Homeopathy for Hairballs

English: Sleeping long-hair cat

English: Sleeping long-hair cat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you own a cat, you are probably well aware of hairballs. Since cats are creatures that are constantly grooming, their hair gets stuck on their tongue and that hair gets swallowed..

Some of the hair can pass through, but some of it doesn’t. The hair that doesn’t pass through will turn into a hairball and cause discomfort to the cat. If the hairball gets too big, it could result in blockage in the intestinal tract and it may not be able to be passed from either end. If left untreated, the results could be fatal.

Over the counter treatments contain petroleum jelly. On one hand that is good because it will lubricate the hair ball which can aid in passing it through. On the other hand, remedies that contain petroleum jelly can keep the cat from absorbing nutrients that are vital. These include vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin K.

There are homeopathy treatments that will not harm the cat and may also prevent hairballs. This would be a comfort for both you and your feline. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Brushing your cat every day to get rid of dead and loose hair.The less lose hair, the less there is for the cat to swallow.
  • Give your cat grain-free food.Grains are hard to digest and could increase a hairball problem by not letting the hairball pass through.
  • Give 100% Pumpkin a try.Giving your cat 1 teaspoon a few times a week can also help. Make sure the label states that there are no preservatives and no spices. Pumpkin is a natural way to help your feline’s digestion.
  • Try plant based Probiotics and Enzymes.These help in the digestion of your cat and will also help your cat absorb more vital nutrients. These would be best served with wet cat food.
  • Choose a chewable hairball relief tablet.There are all natural pills that the cat can chew. Some ingredients include elm bark and papaya, but best of all, they do not contain petroleum jelly.
  • Use Lax-eze Treatment.Ask your vet if your cat should be on this treatment. This treatment will help with vomiting caused by hairballs and will not create harmful side-effects.

Make sure that you take your cat for regular check-ups. This can prevent hairballs from becoming more serious.

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