Diar-eze Full Treatment Pack
  • Veterinarian formulated and used in small animal clinical practice for over 20 years.
  • No harmful side effects that are commonly seen with conventional drug therapies.

Diar-eze Full Treatment Pack

  • Should be used after veterinary diagnosis for symptoms associated with: diarrhea (loose stool), chronic and acute.
  • Both Diar-eze granules and Diar-eze Anti-diarrhea homeopathic liquid can be used alone or in combination (open FAQ tab for more info on best options for your cat or dog).
  • For more severe or frequent symptoms of diarrhea, we recommend using our Diar-eze Full Treatment Pack.
  • Full treatment pack includes 2oz Homeopathic liquid, and Diar-eze 10oz granules.
  • All-natural and Safe.
  • Works great alone, or can be used in combination with traditional drug and dietary therapy.
  • Beneficial effects with long-term use, to include:
    • regulates and normalizes stool
    • improves digestion
    • glossy coat, less shedding
    • improved vitality (more active)
  • Recommended by Ross Becker of Good Dog Magazine.

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Diar-eze Full Treatment Pack -Dosage

Homeopathic liquid: Spray three pumps in water, food, or directly in mouth two to three times daily, or as needed. Taste free and odor free pure water base. 1 to 3 month supply Ė very cost effective.

For best results, it is recommended to use the 2 oz Homeopathic liquid formula in combination with Diar-eze granules.

DIRECTIONS: Diar-eze Granules

Cats and Small Dogs - 1 teaspoon in each meal daily (if feeding two meals daily, give total of 2 tsp. daily). Increase if needed.

Medium or Large Dogs Ė 1 tablespoon in each meal daily (if feeding two meals daily, give total of 2 tbs. daily). Increase if needed.

For best results, continue to use daily. Our full treatment pack combination usually produces the best results for more chronic or acute cases of diarrhea.

Each 10 oz. jar contains approx. 60 teaspoons.

Dogs generally accept the product well. It mixes well in soft food, but if you only feed dry food, try moistening the dry food a little so that the powder sticks to it, or mix some warm water into the powder, then mix into the dry food.

Some cats can be a bit finicky. If you have a finicky cat, and he wonít touch the food, it is probably due to the foodís smell rather than taste. For finicky cats, start with a small pinch of the powder mixed in soft food the first day, then GRADUALLY increase the dosage over 10-14 days. Most cats will accept it when it is introduced slowly this way. Mix it into a small amount of canned food, and donít feed your cat any other food until he eats it. Or, you can try mixing it into anything your cat really likes (baby food, tuna or juice from tuna, etc.). For more immediate relief, mix powder into small amount of soft, canned food, make a meatball and place directly into catís mouth (between jaw and gums), and hold mouth shut until he swallows it. Another option is to get some Nutrical (this is a high caloric nutritional supplement that comes in a tube and is sold by most vets and pet shops). Squeeze out the Nutrical, then dab it into the powder and place this into catís mouth (Nutrical is sticky and will stick to roof of mouth).

Cat Diarrhea Testimonials

What our customers are saying about how Vet Select Diar-eze Formula and our homeopathic Anti-Diarrhea Formula have helped their pet's overcome the discomfort of cat diarrhea.

I have an 8 month old kitten named Abby, and she has suffered with chronic cat diarrhea her whole life. She has been on antibiotics for 6 months, and we were giving her Chinese herbs and acupuncture with no results. We ordered Diar-Eze and started her on it on Saturday afternoon and by Sunday morning she had a formed but soft stool; within 4 days she was having firm, formed stools. She has been off of the antibiotics for 2 weeks with no change and Abby decided to stop taking her Chinese herbs, also with no change to her stools. Diar-Eze is a miracle for us. Abby is now a healthy, happy, beautiful little girl. I can't thank you enough for this product. It really is a life saver.

Judy W.

I just wanted to tell you that I started to use Diar-eze with the anti-diarrhia formula liquid 2 days ago....My 1 year old cat seems to be doing great already! He has had severe cat diarrhea for 7 months! All the medications he has been on have not only been expensive, but have not worked. I can hardly wait to tell my vet how DIAR-EZE has worked!

I don't know how to THANK YOU enough!!!!!!
Becky P.

My elderly mother became ill and had to come and live with me and my family. She brought her 15 year old cat, Charlie, with her. Charlie developed chronic cat diarrhea, and nothing seemed to help. The vet said to try antibiotics, but that didn't work, either. Then I found out that my mom had always given Charlie Vet Select Diar-eze Formula in his food, prior to coming to live with me. I got some Diar-eze and put Charlie back on it immediately. After months of chronic feline diarrhea, Charlie was cured within just a couple of days. Charlie has had no recurrence of feline diarrhea ever since (over two years now). I cannot recommmend your Vet Select Diar-eze Formula enough!

Susan G.
I began using the anti-diarrhea formula in conjunction with the Vet Select Diar-eze, day before yesterday, and it seems to work miracles for diarrhea in cats.


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Diar-eze Testimonials From Dog Owners

What our customers are saying about how Vet Select Diar-eze Formula and our homeopathic Anti-Diarrhea Formula have helped their pet's overcome the discomfort of dog diarrhea.

My dog, Erik, is a large, Golden Retriever. Erik has had a problem with dog diarrhea, and we've tried everything, but nothing seems to work. We were desperate, because a dog this size can really make a horrible mess around the house, since we work and no one is home with Erik during the day to let him out, and he has numerous "accidents". My new vet recommended a prescription, very high quality and, very expensive dog food. Because of Erik's size and the amount of food he eats, this option would be a very costly one for me. My sister in South Carolina recommended Vet Select Diar-eze Formula as one of the best dog diarrhea treatments. Her vet recommended it for her dog. He said it improves the quality of any off the shelf supermarket food. I've been giving it to Erik ever since and it has completely solved Erik's problem. And it's much cheaper than the high quality food.

Greg H.

I just wanted to let you know that I began using your Diar-eze with the anti-diarrhia formula liquid a couple of days ago....My 3 year old dog Rufus seems to be doing great already because of this miracle of dog diarrhea treatments! He has had severe dog diarrhea for the past 4 or 5 months! All the treatments he has been on have not only been very costly, but have not done a thing for him. I can hardly wait to tell my vet how DIAR-EZE has worked!

Rufus and I thank you!!!!!!
Cecilia K.

Dear Allergicpet.com,
After trying nearly every vet office canine diarrhea treatment available for my large German Shepherd, I found your information on the internet about Diar-Eze and decided to give it a try. We had already tried everything else, including changing the dog's diet. No other remedy had ever worked completely for my dog.

I put him on the Diar-Eze and Anti-Diarrhea Formula as you suggested over the phone. His diarrhea was gone within days, and his stools were back to normal within a week. He is a much happier dog, and the canine diarrhea problem is now under control for the first time since I've had the dog.

Thank you for making these canine diarrhea treatments available for dog owners.
Sherry M.

I began using the Vet Select Diar-Eze in conjunction with the anti-diarrhea formula, day before yesterday, and it seems to work miracles for diarrhea in dogs.

Justin W.

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Diar-eze Full Treatment Pack - Ingredients

Ingredients for 2 oz. Homeopathic Formula:

HPUS active ingredients: Equal parts of each ingredient at 30x: Calcarea carbonica; Podophyllum peltatum. Inactive ingredients: Pure water base; Citric acid (.0075%); Potassium sorbate (.1%).

Ingredients for Diar-eze granules:

Beet Pulp, Kelp, Psyllium Seed, Flax Seed, Oven Dried Chicken Liver, Papaya Leaf, Apple Fiber, Bentonite Clay (edible, safe form), Diatomaceous Earth (edible, safe form).

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FAQ - Vet Select Diar-eze Full Treatment Pack

How do I determine the proper dosage to give my pet?

A. The dose is determined by the size of the pet and the severity of the symptoms. Diar-eze should be given with each meal. See Dosage/Directions tab for more details.

Can I overdose my pet on Diar-eze Formula?

A. No, not as long as you stay within the recommended dosing guidelines (an exception may be that a very large pet - 100# or more, may need to dose a bit higher). This is an all natural, dietary supplement found to be safe and, generally, without serious side effects. The formula has beneficial properties with long-term use (unlike most conventional drug therapies).

When should I use the 1oz. liquid Homeopathic?

A. It is recommended that Diar-eze granules be used in combination with the liquid homeopathic remedy when symptoms are more frequent or severe. This combination usually produces the best results (especially with cats, since they can be finicky eaters). For tips on administering the products to your pet, see Dosage/Directions tab.

Can I put the 1oz. homeopathic in my pet's food?

A. The 1oz. homeopathic liquid will work best when put directly into the mouth (4-6 drops, anywhere in the mouth or on the gums - most pets do fine with this). Another option is to squirt 5-10 drops on top of food or in the water (this method may work better for very cranky pets).

Can I stop giving my pet some of the drugs the vet prescribed for diarrhea?

A. It is very difficult to give a general answer to this question, since every case is different. This is a decision that should be made by you and your veterinarian. Typically, we see cases that are not responding to conventional treatment. In cases like these, it might be better to discontinue drug therapy and try a more natural approach. Our Diar-eze Full Treatment Pack has helped countless severe, chronic cases of diarrhea. See Success Stories.

You or your vet are welcome to contact us if you have questions.

    How It Works - Diar-eze Full Treatment Pack

    Homeopathic Formula

    Homeopathy is a 250+ year-old healing modality started in Germany. It is practiced widely in America, Europe (very popular in England and France), South America, and India.

    With extremely small and totally safe doses of different natural material (animal, mineral and herbal), one is able to stimulate the body's immune system against very specific immune body responses (such as conjunctivitis [eye infections]; diarrhea, difficulty urinating, blood in urine, crystals and stone formation, coughing, sneezing, wheezing, and other allergic responses (asthma, bronchitis, discharges); seizures; constipation, etc. The way this works is similar to a vaccine or anti-allergy serum injection.

    Dietary Formula

    Diar-eze is a food additive which regulates and maximizes digestion and food absorption (prebiotic). Diarrhea can have many causes, the most common being poor digestion. The added bulk in Diar-eze formula works to bind the excess liquid, thereby normalizing the stool. The bulk comes from soluble and insoluble fiber, and having both types of fiber is most important for overall good health. This unique formula also contains all of the chelated trace minerals and natural plant enzymes necessary for good digestion.

    Learn how Diar-eze Full Treatment Pack has helped other pet owners by viewing Success Stories.

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Vet Select Diar-eze Full Treatment Pack



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