old cocker spaniel. He has never had a seizure until Monday, April 24th. He was seizing every day when he would be let out to run on the ranch. He would get hyper then go into a seizure, a horrible seizure, with the legs and head shaking uncontrolably. He continued to have 2-3 a day until I received your medication. A week later he is seizure free and playing, swimming and back to normal. I can't tell you how appreciative I am for this medication. It is a miracle and a blessing.

Kristi T.
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On 26th May we received the Vet Select Nuroplex (Seizure) Full Treatment Pack for our 9 year old Italian Spinone - Rosie. That very evening we thought she was going to go into a fit as her teeth started to chatter violently. We used the homeopathic drops as per instructions and Rosie came back to normal. She has been on four capsules twice a day since this and I want to report what a different dog she has been.

She has appeared to have shed years and she is so happy - long may this continue!! No sign of a seizure although I still keep a very close eye on her.

The testimonials on your web site were extremely helpful to me and so I wanted to write and report also - because there is probably someone else out there like me who is trawling the internet to find help (without side effects) for their beloved pet. It is here folks - just click on the order button!

Thanks also for your wonderful service - I have ordered a second lot of capsules and those also got here in four days - I can only describe the service as EXCELLENT.

Many many thanks.
Somerset, England
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Hello there, I just wanted to update you on my German Shepherd Beau (13 years). If you have kept the history of my boy you will know that I used 1 tub of the seizure relief and then re-ordered a further tub, there was about a weeks lapse in giving him the capsules due to me leaving the ordering too late and the the shipping time. During this period he went downhill a bit and was pacing about anc very unsettled (but no fits) his glucose level has always been low so we put him on 4 meals a day. He is still on 90 phenobarbitone twice a day and 1/2 pot bromide twice a day. When I received the capsules I started him again on them straight away (6 twice a day) and there has been a vast improvement, no more unsettled pacing around and he has regained his 'bark' and also wants to play with my younger boy - his son. This is marvelous and long may it continue.

Thank you.
Sue B.
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I want to let you know that my dog Clyde started to have seizure about 8 mounths ago. He started to have several for 2 days, then it seem to get better, then in about 1 1/2 months later, more seizures for several day. I purchased your seizure product, both the pills and the drops. Clyde went 3 months with no seizures. He had one yesterday, but I noticed how fast he came out of it, usually he would be very antsy for one or 2 days after his seizures, but he seemed to be calmer not to long after the seizure. The next day again he had another small one, but again he came out it it fast. I am upping the dose on the pills from 6 a day to 6 -2x a day. Then I will slowy decrease to find his comfort zone. I have high hopes that Clydes Seizures will decrease and soon be very light then gone. I will keep you all up dated on Clydes results.

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We want to thank you for the drops! Thank you for trying to get in touch with us. It is very much appreciated. Shelby is our baby. She sleeps with us, she is as dear as any human that we love. Sounds crazy to people who don't love dogs but she is our JOY! She is much, much better with the dosage you told us to give her. Almost back to normal! We are so happy. We had almost given up and the Vet. here wanted almost $3,000 to run tests on her and then he couldn't promise a thing! We have our : Shelby back and we thank you so very much!!!

Bill and Judy M.
Spring, TX
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She is healthier now than she has even been

My dog Sydney is doing excellent on the Vet Select Seizure Formula. She has experienced seizures since she turned one, she is now 5-1/2. In the past few years the seizures have been increasing in intensity. In the Spring of 2006 the seizures had gotten so bad (4 minutes long, with complete emptying of all body systems) to the point where were were seriously going to haver her put down in early May. I had even gone to the point of calling our animal shelter to get the information on having it done. My 21 year old son insisted that we try something, possibly from the internet. I researched several sites and read your testimonials and decided to give you a try. I'll have to admit I was a bit skeptical. Since starting the VSSF back in mid-May 2006 Sydney has become COMPLETELY seizure free!!!! We couldn't be more happy! She is healthier now than she has even been and still acts like a happy go lucky dog. She is a golden retriever/collie mix and extremely intelligent and full of life! Thanks so much! We love our dog!

Have a good day. Blessings,
Cherie O.
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I have now to report that she has been seizure free for the past 7 months.


A couple of years ago, I contacted you, after my dog suffered her first seizure.. The seizures were coming steady every 3 weeks or so. You suggested the capsules and homeopathic drops. I started cooking for the dog, organic meat and vegetables and continued the protocole faithfully. The progress was slow but it was encouraging. I have now to report that she has been seizure free for the past 7 months. I can't thank you enough!! Needless to say I recommend your products to all who will listen.

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Wanted to share with you that my Westie, Maggie, 13, started having mini seizures. I couldn't put her on drugs because her liver isn't in the best shape. I tried your Vet Select-seizure formula and it was like magic - her seizures stopped immediately!! I am still amazed and so thankful.

Thank You
Madelin C.
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My dog Harry, Standard Schnauzer at the age of 7 had GM fit May 2006 followed by 4 other fits in 3 days. always after rest, the usual blood test done nothing was found, put on antibiotics which made him sick so taken off. A quiet time for June. In July after a walk he over heated and his eyes became glazed, cold towels on his head he recovered. August fit, out for 30 seconds, incontinent of urine, recovered quickly, September 2 fits in 24hrs distressed, incontinent of urine, none in October.

By this time found your web site and ordered your Seizure Formula, did not use any drugs from the vets as I felt that I could manage Harry for now, he started on 6 caps a day was on Formula for 12 days and had another very small fit on the 3rd of November 2006, I have decreased the dosage down to 1 cap a day now, and he has not had another fit since and it is now January 2008.

Kind Regards
Christine and Harry
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She is once again a happy, energetic dog and I can relax knowing that her seizures are under control.

I can't thank you enough. My 7 year old pug began having frequent seizures as a reaction from her yearly vaccinations. After trying several naturopathic remedies with no success and having read testimonials on your site I decided to try your formula. My dog had been seizing every day for a couple of weeks. The change was dramatic - immediately upon starting your formula her seizures lessened in severity and after a month on your formula we've only experienced a couple of mild, infrequent episodes. She is once again a happy, energetic dog and I can relax knowing that her seizures are under control.

Seattle, WA
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Hi, I purchased a small bottle of your medicine back in December 2006. I am very happy to report that your medicine most certainly did the trick for our 13 year old Italian Greyhound who had developed seizures of a sort about 6 months prior. His vet had been trying to stop the seizures by using Phenobarbatol - (spelling), by raising it over and over, to no avail. I started using your drops on our dog and stopped using the other drug immediatly. Thank you!

Jackie M.
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Duchess the collie is behaving like a puppy these days and she is happy and healthy without any seizures due to your products.

Thanks and God Bless You.
Steve S.
South Huntington, NY
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Our black lab Pup has been on your seizure meds for over a year, in that time he has not had any seizures. Before the meds, he averaged about 1 every six weeks. Great product! The vet just shakes her head. But the proofs in the pudding.

Judy M.
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Dear Sirs or Madams,

I just wanted to send a email to thank you for such exemplary service and product. Our miniature poodle has been experiencing seizures for about three years. He was having 7-8 at a time and came out of them blind and disoriented for hours despite the phenobarbital and potassium bromide that our vet prescribed. Since the introduction of your Vet Select Seizure formula capsules and drops, he unfortunately still has about one seizure a month but it is short in duration and he is not blind afterwards. Thank you for a phenominal product and also for getting it to our door so fast.

Merry Christmas,
Troy and Donna R.
Denver, CO
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fter 3 months of using your product the seizures lessoned and after 6 months are almost non existent

After using your product for dog seizures for well over a year I must agree with all the other success stories on your website.

My 8 yr old dog started his seizures 2 years ago and for a year was on phoenbartal from the vet which had little affect on him. His seizures came every 2 weeks and would be 1 day each as many as 12 each occurance. The best the vet could tell me it was the cycles of the moon, which held true for full and new moon.

After 3 months of using your product the seizures lessoned and after 6 months are almost non existent, How ever I noticed that if any dose is missed given to him a seizure will occur. Using your product has really been a blessing.

I give him capsules 2 times a day plus the drops at night and with that combination the violent seizures have all but gone away.

If any skeptical pet owners who are debating weather to use this product I urge them to try it and be patient with in 3 months I had great success.

Tom S.
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Thanks for my puppy's seizure meds. They are working amazingly well. I have recommended your healthy alternative to two of my friends for their dogs. I am very blessed to have been guided to your web site. Thank you, and God bless.

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Just wanted to let you know I think your seizure products are great. Our 14 year old chow started having seizures 2 months ago, we found out he had several tumors on his splene and bladder, and a very high liver enzyme count. The vet didn't want to put him on anti-seizyre meds because of this. I found your web sight and ordered your product, within 2 days his seizures stopped and he hasn't had a seizure since. We know were only keeping him comfortable until he passes, but his quality of life is much better. Thank you for your product, it really works! I have since recommended your products and web site to a few customers of mine, I hope it works as well for them as it has for our beloved dog Noah.

Thanks again.
Les W.
Littleton, CO
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he hasn't had a seizure in over three months.

I'm so encouraged about your epilepsy remedy!! My Norwich Terrier was born with that genetic tendency and when I got him from another owner he was three and a half and had siezures at least twice a week. Along with breathing problems [also common to the breed] he had a heart problem known as Heart Block which causes an unusually slow and irregular heart beat. Because of all three ailments I couldn't put him on a bronco-dilator [helps the breathing but seizures were side effects] or on phenobarbitol [helps reduce seizures but also reduces heart rate]. I consulted a Holistic Vet who put my Norwich on herbal remedies for his seizures, his heart, and his breathing and with all natural human food and daily excercise his heart problem disappeared and his breathing and epilepsy improved. When my holistic vet retired I got on the internet, desperate to find a way to continue this protocol but a bit hesitant to get remedies without personal contact between dog and doctor. When a human being answered the phone and answered many of my questions, it encouraged me to try your formula. With Holistic cures there are few worries about adverse effects. The seizures were still greatly reduced but not gone completely. You advised me to give a higher dosage and I'm thrilled to report that even through some excitement and travel stess, he hasn't had a seizure in over three months. Now that we're up north again in tick country I'm trying to avoid putting Frontline on him but I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't have a natural remedy to deter ticks as well!! I'm delighted with your product and intend to recommend it to any dog owner with an allergic pet!! With your permission I could mention your website in the Norwich News Bulletin.

Gigi S.
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I received the meds in short order, administered them in about half recommended size and the seizures stopped.

A few months back I had been concerned about our pet dog, chihuahua, that continued to have seizures, often as many as a couple a day. In spite of the fact that the vet had prescribed Phenobarbital. In searching the internet I found your site and the wonderful notes sent by people who had tried your pet seizure caps. I sent for them, after telling the vet I intended to do that. And that I did not want to increase the dose of PB for her. I received the meds in short order, administered them in about half recommended size and the seizures stopped. STOPPED, She has had perhaps two since then and only when I miss a capsule, my fault I think. Thank you for the pet, she is more herself, active, outgoing and loving to all. In short a good dog. Just wanted you to know.

Herman P.
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My new (holistic) vet is also indetted to you, and cannot speak highly enough about what you have done already for my boy.

Just a quick note to say thankyou. I purchased your full kit anti seizure formula and have been giving it to my alaskan malamute, who has had seizures since 9 months of age. He has been on phenabarbatone for just over 12 months, with no improvement. He would still have seizures every 3-5 weeks. When my vet wanted to add Bromide, I refused. I had been searching the net for a long time to try and find some kind of solution for his seizures, when I came accross your web site. I knew I was on the right track. At first the seizures were not bad, but the older my boy got the worse the fits became until most of them were grandmal. Seizure would start, stop, start again, stop, start again, this would happen three to four times. When the seizure finally stopped, he would be very unsettled for hours after. (crying, pacing, bumping into things), Not only is it frightening to witness, but with it came the feeling of helplessness. I started him on your medication four weeks ago, and while I understand it is still really early days, I have seen a major improvement in his personality, he is a lot more puppylike, and much happier in himself.

Over a week ago, he was badly attacked by a St Bernard, whose owner lost control of him, while out excercising. My beautiful boy screamed like crazy, while his leg hung limp after the St Bernard dug his teeth into his elbow. I was sure this attack would bring a seizure on. As I had been giving him your liquid formula, and tablets for a few weeks already, and was hoping that it would work in such a stressful situation such as this one.

Well, to date, NO seizures, there have been a few twitches, which I then give a few drops, and it immediately stops. My new (holistic) vet is also indetted to you, and cannot speak highly enough about what you have done already for my boy. Now, I'm sure there is a bright future for him, with the help of your seizure remedy.

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I am emailing to inquire how to reorder the Vet Select Seizure's really helping our retriever...she's only had one seizure that we know of since beginning the medicine plus she's got energy again like when she was a toddler!

Thank you,
Linda W.
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I am another very happy pet owner. I ordered your Vet Select Nuroplex (Seizure) Full Treatment Package. When I received it, I gave my dog, Dolly one droperful of the homeopathic remedies. In two days, she has regained the full use of her legs and no longer looks like she is lost and doesn't know where to go. My doctor who has been assisting me with Dolly, agreed with me to only use the homeopathic meds and it worked. Thank you for your caring for animals and the knowledge to help them heal.

Elaine E.
Selma, OR
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I began giving him the product daily and he has not had any more seizures.

My 2 year old scottish terrier had a grand-mal seizure one morning. Took him to the Vet immediately, they had no explanation. Went on line to research seizures in dogs. Saw your product, purchased. However I was reluctant to give them to him. After a few months he had another seizure, milder then the first. He then began having them closer and closer. Went to a holostic Vet with very good reputation and showed him your seizure product. He said this is excellent. I began giving him the product daily and he has not had any more seizures. I keep him away from toxins and watch what he eats also. This product it wonderful as seizures are very distressful and I hate to see him go through one.

Mary C.
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he has not had a seizure in 8 weeks.

Our 6 yr old German Shepard has had grand mal seizures for 5 yrs. He had been on pheno-barbital, potassium bromhide, and thyroxin.He had 6-7 seizures every 4 wks lasting 3 days. We put him on your caps and liquid and he has not had a seizure in 8 weeks. We are weaning him off the pheno and pb slowly. Your product really works! We have are fingers crossed that he continues to be seizure free.

Thank you SO MUCH.
Maribeth O.
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I wanted to contact you and thank you for the seizure medications. My yellow lab's seizures had become so violent and frequent we spoke to the vet about ending his torture. The meds were so strong he could not walk and no bladder control. Since the Vet Select Formula we have only had 1 seizure that we have seen. I believe a total of two in the last 3 (250 count) bottles. We are very pleased and still have a crazy fun dog who now thinks he is a cat....

Linda J.
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Thank you so very much for this product. My collie was having seizures monthly until started on the pills and now has gone 2-months. She had one last night and I gave her the drops which stopped the seizure instantly. She quickly recovered, new who I was and then began playing with my Maltese. It was amazing as there was something I COULD DO for her. I had ran out of pills and now see that she needs them routinely, therefore the order was placed.

Thank you for helping us as it affects the entire family!
Donna Jo T.
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o my great relief, she has only had 1 seizure since then

My dachshund-chihuahua mix Coco started having grand mal seizures out of the blue when she was just over 3 years old. The vet could not find any reason for it. She was put on pheno and the dosage kept creeping up and up until she was at the max for her weight. Then she was put on pot brom too and still continued to have seizures every 10-14 days. In November her blood tests showed that we had to immediately cut back her dose and that caused more intense, frequent seizures. I was giving up hope and considered putting her down when I found your product by doing some research online. I ordered the capsules and drops and began to slowly reduce the pheno and pot brom. To my great relief, she has only had 1 seizure since then (very short and mild) and I've we're now waiting for her 2nd shipment to arrive. Coco is now completely off the pheno and taking only 1/4 the pot brom she was on before starting your product. She should be completely off of that by the time we get our next treatment. Her blood tests are back to normal now too. Thank you for both improving the quality of life Coco had and saving her from being put to rest.

Schertz, TX
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the next two days he was back to his playful self

I want to thank you for your product. Our puppy started having seizures when he was 4 months old. He is now 7 months old. We took him to the vet and they gave him heart gard. The next day he had a seizure. We took him to 2 vets and done all the tests to find out that everything is normal. Leo was prescribed Phenobarbital. He could not even stand and would fall over for three days. I called the vet and was told that it was a side effect of the Phenobarbital and should go away within 3-4 weeks. I ordered your product and started him right away with 4 pills a day. We stopped the Phenobarbital and within the next two days he was back to his playful self. We went on vacation and came back to find him looking happy and healthy. So far no more seizures or tremors.

Thank you so much.
Maria R.
Chicago, IL
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hi just wanted to know where i can post a testimonial i have a Rottweiler on your seizures product and i have a Chihuahua who has skin issues actualy vet told me he had scabies so we treated him but he never did regain his fur and he smelled well i can tell you first day i started given him your herb he didint smell any more my only problem is he hates the capsul i have to dilute in water and syringe it down his little throat but i tell him it for his own good and one week im a happy camper fur is growing back and he smells like a puppy should not yeasty thank you so much and as far as my Rottweiler i havent had any seizures except one and it was small i used the drops on her every day but when she had seizure i gave her extra and i think it helped

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e have notice also that our little Moose seems much healthier.

We came upon a little Chihuahua that needed to be fostered. As well as needing all by two teeth removed due to lack of doctoring or neglect, he started to have seizures. The were getting down to one a week. We started him on seizure pill from your company and we are very please to say that we are now getting to be 8 weeks apart and the seizures are very passive. We have notice also that our little Moose seems much healthier. He would often need honey to bring up his sugar up. Now it seems like even that has decreased over 90%. We want to let everyone know how happy we are.

Thank you
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since I started her on your capsules she has not had a seizure in almost 2 YEARS NOW!!

I just wanted to thank you for offering such a life saving product. My boston terrier gidget is 8 years old and had experiencing seizures daily and sometimes multiple times per day, since I started her on your capsules she has not had a seizure in almost 2 YEARS NOW!! All I can say is THANK YOU for giving my little Gidget a wonderful extension and quality life with me. You saved her life!!

Christina L.