What to do if your Cat Bites You

Even though cats are cute family pets, it is possible for them to bite. When you, a guest in your home or a family member is bit by a cat, it is important to take certain steps to ensure that the wound does not become infected.

Clean the Wound

As soon as the cat lets go, clean the wound thoroughly. Allow the blood to flow freely and wash it away so that the risk of infection reduces. Do not immediately try to stop the bleeding, since cats have potentially infectious bacteria in their mouths.

It is not necessary to scrub the wound, since that can further damage the skin and muscles in the area. Instead, allow fresh water to run over the wound for roughly five minutes or until it stops bleeding.

Disinfect the Wound

Due to the bacteria that is found in a cat’s mouth, use peroxide or a salt water solution to reduce the risk of infection. Salt is a natural disinfectant that can eliminate bacteria that causes infections.

Bandage the Injury

Wrap the injury in a bandage. Apply pressure to stop any further bleeding and wrap tightly. Go to the hospital after the wound is wrapped.

A cat bite is potentially dangerous due to the risk of infection. Cleaning out the wound is an important part of initial first aid, but you will need to visit a doctor. A doctor will take the appropriate steps to further reduce your risk of infections.

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