Our Favorite Pet Blogs

We admit it. We have a problem. We love pet blogs. We love the cute pictures, we love the great stories, we love the pet blogs that give great advice, the blogs that tell us the best new pet toy, really – we love it all. Whether it’s a pet blog all about your family dog or blog about the latest in cat nature, they all have a place in our heart. We wanted to spread the love, so below we’ve complied a list of some of our favorite reads:

Catladyland Banner 1We love the quick photo posts and captions that Angie shares at CatLandLady. Her cats Saffy, Cosmo, and Phoebe are full of daily entertainment.

greendogWant to know if your dog’s food is safe or if their toy is free of harmful chemicals? Consult Raise a Green Dog first. Originally a Squidoo lense, RAGD has expanded as pet owners have become more and more concerned with environmental pet safety and health.

cropped-blog-header-v1Champion of my Heart is the real-time memoir of Lilly, Roxanne Hawn’s border collie. Lilly suffers from vaccine-induced brain inflammation and and Roxanne regularly posts updates on Lilly’s condition and struggles. Roxanne is a heartbreaking beautiful writer. A must read.

DogMilkLogoTMDog Milk, a branch of Design Milk is the leading source for trendy, cool pet product reviews. We love finding the latest trends and hot products from Dog Milk.

allthingsdogAll Things Dog Blog is a great resource for all dog-related articles, reviews, and fun adventures. Carrie is great at helping readers solve  pet problems and her writing always inserts her fun, happy attitude.

Pretty-Fluffy-Blog-Dog-BlogPretty Fluffy is our go-to source for the latest in trendy, luxurious dog lifestyle products and ideas. The founder, Serena and her pup Soda have great features: from pet treat ideas to stylish pet photography.

lets-talk Under the Blanket is the blog of BlanketID. Blanket ID is a great tag that holds a record of pet details and photos online so that if your pet is ever missing or stolen you can immediately send alerts with the information to your local animal shelters and hospitals.

love-meow-badge-small Love Meow is one of our favorite places to see adorable cat photos and videos. Ever having a rough day? Just check out Love Meow and we promise you’ll feel better almost instantly.

Did we miss any blogs? We sure to share your favorites in the comments below.

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