Dogs in the front seat?


Dogs driving in the front seat of cars with their owner can be a distraction. Statistics demonstrate that 90% of owners of pets travel with their pets. What is more alarming is that the Nationwide Mutual Insurance had discovered that 8 percent of drivers had to confess to having a pet on their lap while driving. Bark Buckle UP, a pet support organization reported that during a 35 miles-per-hour accident, an uncontrollable dog weighing 60 pounds could be as forceful as a 2,700 pound missile.

Dogs that are unrestrained could delay rescue workers involve in dangerous accidents. Dogs driving as passengers in the front seat also have a higher risk of being hurt or even being ejected from the car during an accident. The driver or passengers could also suffer a panic attack and collision.

Airbags that become open in the front seat of a vehicle as a result of the accident could also become detrimental to your dog. An unrestrained dog wants to stick his head out the window. While driving dust and dirt could cause danger to your pet’s eyesight. If you smoke in your car, you may cause your dog to become nausea. To prevent these dangers from occurring, it is recommended that you have your dog belted in the rear seat in a safety harness. Therefore, if your dog always wants to lie down, sit up or stand he could do so while being restrained.

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