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How to Alleviate the Puppy Diarrhea That’s Ruining Your Life

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Did your pup have a meal and something bad brewed in its stomach? Or maybe he just thinks that twigs and grass are good substitutes for puppy food. Whether or not this is the reason your little guy has puppy diarrhea, one of your top priorities should be taking him to the vet. While you may be sure that the reason your puppy is having problems is his diet or stress, there could be a whole mess of problems with your puppy internally that you aren’t able to see. If your puppy is actually ill, it’s better to check and make sure that they are good and well than to let it go and have your puppy be actually sick.

After taking your pet to the vet for their puppy diarrhea, you will probably get a prescription remedy for your dog. If you don’t, your vet is probably confident that the diarrhea will wear off quickly and was stress-related.

However, in an animal as small as a young puppy, you want to ensure their internal health. That’s why it is important for you to invest in a holistic product for your animal as a supplement to veterinarian care. Allergic Pet’s Diar-Eze is the best way for you to alleviate puppy diarrhea and the suffering of your pet without needing a prescription. The herbal formula in Diar-Eze makes it an all-natural remedy for all puppy diarrhea. The good thing is that you can also use this with your prescription from the doctor. That’s great, because you don’t have to stop one treatment to begin another. Don’t let your pet continue suffering, and don’t pump them full of chemicals and drugs to fix their diarrhea. Instead, give them the all-natural remedy: Diar-Eze. Your puppy will thank you in the end.

Dog Diarrhea Got You and Your Pooch Down? Diar-eze is Here for You.

Digestive troubles are awful for your dog. Unfortunately, your dog can’t get relief from symptoms on his own—and he can’t exactly tell you what’s going on, either. Until you help him out, dog diarrhea will be a difficult problem for both of you. Not only can it lead to a mess inside your home, it’s embarrassing for both of you in public. It can ruin your clothing, furniture, and carpeting—and let’s not even talk about the smell.

Many things can cause dog diarrhea. Sometimes your dog will eat something he shouldn’t have, or he’s made a dramatic change in diet, like a switch from dry to wet food. Your dog could even have emotional stress caused by a move or time spent in a kennel. All of these things can upset digestion.

Fortunately, relief is in sight! Diar-eze is an all-natural digestive aid that restores balance to your pet’s system. Since it comes in both a spray formula and in granules, it’s also incredibly easy to use! Simply add a single tablespoon of the granules to each meal for medium and large-breed dogs and a teaspoon for smaller dogs. For an even easier solution, use three pumps of Diar-eze spray in the water bowl. You can order either one from the store. Or, get both in the Diar-eze Full Treatment Pack and use them together to relieve all your dog’s symptoms and regulate his digestion. The best part is that Diar-eze can even be used in conjunction with any traditional medication your veterinarian prescribes—and since it’s all natural, Diar-eze has no side-effects!

Diar-eze is made from a powerful formula of both soluble and insoluble fiber. These ingredients help bind excess liquid in your dog’s digestive tract and normalize bowel movements. The formula also includes trace minerals and all-natural plant enzymes to help your dog absorb nutrients from his food. Get Diar-eze today! Your dog will feel better, and you can both get back to a life without the hassle of dog diarrhea.

Dog Diarrhea: No one’s friend

Dogs are man’s best friend. But do you know what isn’t your dog’s friend at all? That’s right: dog diarrhea. Not only can it lead to a mess inside your home that can ruin clothing, furniture, and carpeting, but it can also be a difficult and embarrassing problem to clean up after them when you’re out on a walk, especially when in public. Dog diarrhea can be caused by many things. You know dogs, sometimes they will eat anything and when they do, it can upset their digestion. A dramatic change in diet like a switch from dry to wet food, or emotional stress like a new home or time in the kennel can also be contributing factors that will upset the ecosystem in their bodies.

If this is a problem for your dog, Allergic Pet has relief for you and your dog! Diar-eze is a safe and all-natural product that will let you treat your pet’s digestive ailments. For medium-size and large breed dogs, just add a single tablespoon of the granules to each of their meals. For smaller breeds, use a teaspoon. It mixes well in soft food, but if you only feed your dog dry kibble you can moisten the food slightly to help it stick. Most dogs aren’t picky about it, but if your dog refuses to eat it, you can start with a small pinch and gradually increase the dosage over the course of two-weeks. You can also use three pumps of the Diar-eze spray in their water bowl or directly in their mouth. Both the spray and the granules are available in the Diar-eze Full Treatment Pack and work great together. If your vet has prescribed traditional drug therapy for your pooch, you can use Diar-eze in conjunction to help relieve symptoms and further regulate digestive function.

Diar-eze uses a combination of both soluble and insoluble fiber to bind excess liquid in your dog’s colon and normalize their stools. It also uses a special formula of trace minerals and all-natural plan enzymes to help maximize the nutrition your pet absorbs from their food. In a matter of days, your happy pooch will be feeling better and both of you can get back to your life, free from the discomfort and hassle of a messy and smelly dog diarrhea problem.

4 Causes of Your Dog’s Diarrhea

Our pets can be some of our best friends, and the last thing we want to see is them suffering needlessly.

So, when our pets get sick, we want to know what caused it. Sometimes, though, the symptoms of their sickness make it a little harder to figure out what got them sick in the first place. If your dog has diarrhea, we know that they are experiencing something unusual, but pinpointing exactly what is causing their sickness is the tricky part. Below, we’ve outlined four causes of dog diarrhea, which should be able to guide you and help you determine why your pup is sick.

  1. Change in diet: Just like humans, dogs have a diet to which they become accustomed. Think back to the last time you ate really spicy food, or if you travelled to a different country and ate there. Your stomach probably didn’t feel too great, right? Well, the same thing happens to your dog. If you’ve been feeding them dry food and all of a sudden give them wet food, or if you traditionally only give them dog food and then feed them from the table, of course that will upset their digestive system, causing dog diarrhea. See if your pet may have also been able to get into the trash and eat spoiled food, which is a surefire way to get dog diarrhea.
  2. Ingestion of toys or other small objects: If you have a game night, you know enough to not eat the little pawns on the board. Pets sometimes aren’t so bright. Especially if you have small children, it’s important to make sure that their toys are kept in a secure location that your pet can’t get to. This way, they can’t swallow the toys and end up with dog diarrhea or worse—in the hospital.
  3. Stress: If you are moving or going through a living change, this can cause stress to your animal. Stress can change your pet’s digestive cycle, which can affect their digestive tract and cause dog diarrhea. While it is still important to make sure that your dog doesn’t have any of these other symptoms, it’s also important to note that the diarrhea could be as simple as a lifestyle change.
  4. Illness in your dog: Dog diarrhea can be an indication of a much larger problem. From liver disease to cancer, if diarrhea in your dog is persistent, it’s important for you to get your dog to the veterinarian to make sure that they are really safe and sound.

It can be scary when man’s best friend is going through a tough time and is sick. But, to be a good owner, it’s important for you to get down to the bottom of it and make sure that your pet is safe. By going through this list and consulting your vet, you can reduce your dog’s risk of having diarrhea.