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About Us is an online retailer of specialized, natural products that promote optimum pet health. We have had an online presence since the year 2001.

Although we do not give medical advice or offer veterinary services, all of our products have been reviewed by veterinarian consultants for both safety and effectiveness. The products offered on our site were chosen because they represent natural alternatives to common pet health issues. All of the products were veterinarian developed and used clinically for many years before being offered for mass marketing. These products are not available in stores, or on any other website.

In addition, all of the testimonials on our site are unsolicited emails that we have received from our customers. We are proud of the fact that reorders represent approximately 60% of our sales.

We offer Online Customer Support staffed by knowledgeable individuals who are not only pet owners themselves but have used and have personal knowledge of all of our products. If you have questions about any of the products offered on our site, we invite you to contact us.