The Importance of Pet Hydration


Summertime is coming quickly and even pets can succumb to the heat. That is why it is ever so important to be mindful and vigilant of them, too. Like children, they can easily become overwhelmed by the scorching heat, especially pets that live further south where the heat is beyond hot. But, regardless of how hot it is, Summer is the time to make sure pets are not left in vehicles and that they are properly hydrated. They may get sick or even die if they are not.

Keep in mind that outdoor pets are especially at risk. Some will not even drink water that becomes warm due to sunshine or heat. So besides keeping an eye on the water bowl, try to utilize other methods for keeping your pet hydrated. For example, switching to wet pet food instead of dry food helps to combat dehydration. Using ice cubes as a treat also keep the pet both cool and hydrated.

Additional things that can be done include providing as much shade as possible for your pet and limiting the amount of exercise an animal gets during the hottest hours of the day. Animals, like people, can get heat stroke if they become too hot and dehydrated. Watch your animal’s behavior closely to prevent this from happening. And remember, of course, the best way to prevent it is to keep your pet as cool as possible and as well watered as possible.

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