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Herbal Formulas Testimonials

What our customers are saying about how our herbal formulas have helped their pet and at the same time saved them money on expensive vet bills. For a customized remedy for your pet's unique health issue, call 843-881-5500.

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My dog, Wilbur, suffers from Hip Dysplasia, and has been in a lot of pain. He was having side effects from the pain meds prescribed by our vet. We started using Lame-eze and the liquid homeopathic. He's doing great now with no side effects. I didn't have much faith in herbs before, but I'm so glad I tried your products for my pet.

Steve BB.
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I know you have most likely heard this a thousand times, but thank you so very much. Max was diagnosed with bone cancer late December and we were told we only had a couple of months. We chose not to amputate his leg, or do kemo. It has been trying, but he is still doing so very well. Here it is over three months later and he still behaves as he always did, except he doesn't like to walk around to much. But, you know, he never really did any way. He has always been lazy, but he still does his happy dance before every meal. I know our time is still short, but it is giving us all time to get ready for the inevitable.

Thank you again,
Margaret M.
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We're so happy we tried the Spice of Life formula. Our 12 year old Lab, Henry, was sleeping constantly and seemed very run down. Since we started him on Spice of Life, he's playful again, and seems years younger.

Nancy D.
Riverside, CA
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I would love it if other pets could be soothed by your wonderful products!

Our family includes a beautiful 11 year old American Eskimo named Buck. He is a wonderful dog; smart, loyal, well behaved and affectionate. American Eskimo Dogs, (a descendant of the German Spitz) have very few health problems so with the exception of fluffy white dog hair everywhere in our home, Buck has been very easy to care for. Since global warming has changed the climate so much here in Huntington Beach, California poor Buck has been suffering with the worst allergy attacks. He suffers attacks of the sneezes that last several minutes each and go on for hours. The poor dear can barely spend ten minutes on the grass without suffering. I was really getting worried so, like any ?mom? in the modern age, I did some research on my computer, which led me to

First, let me say that I was surprised at how quickly my order arrived; I swear it was only 3 days from the time I ordered until it was delivered. I used both the herbal and the homeopathic formulas. The effect on Buck's well-being was astounding! The first doses cut his sneeze attacks in half. After being on the fresh-aire and the asthma formula for two days, Buck has been symptom free I can always tell when it is time for his pills, as he will sneeze a few times to let me know. Once he has had his herbs, his lungs are quiet for 10 to 12 hours. Buck is so much happier and has lots more energy, as do I now that I am not being woken up all night by his sneezing and wheezing.

These are great products, and I appreciate the personal service I received when I called with questions. Please feel free to reprint any of this letter I would love it if other pets could be soothed by your wonderful products!

Fond Regards,
Lisa C.
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Thanks for your miracle product...Lame-eze. My dog has found relief from the pain of arthritis and now sleeps through the night!

Rhonda M.
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Now she's prancing around and playing it's a miracle!

I want to thank you so much for your product, Lame-eze. I could not believe how well it is working for my 1 year old Poodle with hip dysplasia. She has been on Lame-eze for less than a month now. Before starting on your product she just mostly layed around; it was so hard for her to move that she would have to move around in circles just to change positions. Now she's prancing around and playing it's a miracle!

Cinga G.
New Philadelphia, OH
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