7 Common Dog Discipline Problems


Sometimes pet kids can become overwhelming when they develop discipline problems. It can be frustrating to find the furniture, or shoes ruined, or to have the neighbors complain about the noise. Most pet behavior problems can be addressed if the owner is willing to put in the time and show both discipline and patience.

Common Dog Discipline Issues

  • Chewing. Puppies are going to chew, and should have plenty of safe toys to ease their gums on. However, when the chewing returns after teething and it ruins your things there is likely an issue that needs to be addressed.
  • Barking. Many people get a dog because of the security of having a dog bark at intruders, however some dogs take this to an extreme that interrupts the sleep of the entire neighborhood.
  • Defecating or urinating inside after potty training has been accomplished. If a pet starts eliminating inside the house after he/she has already been trained, there is likely an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. Do not be too harsh, because the issue may be medical.
  • Jumping. Dogs just love company, and greeting their family when everyone comes home. However jumping can hurt, and ruin clothing there are ways to deter jumping without hurting the dogs excited, loving feelings.
  • Chasing. Dogs have had jobs in the past, and they get bored. Chasing is a way for a dog to work, but it can be very dangerous to the dogs life and must be addressed by offering the dog a different “job” to pass the time. Something like finding a hidden toy, and leading on long walks.
  • Begging. This bad habit is likely a direct result of the dog being given treats during human meal time. It may be cute, but it is also likely a hindrance when attempting to have a family meal.
  • Growling or biting. This may be the worst habit of a dog because it endangers other people. Even a small breed can cause the need for stitches. Addressing this behavior is of up most importance.

All of these discipline problems can make pets hard to handle, but treating most problems is a matter of putting in time and addressing each issue individually. After making sure that the bad habit is not caused by a health problem, training techniques such as distraction, rewards, set schedules, and addressing issued early on before they become habits can make life much more peaceful for Fido.

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