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Alleviate Skin Allergies with Skin-eze

I ordered the powdered form and the tablet form of Skin-eze. All I can tell you is Thank God for this product and God Bless Good Dog! magazine for testing it and passing the information along to us. - Pat hagopian - Buffalo, NY


When a beloved pet is going through a seizure, it’s hard not to worry. Fortunately, you can find dog seizure relief with Nuroplex, Allergic Pet’s all-natural and safe pet seizure treatment.

Nuroplex contains a homeopathic liquid that helps alleviate seizures, shaking, tremors, and epilepsy in dogs and cats. Feel safe and secure with dog seizure treatment from Allergic Pet, Nuroplex produce no harmful side effects that are commonly seen with conventional drug therapies.


Just like people, our cats can sometimes suffer from digestive problems that result in constipation. Beyond being incredibly uncomfortable for your pet, it can also be dangerous for them to be constipated for an extended period of time.

Lax-Eze is an all-natural and safe cat constipation treatment that regulates and normalizes stool, improves digestion, and boosts pet vitality.


Dog diarrhea is never fun, for you or the dog. To improve your pet?s digestion and eliminate chronic diarrhea naturally, try Diar-eze. Our all-natural and safe pet diarrhea treatment helps regulate and maximize food absorption.


Kidney/Bladder Stones

When it comes to your dog?s urinary discomfort, there are a lot of issues that can take place and cause your furry friend to be in pain. Our safe pet bladder stone treatment helps relieve pain associated with difficulty urinating.



Our all-natural pet eye treatment, contains anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties to heal tear staining, dry eyes, cataracts and mild eye infections. Helps your pet achieve healthy vision with Eye See Clearly.



Our pet pain formula contains anti-inflammatory qualities that help alleviate pet discomfort associated with arthritis, hip dysplasia, soft tissue, knees, and difficulty moving due to pain.