Testimonial Tuesday: Daily Go Edition

Panther, a toilet-using cat, photographed in S...

Panther, a toilet-using cat, photographed in San Francisco on 22 August 2005. He is ten years old and has been using the toilet since the age of six months. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was having a difficult time with my cat Derby’s digestive/intestine issues.  I literally spent thousands of dollars on tests, enemas, x-rays, etc which never helped her.  She continued to be constipated and lost weight. After using your product for a few short days, she has a daily “go” in her litter box!  She is gaining weight and no more expensive vet visits where nothing happens (the last time they recommended surgery).  I think it would be great if all professional vet offices sold your products!  These products are worth every penny!  Your products do exactly what you state they will do for your pet!  THANKS SO MUCH!

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