Eye See Clearly Testimonials

What our customers are saying about how Eye See Clearly has helped reduce their pet's cataracts, heal conjunctivitis (eye infections), and treat corneal ulcers.

This is a great product. I couldn't believe it when it seemed to clear my staffys eye infection within 2 days. She's had an eye infection on and off all year.


To whom it may concern:
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! I purchased the Eye See Clearly eye drops for my dog "Sweetie" and after only 2 days of use, her eyes are doing better than they have been in the last 2 months! After 3 Vet visits, numerous drops, meds (incl. prednisone) these drops take the cake! I am so fortunate to have found this site, and will continue to use the drops in Sweetie's future of eye allergies! Most excellent and appreciated to make my dog happy and most of all healthy! Keep up the great work!

Thanks again,

This stuff is fantastic!! Thank you so much. My dog had a bad case of conjunctivitis and vet drops didn't clear it up. I was also told on my last visit about a month ago that her eyes were clouding over (possible cataracts) and i would have to take my dog to see a specialist. She is only 5 years old so I decided to look up alternative medicine. I'm so glad I did, I ordered your product and have been using it for the past 2 weeks. My dogs eye infection cleared within the first two days and I took her back to the vet for a yearly vaccination and health check today and when the vet looked into her eyes she confirmed that they were totally clear and healthy and I didn't need the specialists appointment anymore. THANKYOU, THANKYOU THANKYOU !!!

Much Love,
Nikki & Poppy the dog

I have been using your Eye See Clearly for a while now, I have posted in your testimonials about how well it keeps my Persians' tears stains to a minimum. I had really purchased this product because it was being recommended for cataracts and I have a cat that had a corneal sequestrum and corneal ulcer and had a scar and red veins going to the scar and I couldn't clear it. I decided to try Eye See Clearly because I figured if it could clear the milky scars left from a cataract, maybe it could help with the scar from a corneal ulcer. Well, after less than two bottles, Summer's scar and red veins are completely gone and her eye is clear. I now just use a drop in the morning every day, and I will continue until I finish the bottle. When the bottle is done, if it comes back, I will just use it all the time for her, since the ingredients are safe and it works amazingly. Thanks for making a product that helped when nothing else would.

Nancy C.

I just wanted to say Thank you SO much for the Eye See Clearly! My 9 year old toy poodle was diagnosed with cataracts 3 months ago & my vet recommended a cataract doctor. I searched online for something that would not require an expensive surgery & I found your website. The Eye See Clearly has done wonders on her eyes!!! She used to walk into everything...day or night time & it was so sad, now she can see where she's going & she barks at the kids playing across the street again. She is so much happier & you can tell she feels stronger & more secure with herself again. Her cataracts have mostly cleared up except for one little spot on her left eye. I am so impressed by how well this has worked.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!
Nina C.

I just received my second bottle of Eye See Clearly and wanted to mention how well it keeps my Persian cats' eye stains to a minimum. I have 11 Persian cats, so I need all the help I can get with the tear staining. Also, your shipping is so fast, a day and a half to Pennsylvania, unbelievable. when I call Customer Service with a question, it gets answered the same day. Thanks for a great product and fantastic customer service.

Nancy C.

Can any of the products be used by humans? I tried the eye formula before trying it on the dog. It stings for a few seconds but them my vision was crystal clear as it had not been for as long as I remember. The Diarh-ease looked like it might eliminate toxins and that would be a boon to humans with certain chronic diseases.

Arlene S.

I have often bought 'Eye See Clearly' on your website. It helps our dog, who is a five year old American Cocker Spaniel, very much. His eyes started getting white and cloudy about two years ago, before I started using your product. But after using it, they got better and now his eyes are clear and seem fine. I greatly appreciate your 'Eye See Clearly' and recommend it to my friends. Thank you for providing us with your great product.

Takayoshi B.
Kanagawa, Japan

Just wanted to let you know that I received your products (Lame-eze, 1 oz. Knee Pain, and Eye See Clearly) on Wednesday and administered them on Wednesday night. Yesterday (Thursday) when I got home from work it was as though Asa had a new energy!! He was jumping up and down off of the couch - as a matter of a fact, I had to fuss at him because he was doing so much jumping up and down. He has not done that in MONTHS!!!! I could tell that he felt better and my best testimonial is that I administered the Eye See Clearly and he was sitting on the bed and noticed a dog in the window (ACROSS THE STREET - A SMALL DOG MIND YOU) and he jumped down off of the bed ran into the living room jumped up onto the back of the couch to bark at that dog - something he has done all of his life - has not been able to do this since he got the 'football knee' and he saw it - he was able to do it again yesterday!! It was as though the old Asa was back!

I am really impressed with your products - I am telling everyone I know about your website!

Thanks much and God bless,
Lindera O.
Memphis, TN

I've been using Eye See Clearly for about three months now. My dog is totally blind from cataracts, and I didn't think Eye See Clearly was helping much. I stopped using it for awhile, and now my dog is bumping into things again, which he didn't do when I used Eye See Clearly. I see now that the product is, indeed, helping him!

John W.

I just wanted to let you know about my experience with Eye See Clearly ...

My dog was diagnosed with Dry Eyes about a year ago... The vet gave me ointment to put in his eyes... nothing... then they gave me a brochure regarding surgery and that he would never be "cured" if I didn't have the surgery... I knew it was time for me to look into alternatives... I found the Eye See Clearly web site... skeptically .. I ordered the Eye Drops...followed the instructions and within a couple of months his eyes cleared up ... I haven't had to use the drops in over 6 mos.. his eyes look great.

This stuff has been wonderful...

I wish more vets would look into natural medicine before they offer surgery as a solution.

Wendi - Florida

Hello from Houston!

Just wanted to thank you all for your efficiency, as well as your exceptional products. I ran out of the Eye See Clearly drops and my Maltese's eyes went right into staining. Hence, if I ever wondered how great of a job it was doing - there was my proof. (smile)

Also, I have to mention that every single time I order from your company, my order shows up almost immediately! Thanks!

All the best,
Sheryl D.

Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!! this stuff really works!!!!!!!...its awesome....my dogs eyes have virtually cleared up !!!!just has a small part of her eye covered with the cataract that a couple of weeks ago,,,,almost covered her entire eye....thanks so much ...for anyone out there thinking of cataract surgury for their pet..plz try this product first..i am amazed that in a few short weeks ...that i would get these type of results so quickly....thanks once again.....

Valerie Y.

I am really pleased so far with the "EYE SEE CLEARLY"..product i have recieved last week...my shih tzu(7 yr old)..has begun to develop a cataract in her eye and has had conjunctivitis in her other...so far her eyes are opening up a little wider than they have been in previous days...i thank you....and i will send more mail as the month goes on...this is a blessing so far ....and i know she is happier too...

Valerie Y.

Just a quick note of thanks. My one year old Golden Retriever dog was diagnosed with cataracts. My vet told me it would not be a good idea to breed her since it is probably a genetic defect. I did not want to breed a defective dog but found it hard to accept that a one year old dog could have cataracts. I went searching on the web and found this product "Eye See Clearly" I read about it and thought I would give it a try, well I am happy to report, after only a 1-1/2 weeks, it appears the cataracts on my dogs inner eyes have cleared up. I will be bringing my dog back to the vet to confirm my observation and give her a clean bill of health.

Best Wishes
Ted T.

I have recently gave your Eye See Clearly a try on my two, 7 year old cockers with very good results. The male, Jordan, Likes stuffed animals. He brings his latest ones to us when we get home or when he wants a treat. I guess it's like a trade to him. We got them both from the shelter, labeled" must not separate". Who would want two, 7 year old blind dogs? We would and did.

Anyway, My wife had 3 stuffed animals sitting on a bench long before we got the dogs. We had them for a while and the stuffed animals sat there. Well the reason I know the stuff works is after about a month of use , Jordan spotted the stuffed animals and wanted them. We were so thrilled that he saw them we let him have them even though the stuffed animals were in the family for a lot of years.

Just the fact that these little creatures that God gave us to care for were able to see nullified putting value on stuffed animals.

We are Now in the process of trying some other products for some other problems that they have. We will keep any interested pet owners posted on our success.

Thomas K.