How to Avoid Puppy Mills


Puppy mills have received a lot of media attention in recent years, but it can still be difficult to avoid them if you’ve never purchased a dog before. Puppy mills are notorious for breeding as many puppies as they can and making the animals live in horrible conditions. Here are some helpful tips to avoid buying a dog from a puppy mill.

Avoid Pet Stores

A pet store might seem like a safe place to get a puppy, but many of these stores receive puppies from puppy mills. They can buy the pets really cheap from these mills and then sell them for a much bigger profit.

Visit the Breeder’s Facility

If you plan on buying a puppy from a breeder, visit the breeder’s facility beforehand. Make sure the facility is clean and the dogs have plenty of room to move around. If a breeder seems really hesitant to show you the facility, it is a bad sign. A reputable breeder will want to show you around and make sure his puppies are going to a good home.

Adopt from an Animal Rescue Center

To be really safe, adopt a dog from an animal rescue center. The people who run these rescue centers have the pets’ best interest in mind.

If you follow these helpful tips, you can avoid puppy mills and bring home a healthy pet.

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