Keep Your Cat Happy While They’re Home Alone


If you’re one of the millions of American cat owners that just hates to leave your kitty home alone when you go to work or when you take a vacation, we’ve got some great tips to help you relieve that stress.

Easy Ideas to Keep You Cat Happy While You’re Away

  • Stick a Routine - Cats are a lot like children when it comes to a daily routine. They like to be fed at the same time each day and have regular attention from you. Set up feeding times to before or after you get home from work and make sure you have plenty of social time together each day as well.
  • Keep Them Busy - Give your kitty plenty of different activity choices to keep busy throughout the day. Invest in a good cat tree and fun toys to help keep them active and entertained while you’re out.
  • Secure the House - When you are rushing out the door for work or to make a last minute flight it can be very easy to leave a window open or door cracked. Before you head out try to take the time to make sure that all windows, screens and doors are secured so that curious kitties don’t find a way to escape.
  • Find a Sitter - If you’re going to be away on a trip be sure to find someone who can come by the house for at least a few hours each day to spend time with your cat. Aside from keeping up with feeding your cat and cleaning up after them, a pet sitter can provide important social interaction that every cat needs.
  • Stock Up on Kitty Supplies - It is always a good idea to have plenty of food, hygiene supplies and play options stocked up around the house for when you are away. That way if there are any changes in your travels or delays your cat will have everything they need to feel happy and secure.

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