6 Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe During the Holidays

The holidays are an exciting time of the year for the whole family, but the festive food and decorations can sometimes be dangerous for your furry family members. With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s important for pet owners to consider the safety of their pets when they are enjoying the festivities.

Keep the following safety tips in mind to ensure your pets stay safe this holiday season:

1. Maintain your pet’s schedule.

Though things may get busy in your household, it’s important to remain consistent with your pets’ eating and exercise schedules. Your pets thrive on routine and may feel neglected if their schedule is disrupted too much.

2. Keep holiday decorations out of reach.

Tree decorations can look a lot like toys to your pets. Make sure that any glass ornaments or tinsel are hung higher on the tree so that they do not cause temptation. Ingesting tinsel or broken ornament pieces can have serious health consequences for animals. Also, secure any strands of tree lights or other wires to avoid shock hazards or other potentially dangerous situations.

3. Do not leave burning candles unattended.

A scented candle makes a lovely addition to the holidays, but left unattended, burning candles can become a serious hazard as pets may knock them down causing a fire or severe burns. Keep an eye on your pets when they are around candles, and extinguish all flames when you leave the room.

4. Restrict your pets’ access to holiday plants.

Many holiday plants are toxic to animals. Holly, mistletoe, and a variety of lilies can cause a number of serious health issues for your pet. Keep these plants out of areas that your pets have easy access to or opt to use more pet-friendly plants.

5. Avoid sharing holiday treats with your pets.

Though special treats may make the holiday season, they can also cause digestive problems for your pets. Avoid sharing these treats with your animal companions, and be sure to let your guests know the “house rules” about feeding your pets scraps from the table.

6. Be mindful of your pets when you have visitors.

Typically, your home will see more visitors during the holidays. This increased traffic may cause stress for your pets. Make sure that your pets have a quiet place to retreat to when the holiday excitement becomes too much.

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