Is your dog itching and scratching excessively? He may have an allergy caused by your cat.

A cat and dog, the two most popular animals ke...

A cat and dog, the two most popular animals kept as pets. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The term “man’s best friend” could not apply to any other animal in the world except to your dog. Your four-legged friend gives you daily walks to keep you fit, is there to dry your tears with wet kisses and just gives you unconditional love whenever you are near. So when you see your dog itching and scratching excessively, you worry about your dog’s health.

Excessive itching can be caused by a number of factors, including allergies. People automatically assume that their pet must have a food allergy, although this is the least common allergy for a dog. Instead, people should consider the other pets in their lives that may be causing the dog’s allergies.

Cat Allergen Could Be The Culprit

Does your dog share an environment with long-haired cats or male cats? Theses types of cats carry a known allergen called FelD1, which can cause dogs to itch. The allergen is most commonly found in the cat’s saliva. As the cat bathes itself, the allergen attaches to the skin and dries as it flakes off, getting into the air and on your furnishings that your dog touches. The allergen can be active for over 10 years in a home environment.

Don’t get worried that you now have to get rid of your cat. You can easily take care of the cat allergen by bathing your cat regularly. You can purchase cat shampoos that specifically handles the allergen to lessen how much of it enters the air.

Also use a HEPA filter on your vacuum when you do your regularly cleaning or purchase a HEPA air filtration system (the small types you can plug into the wall) to remove more of the floating allergen flakes. If your dog and cat likes to share a chair to lounge on, you can purchase a spray that will neutralize the allergen on fabrics and furnishings.

Have A Happy, And Itch Free, Dog

Always take your dog to the vet so your furry friend can get a full checkup to determine that reason for the itching isn’t caused by any serious medical condition. Once you know it is caused by an allergy, take active steps to determine what your dog is allergic to so you can take the appropriate steps to make your dog itch-free.

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