Why Do Dogs Hump?

Dogs hump for a number of reasons, the simplest of which is that they get into a sexual position when they are excited. When a dog is under a year old and is humping, they are trying to have sex. If they are older, the dog has not learned that this behavior is not acceptable when out at the dog park.

Older dogs hump when they are excited, as a form of playing and because they are proving that they are dominant over another dog.

Although it can be funny when a dog begins to hump your leg, a pillow or another dog for no apparent reason, this behavior quickly becomes embarrassing as it continues.

Dogs that are not properly socialized might exhibit this behavior because they have not learned how to play with other dogs. Humping feels good to the dog and if they have not been social with other animals in the past, they just don’t know what to do.

Dogs that are not neutered and under a year are humping because they are sexually excited. Dogs will outgrow this behavior if they are neutered and are trained properly that this behavior is not acceptable.

If you have a dog that has started humping benign objects, stop the behavior as soon as it starts. Without quick intervention, this behavior becomes a habit that is much harder to break as time passes.

Although it’s funny or cute at first, no one wants to have the dog that is constantly humping other dogs, people or toys. Keep your dog regularly exercised and on a routine to minimize excitement and anxiety.


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