An Easy, Safe, and All-Natural Way to Treat A Case of Cat Diarrhea

Cat constipation

Cats are great pets that don’t require a lot of attention. For the most part they can take care of themselves. Unfortunately, sometimes their independence will lead them to eat something that they shouldn’t have and they could develop a case of diarrhea, especially if they’re an outdoor cat. Cat diarrhea could also be a concern if you have an indoor cat. A dramatic change in diet or emotional stress can wreak havoc on your cat’s digestive system! It’s uncomfortable for your pet and could have other effects like dehydration, hair loss, and loss of appetite, all of which can become more serious.

It’s a little different for a cat’s owner, though. While it isn’t uncomfortable for you, it is incredibly inconvenient. It’s also messy and smelly. A cat with diarrhea can ruin clothes, furniture, and carpeting, not to mention it makes your house an unpleasant place to try to breathe.

Fortunately, has a safe and all-natural product called Diar-eze to help you treat even the worst case of cat diarrhea. Diar-eze gets added to your pet’s food where it regulates and digestion and maximizes nutrient absorption in the gut. Diar-eze also contains both soluble and insoluble fiber to bind the excess liquid in your pet’s colon, normalizing their stools. It is also formulated with trace minerals and natural plant enzymes that aid in good digestion.

Simply spray three pumps of the Diar-eze liquid into your pet’s water or directly into their mouth, two to three times daily. If you’re using the Diar-eze granules with your cat, add a single teaspoon to each meal. Some cat’s may not like the smell of the granules in their food, in which case you should start with a small pinch and gradually increase the dosage over about 14 days. Both the granules and the liquid can be used alone or together in the Diar-eze Full Treatment Pack. They can also be used in conjunction with traditional drug therapy from your veterinarian.

In just a few days, your cat will be back to its cuddly and loveable self, all without the worry or discomfort of cat diarrhea or any harmful side effects! Don’t wait any longer, order your Diar-eze today!

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