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Lax-eze Plus 2 oz. Homeopathic Spray
    Lax-eze Plus 2 oz. Homeopathic Spray
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    Lax-eze Plus 2 oz. Homeopathic Spray

    Lax-eze homeopathic spray helps to alleviate the discomfort of constipation in dogs and cats by boosting the immune system. The product is very easy to administer (tasteless and odorless), and can be sprayed anywhere in the mouth or added to food or water.
    Lax-eze Plus 2 oz. Homeopathic Spray
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    Success Stories


    You guys saved my little dogs life with your constipation cures. I will pass t ...

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    At a Glance

    • Veterinarian formulated and used in clinical practice for 20+ years
    • Helps to control vomiting and improve digestion by boosting the immune system
    • Use together with Healthy Fresh prebiotic granules for more severe or frequent symptoms of vomiting (see How it Works)
    • Can be used alone or in combination with traditional drug and dietary therapy
    • Safe for long term daily use

    Benefits Include

    • Improved digestion to help eliminate vomiting and/or constipation
    • Homeopathic spray very easy to administer
    • Safe for daily long term use

    Success Stories

    What our customers are saying about how Lax-eze Plus 2 oz. Homeopathic Spray has helped their pet's overcome their discomfort.

    5 Stars


    You guys saved my little dogs life with your constipation cures. I will pass the word on about your comany and great products here in NYC. No more lactulose or propulid!

    Monika L.
    New York City, NY

    5 Stars

    Love the product. My cat, Sunny was almost put to sleep. He is able to remove bowel everyday just using the product for a day. Thank you for saving my beloved cat.

    Mae R.
    San Jose, CA

    5 Stars

    I have two dogs, a terrier mut named Bart, and a Maltese, Buddy. I've had Bart for 8 years, and walk him daily. Bart has always had a very normal stool, and has always been very regular. Buddy has been with us for a year now. I walk them both together, but Buddy has really been a problem. I've had to double the length of my regular walks with Bart, and, still, it is not uncommon for Buddy to have days, sometimes two or three in a row, without a bowel movement. During this time, he usually has bad gas as well. A friend suggested Lax-eze. I mix about a teaspoon into his food each meal, and now Buddy has regular, normal bowel movements and, best of all, no more gas! I'm very happy with the results.

    Betty T.

    5 Stars

    Hi . . . Enclosed is my check. Please send me a 7 oz. container of Lax-eze. A friend sent me a container of this product a few months ago, and the improvement and change in my 7 year old Cocker Spaniel mix has been TRULY remarkable! No more canine constipation for Rufus!

    Steven R.
    New Ulm, MN

    5 Stars

    I am joining the club!!! This stuff is great. My poor cat had become so thin and pooped little pellets. The vet couldn't seem to find out what was wrong (we first noticed a UTI). It cleared up but the constipation didn't. For almost two years the poor cat suffered. Finally looking online I found your site. I thought why not, cheaper than the vet. I purchased the liquid and powder. We now feed her only wet food, mixed with water to make a soup and add her Lax-eze. She is back to normal and feeling so much better. It will take time to get her weight back up but the way she eats now, it shouldn't take too long!!

    I thank you and so does Essie
    Darlene G.

    5 Stars

    My cat was diagnosed with mega colon. She takes a prescription from the vet and I give her 100ml IV fluids every 3 days. This helped somewhat. Then I started using Lax-eze powder and the drops once daily. WOW!! She goes every day now. No more straining or pain. Thank you so very much.


    Hello - my 16 year old cat, Thelma has been suffering from serious constipation for the past 3 years and we were on the verge of having to put her down. I received my shipment of Lax-Eze late last week and within a day of her first dose, she had a normal bowel movement in her litter box! Thank you so much for this wonderful product - I have sent your website to both my sister and my son, both of whom have skin-allergic dogs!!!

    Jennie M.

    I just wanted to write to you and inform you how completely satisfied I am with your products. A few weeks ago I took my seven year old cat to the vet due to his inability to have a bowel movement. After spending two hundred dollars on x rays it was determined that he was impacted with feces. The vet gave him an enema and prescribed Lactulos. He told me to give it to him until the bottle was finished. Total vet bill was about $250.00. Unfortunately, after spending all this money I found the Lactulos was doing absolutely nothing to help his problem as it had no positive effect at all. I spent considerable time on the internet researching different products that I felt could be helpful. Although I was reluctant to make such a purchase on-line I felt that it was necessary as the vet's therapy was just not working. I purchased the Anit-Constipation Full Treatment Pack. The cost was not cheap but I was encouraged by the testimonials and how helpful your products had been for others. I gave my cat a few drops of the formula on two occasions over four hours. I then went to bed. Upon awakening the next morning I checked his litter box. To my surprise my cat had a healthy bowel movement for the first time in about a week and a half. The only thing different in his diet during this time was that I had administered the anti-constipation drops to him. I have now begun to give him about a teaspoon of Lax-eze mixed in to his dry food as a preventative. So far he seems to be tolerating it well. Thanks for your products. They perform as advertised.

    Michael M.
    Jacksonville, FL

    I have a 15 yr manx cat that has become very constipated within the last six months. We took her to the vet and spent several hundred dollars as they preceded to get her unplugged. We were given hairball laxative and told to buy canned pumpkin, which we did. After two cans of pumpkin and three tubes of laxatone, and no hard food, she was not a lot better. This week, I went on the net looking for help. I came across your website, read all about lax eze, then ordered. After sprinkling a tsp on Maggie's food just twice, she has had several bowel movements. We are so pleased and thankful to you. Her bones have grown together at the base of her back, so she is also in some pain and has some trouble walking. I plan on ordering one of your products to see if it will help her also. She has quit using her litterbox for some reason, maybe pain. Anyway, thank you for helping my cat. We are indebted to you. She loves the stuff, also.

    Joan S.

    Dear Friends, I am writing to SINCERELY THANK YOU for your liquid miracle. I spent $750.00 at an Emergency Animal Clinic in October due to constipation. The Vets suggested adding pumpkin at every meal, had to freeze little portions, thaw out, ect. much added extra work, with not much success. Since I add the liquid drops to his food I don't have to go through all the extra work and my 17 year old kitty is NO longer constipated. You have saved his life.

    Linda R.
    Menomonee Falls, WI

    Just wanted to say how pleased we are with Lax-Eze. No longer do we find little 'packages' deposited around the house or have to watch our little cat in distress because she is having trouble passing a motion. We would definitely recommend this product.

    Thank you.
    Maggie P.

    I adopted my cat Puss Puss as a stray when she was about a year old 17 years ago. During the past 6 months she was diagnosed with megacolon and had to have an enema and be cleaned out manually every 10 to 14 days. Just this week I had to have her cleaned out on Monday and Wednesday. Due to her age, surgery is not an option. Between the vet visits, the prescription food and Cisapride pills, we've been spending about $160 a month to keep her alive. In the wee hours of the morning last Sunday, January 6, I was online searching desperately for a treatment that worked, and I found Lax-Eze. Because it sounded too good to be true, I thought about ordering it (the whole kit of granules and drops) for a few days and finally did so this past Tuesday morning. It arrived this past Thursday, and she had her first dose that evening. Because her stool was so dry and hard, she had stopped pooping in her litter box all together and would go in her bed and bury it in the bedding. I gave her the maximum dosage of 2 teaspoons of the granules and 6 drops of the liquid at every feeding from Thursday evening into Friday night (last night). A little after midnight I discovered that she had vomitted and spent a restless night despairing, because she only vomits when she is completely plugged up. Just this morning my husband and I made the heart breaking decision to have her put down. After I put her in the carrier I checked her bed and discovered a small amount of defication. Then I checked her litter box and found more, and it was wet. Uncertain of what to do, I took her the vet. The examination revealed that she had very little stool in her system. The vet was surprised and recommended that I reduce the dosage of the granules to one teaspoon per feeding and see what happens. He said the fact that she used the litter box to deficate and that the defication was wet were good signs. Because she's only been on this treatment for a few days, I don't know if the success will be long lasting, but this is the best thing that has happened to us in the 6 months she's been having problems. I'll send an update after she's been on Lax-Eze for a while. It seems that it is the answer to many heartfelt prayers. I just read on the website that it's good for allergies and all other kinds of ailments, so I'm also going to start giving it to my other 2 cats (one a year old and the other 7 years old) and our 10 year old dog.

    Sincerely hopeful,
    Jamie B.
    Newton Falls, OH

    I recently ordered and received Lax-eze granules and anti constipation drops for my much - loved cat Millie and am having great success with it. She has had to go to the vets on several occasions to be cleaned out. I was also caught out with my pet insurance because once the condition extended beyond a year and became chronic, they would no longer cover that condition.

    I've tried other products from a holistic vet and although had some success initially, once the tablets were crushed into her food Millie wouldn't eat it - I don't blame her as the tablets were strong smelling so goodness knows what they tasted like. As a result in order to prevent the much dreaded manual 'clean-out' the vet had to force medication into her a couple of times which wasn't very pleasant for any of us.

    I really want to keep Millie on Lax-eze and have shown it to my vet who is also impressed with its success ' Millie poohed in her surgery during a consultation after I started her on Lax-eze!

    Really love these products! Millie takes it easily in her food. A big thank-you from us both!

    Glynis C.
    Northern Ireland

    I am so delightfully surprised that your homeopathy drops work for my cat's constant constipation that I would like to order more to have on hand when needed.

    Thank you
    Terri B.
    Carson City, NV

    My 15 yr old cat was distressed due to constipation. It was horrible , she was up all night crying in pain. We gave her oat bran and it helped a little. Then I found this product and read the testimonials. I still had my doubts, but I'm here to tell you it worked like a miracle. After a few days she was better, a few weeks she was great,back to herself again. She had no problem eating it either. If your cat is suffering please don't hesitate to use Lax-Eze, It really really works. I have become a true convert.

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    How it Works

    Homeopathic Formula

    Homeopathy is a 250+ year-old healing modality started in Germany. It is practiced widely in America, Europe (very popular in England and France), South America, and India.

    With extremely small and totally safe doses of different natural material (animal, mineral and herbal), one is able to stimulate the body's immune system against very specific immune body responses (such as conjunctivitis [eye infections]; constipation, difficulty urinating, blood in urine, crystals and stone formation, coughing, sneezing, wheezing, and other allergic responses (asthma, bronchitis, discharges); seizures; diarrhea, etc. The way this works is similar to a vaccine or anti-allergy serum injection.

    Dietary Formula

    Lax-eze is a food additive which regulates and maximizes digestion and food absorption (prebiotic). Added fiber and bulk helps move the stool through the lower digestive tract, relieving constipation. The bulk comes from soluble and insoluble fiber, and having both types of fiber is most important for overall good health. This unique formula also contains all of the chelated trace minerals and natural plant enzymes necessary for good digestion.

    Learn how Lax-eze Full Treatment Pack has helped other pet owners by viewing Success Stories

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    Ingredients for Lax-eze Plus 2 oz. Homeopathic Spray:

    Active ingredients: Alumina 30x, Antimonium tartaricum 30x, Cadmium sulphuricum 30x, Cocculus indicus 30x, Ipecacuanha 30x, Nux vomica 30x, Tabacum 30x
    Inactive ingredients: Demineralized water, Ethanol 20%
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    Dosage & Directions

    Homeopathic liquid

    Spray three full pumps in water, food, or directly in mouth two to three times daily, or as needed. Suitable for all pets, and doses the same regardless of size of pet. Best to use directly in mouth, if possible. If used in food or water, you may need to use more. Taste free and odor free pure water base. 1 to 3 month supply- very cost effective. Do not remove pump top in order to ensure product stability. You can spray product into a small glass, and then use syringe to remove from the glass.

    For best results, it is recommended to use the 2 oz Homeopathic liquid formula in combination with Lax-eze granules.

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    Additional Information

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    Homeopathic liquid

    Spray three full pumps in water, food, or directly in mouth two to three times daily, or as needed. Suitable for all pets, and doses the same regardless of size of pet. Best to use directly in mouth, if possible. If used in food or water, you may need to use more. Taste free and odor free pure water base. 1 to 3 month supply- very cost effective. Do not remove pump top in order to ensure product stability. You can spray product into a small glass, and then use syringe to remove from the glass.

    For best results, it is recommended to use the 2 oz Homeopathic liquid formula in combination with Lax-eze granules.