Vet Select Kidney/Bladder Stone Full Treatment Pack

Vet Select Kidney/Bladder Stone Full Treatment Pack

  • Should be used after veterinary diagnosis for symptoms of discomfort associated with: difficulty urinating due to formation of various types of micro- crystals or stones (Struvite, Oxalate, etc.) and for symptoms of general urinary infections.
  • Full treatment pack includes 2oz Homeopathic liquid and Kidney/Bladder Stone 240 herbal capsules.
  • All-natural and Safe.
  • Works great alone, or can be used in combination with traditional drug and dietary therapy.
  • Veterinarian formulated and used in small animal clinical practice for over 20 years.
  • No harmful side effects that are commonly seen with conventional drug therapies.
  • Beneficial effects with long-term use:
    • helps to dissolve existing micro- crystals and stones
    • dramatically helps to reduce formation of new micro- crystals and stones
    • improved urinary function
  • Recommended by Ross Becker of Good Dog Magazine.

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Kidney/Bladder Stone Full Treatment Pack - Dosage

Homeopathic liquid: Spray three pumps in water, food, or directly in mouth two to three times daily, or as needed. Taste free and odor free pure water base. 1 to 3 month supply – very cost effective.

Herbal capsules: 1-6 capsules, two times daily (dose by size and level of discomfort). Examples: 12# or less (1-2 caps/twice daily); 13# - 50# (2-4 caps/twice daily); over 50# (4-6 caps/twice daily).

For best results, it is recommended to use the 2oz Homeopathic liquid formula in combination with our herbal capsules.- See more at:


Ruby had a bladder stone about the size of an olive. She’d been on and off, mostly on, antibiotics. Then we found Kidney/Bladder Stone formula and had no more problems. Thanks for a product that works!!!

I don't have a question but a testimonial. I gave my dog your Kidney/Bladder Formula, he had a kidney stone, and the vet wanted to put him down, needless to say that was about six weeks ago, Aaron, my dog is 10 yrs old doing fantastic, urinating good, so much energy, and very happy, so am I, Thank you so much for a wonderful product!!!! Audrey M.

Thank you for "Kidney/Bladder Formula" for my cat! After years of agonizing UTIs & what I think were stones (not to mention $3000.00 in vet bills with NO relief), my beautiful 22 year old Siamese female is F-I-N-A-L-L-Y free from illness! The only alternative was to put her to sleep and it would've been too soon. She is back to actually running, playing and regaining her weight. God Bless You! Sincerely, Dianne N. Honolulu, HI

Hi, My eleven year old black lab had surgery to remove bladder stones less than a year ago. Unfortunately they returned and a couple of emergency trips to the vet were required to eliminate blockages.

I began using your Kidney & Bladder Stone Formula three months ago and have seen a significant improvement in my dog's health. She is now symptom free, and a checkup by the vet last week failed to find any evidence of stones in her bladder. Thanks for providing a great product. Brian G. Kelowna, BC Canada

I just want to let you know I love your product. As long as my dog stays on the pills he no longer has any accidents The pills have worked well for him and the drops are excellent as well. He use to need both, but now just the pills. Thanks so much... Linda A. Holistic Animal Allergist...CA

I was told that my Bichon was a "stone manufacturing machine" and that she had to have surgery. She also had many repeat infections. I did not want her to have surgery so I searched the internet and found Allergic Pet. She has been doing fine with a side benefit of not having to have her anal glands expressed every month.

Our shizu came to our house during a bad storm and we took her in. She had huge bladder stone which required surgery. Months later she started bleeding again and I ordered the kidney/bladder supplement kit. She stopped bleeding and we now have her on a maintenance program of just the pills..two a day. Thank God for this supplement. It is a blessing and keeps crystals from forming. We also just feed her canned food from Blue.

We have a dog that is seven years old that has been suffering from kidney stones for about 3 yrs. now. "Sami" was put on the SD diet at our local vet. This proved to be VERY ineffective. We were then told that she would need surgery amounting in the 2000.00 dollar range or to put her to sleep. It was so hard with her urinating all the time and to see the red blood coming out of her was terrible. sister visited for Christmas and referred us to you..okay I thought its worth a try for the 90.00 dollars but was not expecting anything. Well today about 3 mos. later I am purchasing more product to manage her kidney stones as really she appears in every way to be healed from them! Thank you for giving us back our Sami!Please let us know if we need to keep her on the product to manage this..Thank you

Kidney/Bladder Stone Full Treatment Pack - Ingredients

Ingredients for Kidney/Bladder 2 oz Homeopathic:
HPUS active ingredients: Picricum acidum; Cantharis; Equisetum hyemale; Calcarea oxalica Dilutions 30x. Inactive ingredients: Pure water base; Citric acid (.0075%); Potassium sorbate (.1%).

Ingredients for Kidney & Bladder Stone Formula (capsules):
Lysimachia christinae; Lygodium japonicum; Pyrrosia; Polygonum aviculare; Talcum; Dianthus; Cyathula officinalis; Malva verticillata; Pinus succinifer, Plantago leaf; Plantago seed; Alismatis orientalis; Dioscorea hypoglauca; Alpinia oxyphylla; Gardenia jasminoides. - See more at:

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FAQ - Vet Select Kidney/Bladder Stone Formula Full Treatment Pack

How do I determine the proper dosage to give my pet?

A. The dose is determined by the size of the pet and the severity of the symptoms (difficulty urinating, blood in urine, micro- crystals or stones, etc. with a diagnosis by your health care professional). The dosage is 2-6 capsules, twice daily. Examples: 12# or less (1-2 caps/twice daily); 13# - 50# (2-4 caps/twice daily); over 50# (4-6 caps/twice daily).

Can I overdose my pet on Kidney/Bladder Stone Formula?

A. No, not as long as you stay within the recommended dosing guidelines (an exception may be that a very large pet – 100# or more, may need to dose a bit higher). This is an all-natural, herbal combination found to be safe and, generally, without serious side effects. The formula has beneficial properties with long-term use (unlike most conventional drug therapies).

When should I use the 1 oz. liquid Homeopathic?

A. It is recommended that both the liquid homeopathic remedy and the herbal capsules be used in combination when symptoms are more severe. This combination usually produces the best results.

Can I put the Kidney/Bladder Stone Formula and/or the 1 oz. homeopathic in my pet's food?

A. The capsules can be opened and put in food; however, sometimes you can’t be sure that your pet is eating all of it this way. You can try some tricks to get him to eat the capsules. One way that works well for most pets is to melt a thin piece of cheese in the microwave, then wrap the sticky cheese all around the capsule (most pets will just wolf it down this way). Another option is to hide the capsule in a small meatball of canned food (dog food or even canned cat food ). Of course, you can always try wrapping the capsule in a thin slice of lunch meat, or even putting peanut butter or cream cheese on it. Another option is to open the capsule, dilute in water, and either mix into food or syringe directly into pet’s mouth.

The 1 oz. Liquid Homeopathic will work best when put directly into the mouth (a few drops, anywhere in the mouth or on the gums – most pets do fine with this). Another option is to squirt 5-10 drops on top of food or in the water (this method may work better for very cranky pets).

You or your vet are welcome to contact us if you have questions.

    How It Works – Kidney/Bladder Stone Formula Full Treatment Pack

    Homeopathic Formulas

    Homeopathy is a 250+ year-old healing modality started in Germany. It is practiced widely in America, Europe (very popular in England and France), South America, and India.

    With extremely small and totally safe doses of different natural material (animal, mineral and herbal), one is able to stimulate the body's immune system against very specific immune body responses (such as conjunctivitis [eye infections]; difficulty urinating, blood in urine, crystals and stone formation, coughing, sneezing, wheezing, and other allergic responses (asthma, bronchitis, discharges); seizures; constipation; diarrhea, etc. The way this works is similar to a vaccine or anti-allergy serum injection.

    Herbal Formulas

    These formulations are designed to work extremely well together. By adding additional herbs to a main formulation, one can target specific issues.

    Our herbal formulation for kidney/bladder stones addresses the progression in more than one way. The body’s tendency to form micro- crystals or stones can affect different organs and tissues at the same time. Each formulation is designed for a unique range of issues. The ingredients address different ways to help the body heal itself. There are ingredients that have qualities to help dispel stone and gravel formation. Dispersing qualities can address phlegm and fluid build-up in different parts of the body. This can address normalizing blood flow. We also address pain, inflammation and anti-microbial issues. Many ingredients have (tonic) long term quality of life properties.

    All of our herbal formulations are comprised of the highest quality human grade herbs. Our products are processed and bottled in the United States in approved FDA bottling facilities that must adhere to stringent regulations governing laboratory testing for purity.

Kidney/Bladder Stone Full Treatment Pack



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