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Nuroplex Capsules
    Nuroplex Capsules
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    Nuroplex Capsules

    Nuroplex herbal supplement capsules help to alleviate the symptoms of chronic seizures and epilepsy (shaking, tremors, loss of body control, etc.) in dogs and cats when used as directed. The product is comprised of 15 of the highest quality herbs specifically formulated as a safe and natural alternative to traditional drug therapy. Also beneficial for pets with elevated liver enzymes (can be caused by chemical exposure or toxic side effects of some drug therapies).
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    Nuroplex Capsules
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    Success Stories

    he's gone four weeks with no seizure.

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    At a Glance

    • Helps to alleviate symptoms of seizures in cats and dogs (shaking, tremors, loss of body control, etc.) when used as directed.
    • Veterinarian formulated and used in clinical practice for 20+ years
    • Combine with Nuroplex homeopathic spray for more severe or frequent seizures - see Nuroplex Full Treatment Pack
    • Natural and safe for long term use without harmful side effects of some conventional drug therapies
    • Made famous in Martin Zuckers Natural Vet medicine books

    Benefits Include

    • Helps to control and reduce quantity, duration, & severity of chronic seizures & epilepsy (shaking, tremors, loss of body control, etc.)
    • Synergistic formula of 15 very specific high quality herbs
    • Helps to support & maintain healthy liver and nervous system
    • Improved energy and vitality
    • Natural and safe for long term daily use

    Success Stories

    What our customers are saying about how Nuroplex Capsules has helped their pet's overcome their discomfort.

    I am on my second bottle of medicine with my cat and so far, he's gone four weeks with no seizure. He had increased to once a week and the vet was no help up to present. Just being able to give him some relief has been so great. His seizures usually resulted with him clawing himself and ripping out claws in the carpet. It was horrible to watch and I'm sure even worse for my cat to experience. I'm really glad I found you guys.

    Leann V.

    I just wanted to thank you for offering such a life saving product. My boston terrier gidget is 8 years old and had experiencing seizures daily and sometimes multiple times per day, since I started her on your capsules she has not had a seizure in almost 2 YEARS NOW!! All I can say is THANK YOU for giving my little Gidget a wonderful extension and quality life with me. You saved her life!!

    Christina L.

    Thank you again for formulating such a great product. It's been almost 6 months already since my cat's been on the formula and she has never had an attack again!

    Walter C.

    Thank you isn't enough to say. I feel you have saved my cat's life!! My four month old kitten was hidden by her mom & so shy I thought she was wild, too afraid to come with the rest of us. What I didn't see right away was she was having seizures. Your Seizure control drops have given me a new kitten & her a new life!! She has only been on this med for three weeks. She has not had a seizure for the last week!! Also when I gave during a seizure, it stopped within seconds. I think it is nothing short of a miracle!!! Highly recommend.

    Linda T.

    I recently ordered the natural drops for seizures in my cat and he has been perfect ever since so I highly recommend your website. Can you tell me if you have something for overall good health in cats? I have 3. One is 15(the one that had the seizures) other is 2 years and the other is about 1 year old. Can you suggest anything?

    Thank You,

    I want to thank you for your product. Our puppy started having seizures when he was 4 months old. He is now 7 months old. We took him to the vet and they gave him heart gard. The next day he had a seizure. We took him to 2 vets and done all the tests to find out that everything is normal. Leo was prescribed Phenobarbital. He could not even stand and would fall over for three days. I called the vet and was told that it was a side effect of the Phenobarbital and should go away within 3-4 weeks. I ordered your product and started him right away with 4 pills a day. We stopped the Phenobarbital and within the next two days he was back to his playful self. We went on vacation and came back to find him looking happy and healthy. So far no more seizures or tremors.

    Thank you so much.
    Maria R.
    Chicago, IL

    My dachshund-chihuahua mix Coco started having grand mal seizures out of the blue when she was just over 3 years old. The vet could not find any reason for it. She was put on pheno and the dosage kept creeping up and up until she was at the max for her weight. Then she was put on pot brom too and still continued to have seizures every 10-14 days. In November her blood tests showed that we had to immediately cut back her dose and that caused more intense, frequent seizures. I was giving up hope and considered putting her down when I found your product by doing some research online. I ordered the capsules and drops and began to slowly reduce the pheno and pot brom. To my great relief, she has only had 1 seizure since then (very short and mild) and I've we're now waiting for her 2nd shipment to arrive. Coco is now completely off the pheno and taking only 1/4 the pot brom she was on before starting your product. She should be completely off of that by the time we get our next treatment. Her blood tests are back to normal now too. Thank you for both improving the quality of life Coco had and saving her from being put to rest.

    Schertz, TX

    Thank you so very much for this product. My collie was having seizures monthly until started on the pills and now has gone 2-months. She had one last night and I gave her the drops which stopped the seizure instantly. She quickly recovered, new who I was and then began playing with my Maltese. It was amazing as there was something I COULD DO for her. I had ran out of pills and now see that she needs them routinely, therefore the order was placed.

    Thank you for helping us as it affects the entire family!
    Donna Jo T.

    How it Works

    Herbal Formulas

    These formulations are designed to work extremely well together. By adding additional herbs to a main formulation, one can target specific issues.

    This herbal formulation is for liver support. The unique blend helps liver function through improved blood flow and detoxification. There are herbs that reduce stress by calming the nervous system. Elevated liver enzymes in the blood will tend to be normalized with great improvement for digestion and nutritional absorption.

    All of our herbal formulations are comprised of the highest quality human grade herbs. Our products are processed and bottled in the United States in approved FDA bottling facilities that must adhere to stringent regulations governing laboratory testing for purity.


    Ingredients for Nuroplex Formula (capsules):

    Bupleurum, Peony, Cinnamon twig; Tang-kuei; Fu-shen; Scute; Pinellia; Chih-shih; Ginseng; Atractylodes; Licorice; Scorpion, Silkworm, Lapis, Arisaema.

    Dosage & Directions

    Herbal capsules:

    1-6 capsules, two times daily, with meals (dose by size and level of discomfort).

    • 12# or less (1-2 caps/twice daily);
    • 13# - 50# (2-4 caps/twice daily);
    • over 50# (4-6 caps/twice daily).

    Increase if needed. Important: use as directed, and increase dosage if needed. Products are for both dogs and cats.


    Q: How do I determine the proper dosage to give my pet?
    A: The dose is determined by the size of the pet and the severity of the symptoms (elevated liver enzymes, vomiting and digestive problems due to liver dysfunction, etc., with a diagnosis by your health care professional). The dosage is 2-6 capsules, twice daily. Examples: 12# or less (1-2 caps/twice daily); 13# - 50# (2-4 caps/twice daily); over 50# (4-6 caps/twice daily). These are just average doses. If your pet's symptoms persist, you should increase dosage as needed.
    Q: Why is Nuroplex used for both liver problems and seizures?
    A: Nuroplex is a synergistic formula developed to support both the liver and nervous system. It works equally well for both problems. Liver detoxification can be very important in treating seizures, especially when side effects occur from drug therapy.
    Q: Can I overdose my pet on Nuroplex Formula:
    A: No, not as long as you stay within the recommended dosing guidelines (an exception may be that a very large pet - 100# or more, may need to dose a bit higher). This is an all-natural, herbal combination found to be safe and, generally, without serious side effects. The formula has beneficial properties with long-term use (unlike most conventional drug therapies).
    Q: Can I put the Nuroplex in my pet's food?
    A: The capsules can be opened and put in food; however, sometimes you can't be sure that your pet is eating all of it this way. Nuroplex should be given at the same time that you feed your pet. You can try some tricks to get him to eat the capsules. One way that works well for most pets is to melt a thin piece of cheese in the microwave, then wrap the sticky cheese all around the capsule (most pets will just wolf it down this way). Another option is to hide the capsule in a small meatball of canned food (dog food or even canned cat food ). Of course, you can always try wrapping the capsule in a thin slice of lunch meat, or even putting peanut butter or cream cheese on it. Another option is to open the capsule, dilute in water, and either mix into food or syringe directly into pet's mouth.

    Additional Information

    Herbal capsules:

    1-6 capsules, two times daily, with meals (dose by size and level of discomfort).

    • 12# or less (1-2 caps/twice daily);
    • 13# - 50# (2-4 caps/twice daily);
    • over 50# (4-6 caps/twice daily).

    Increase if needed. Important: use as directed, and increase dosage if needed. Products are for both dogs and cats.