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Cat Hairballs: Symptoms and Treatment

Cats are very clean animals, but they can't simply hop in the shower when they need to remove dirt or oils from their fur.

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TRULY remarkable! No more cat hairballs!

Hi . . . Enclosed is my check for a 7 oz. container of Lax-eze. A friend sent me a container of this product a few months ago, and the improvement and change in my 7 year old Maine Coon mix (a Money cat they call it here in Maine) has been TRULY remarkable! No more cat hairballs!

Louie J.
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By the way, love your product. I have tried EVERYTHING with this cat, we almost lost her twice with REAL bad cat hairballs. I can?t imagine what would have happened to her if it were not for your Lax-eze. Thanks for a great product for hairballs in cats.

Debra A.
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I have a 15 yr manx cat that has become very constipated within the last six months. We took her to the vet and spent several hundred dollars as they preceded to get her unplugged. We were given laxative for hairballs in cats and told to buy canned pumpkin, which we did. After two cans of pumpkin and three tubes of laxatone, and no hard food, she was not a lot better. This week, I went on the net looking for help. I came across your website, read all about lax eze and how it has helped others with cat hairballs, then ordered. After sprinkling a tsp on Maggie's food just twice, she has had several bowel movements. We are so pleased and thankful to you. Her bones have grown together at the base of her back, so she is also in some pain and has some trouble walking. I plan on ordering one of your products to see if it will help her also. She has quit using her litterbox for some reason, maybe pain. Anyway, thank you for helping my cat. We are indebted to you. She loves the stuff, also.

Joan S.
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It seemed to work immediately.

Homer is a long haired cat that cleans himself regularly. I live in a warm climate, and he sheds a lot. I think that's why Homey has so much problem with cat hairballs (usually vomiting them up, but sometimes he becomes constipated - my vet said it's because the hair gets trapped in his digestive tract). I've tried various treatments for hairballs in cats, but I don't like using them because they are petroleum based and messy. I prefer a more natural approach. I found you product Lax-Eze. It seemed to work immediately. The really neat part is that shedding is no longer the problem it once was, and he has never had such a shiny coat.

Linda P.
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