Winter Dog Exercise Tips


Now that it’s starting to get chilly outside, it can be challenging for your dog to get the exercise it needs. Taking a walk doesn’t necessarily sound as exciting in sub-freezing temperatures. However, exercise is vital for a dog’s wellness, so it’s important to consider alternate cold weather options. Here are a few of our favorites

Hide and Seek - Also giving you a good opportunity to practice “come” with your dog, hide and seek can keep your pup warm inside and mentally stimulated while looking for their favorite toy or treat.

Stairs - Why should your dog being the only one getting exercised? Utilize the steps inside your house and go up and down the floors with your dog on a leash to get your heart pumping, too.

Dog Yoga – Don’t call us crazy. Dog yoga is a real thing. “Doga”, as they call it, can be a great way for your dog to stretch and de-stress.

Suck it up! – Bundle up and get outside! It might be chilly at first, but trust us, a brisk pace will feel great in the colder temperatures.

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