Pets Can Be Organ Donors

Staffordshire terrier and cat

It might occur as a surprise to you, but pets can be organ donors. If your dog has an organ that is seriously ailing and nothing can be done to keep it, there is another way out. Or, you can also offer to save the life of another dog by allowing your dog to donate that vital organ that is badly needed by the other dog. This is reality and there are many success stories of dogs that came close to death but managed to come back to life after undergoing an organ transplant.

If a dog is to undergo a kidney transplant for instance, the normal human procedure is followed. The donor surgery, as well as the recipient surgery is performed after ascertaining that there is compatibility between the two. The recipient is usually a dog with two failing kidneys while the donor dog must have two properly functioning kidneys. This way, it will be able to survive with the one that it is left with after the donation.

The organ transplant could also be geared towards saving the eyesight of your dog. A good example is a past case where a dog had a melanoma that had pitched tent on the white part of the eye a. After s surgery, the tumor was removed and a gap was left in that space. The problem reoccurred and this time round it affected the whole eye such that the dog couldn’t see. After locating a dog that was on the dying edge after a serious accident, the eye was taken and transplanted into the one that had lost one of its eyes. Believe it or not, the dog is living a healthy life without any complications.

So there you have it. If you didn’t know, now you know it. Your dog does not have to suffer just because of a failing kidney or any other organ. Call for help and rescue the life of your pet.


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