What Causes a Dog Seizure and How to Treat It

Beagle puppy

Beagle puppy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pet owners love their dogs. They are a member of the family, and that is why it is so heartbreaking to watch them get sick. Also, just like a human child, it is scary to watch them have a seizure. However, as with humans, knowing a bit about what causes them and how to treat them can make a world of difference.
Causes of Dog Seizures
There are many causes of dog seizures that are still unknown, but these dogs still can get diagnosed with something called idiopathic epilepsy. However, dogs are usually tested or other causes first. Other possible causes include head trauma, kidney failure, central nervous center inflammation, ammonia in the blood, heat stroke, distemper, lead poisoning, and low blood sugar.
Natural Treatments of Dog Seizures
In many cases, a puppy will out grow his seizures as he grows into adulthood. However, for those dogs that do not out grow them, there are certain drugs that can be prescribed. There are natural treatments as well, which is usually the better option because of the side effects that can occur with drugs. Also, anticonvulsant drugs must be used for a lifetime once use begins.
Natural treatments include herbal substances like the Vet Select Seizure Formula. Acupuncture is also said to be an effective means of treating seizures. It is important, though, to keep in mind that none of these methods will one hundred percent eliminate seizures no matter how effective they are at reducing the number of them.
Vet Consultation
It is always important to report any seizures your dog is experiencing to a veterinarian as some are more severe than others, and some may require more serious treatment than others. If you are concerned about stating your dog on drug therapy, discuss any of these natural alternatives with your dog’s vet.

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