Lame-eze / Arthritis Pain Full Treatment Pack

Lame-eze / Arthritis Pain Full Treatment Pack

"The products honestly work. I am amazed everyday when I see my 13 year old large dog running and jumping around with a spark in his eyes. He was on an aspirin a day for hip pain and now he is a different dog after taking the pain drops." Colleen D.
  • Should be used after veterinary diagnosis for symptoms of discomfort associated with: Arthritis; hip dysplasia; soft tissue; knees; difficulty moving due to pain, etc.
  • Full treatment pack includes 2oz Homeopathic liquid, and Lame-eze 240 herbal capsules.
  • All-natural and Safe.
  • Works great alone, or can be used in combination with traditional drug therapy.
  • Veterinarian formulated and used in small animal clinical practice for over 20 years.
  • No harmful side effects that are commonly seen with conventional drug therapies.
  • Beneficial effects with long-term use, to include improved:
    • pain control
    • joint health
    • blood circulation
  • Recommended by Ross Becker of Good Dog Magazine.

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Lame-eze Formula Full Treatment - Dosage

Homeopathic liquid: Spray three pumps in water, food, or directly in mouth two to three times daily, or as needed. Taste free and odor free pure water base. 1 to 3 month supply – very cost effective.

Herbal capsules: 1-6 capsules, two times daily (dose by size and level of discomfort). Examples: 12# or less (1-2 caps/twice daily); 13# - 50# (2-4 caps/twice daily); over 50# (4-6 caps/twice daily).

For best results, it is recommended to use the 2 oz Homeopathic liquid formula in combination with our herbal capsules.

Hi folks! About a month ago, I contacted you because of my elderly cat's multiple problems - horrific osteoarthritis, constipation, and seizures being the most important. I ordered complete kits (drops and herbal capsules) from you to deal with each of these problems. Susie had been very sick for about six months. I started Arthritis Pain drops first, instead of her major pain med Tramadol. Within a couple of days she was perkier, eating better, and the constipation problem just disappeared. And she seemed to be walking easier, i.e. less pain. It's now about a month, and Susie is doing sensationally! She is eating like a horse (eating was very iffy while she was on Tramadol), gaining weight, her coat is getting beautiful again, and she has begun grooming regularly, which means she is enjoying her life again! Her walking seems quite effortless now. An unexpected bonus - I didn't have to administer subcutaneous fluids to Susie for over 3 weeks! Because of progressing kidney failure, she has needed this up to 3 times a week. Last week Susie and I went to see our vet to report success, and he was very pleased. He is a conventional AND homeopathic vet, who showed much interest in and curiosity about your combined homeopathics (drops). He said if the drops work so well - don't bother with the herbal capsules. So I haven't! He recommended a way to gradually substitute your Seizures drops for her other big med, Phenobarbital, so we are starting that now, and hoping for the same success as with Lame-eze. (And we really don't need the constipation meds.) I am super-happy with the results so far. I would love to see my vet stock your products on his shelf, we'll see!

Susie and I both send our heartfelt thanks, from Vancouver, Canada!

Thank you for your products. My elderly dog Nikki died this past Sunday morning, but I'm sure through the daily use of your products her arthritis was less painful and made the last year of her life more comfortable. She was a beagle/shepherd rescue and would have been 16 years old this July.

Christine M.
Corry, PA

A few weeks ago I contacted you about my ageing kitty Susie-Lou, who has multiple health problems - ongoing and progressing renal failure, severe osteoarthritis at the base of her spine (which prevents her from jumping/climbing) seizures, constipation and lack of appetite (these last two I believe from her pain med.) I ordered kits of your remedies to treat these various conditions, and first eliminated the Tramadol (pain med), as she was in distress with it, and started with the arthritis remedy (Lame-eze). So far we have gotten to just the drops, and she is doing sensationally - she walks with little pain, she is a lot perkier, no more concerns about constipation and her appetite is predictably good, for just about any moist food. Force feeding is a thing of the past, although she still needs occasional boosts with subcutaneous fluids. WOW! I am very impressed, and Susie-Lou sends her heartfelt thanks as well. She had been very sick for six months, and I'm sure she wondered if life was worth living at all, even with good care and constant nursing. A current bonus is that her coat has regained its shine and beauty. She is a long haired tortie, a 6 lb. ball of lovely fluff! (Next project will be to substitute your homeopathic for Seizures for Phenobarbital - I will keep you posted on our success.)

Thank you again,
Vancouver, Canada

I want to tell you what great products you have! When I lived in Florida, my dog, Prince scratched and scratched constantly. My co-workers said he must have fleas. Well he didn't have fleas. My vet told me to put him on Benadryl which didn't help much. I even tried a dog food just for allergies which didn't help him either. So I went on-line and came upon your product and thought why not try it and see. I gave him 6 tablets twice a day as the man suggested for his 40 pound weight. Well Prince stopped scratching soon afterward and he was fine. When I cut the dose to 5 tablets twice a day he started to scratch again so had to go back to 6 twice a day. We had to move to Texas which has horrible problems with allergies I found out. I had run out of Skin-eze and Prince started to chew his feet and scratch and lick his feet and legs constantly. Prince soon licked all the hair off his front legs up to 5 inches high. So I sent for Skin-eze again and he stopped licking almost right away when I gave him 8 tablets twice a day for the first 2 weeks and then went to 6 tablets after that. His hair has grown back entirely after 3 months on the tablets. The constant licking stopped and he rarely licks at all.

My roommates dog Sno who is 12 years old, has severe arthritis so when I sent for my next order of Skin-eze, I ordered Lameze for Sno. Sno walked with her back legs criss-crossing each other as she walked. She walked slow as well. I started her on the Lameze on Monday night with 5 capsules twice a day for her 41 pound weight. In a day and a half on the capsules she was walking with her back legs together but not criss-crossing anymore. She slept all the time before and now is more alert as well. It is now Thursday and I noticed today she stood with her back legs apart a few inches, which she couldn't do before. She even goes up the 3 stairs to my roommates bed with no hesitation at all whereas before she had to psych herself up and pause for seconds before she went up the stairs. She hasn't jumped off the bed in years and today she did. My roommate even agress she walks better, is more alert, and can't believe it! Since it has only been 3 and a half days since she started on the capsules, I can't wait to see how she is after a month!!! Sno even keeps up with us when we walk whereas before she couldn't keep up with us. She has even ran to the door a couple of times, something she couldn't do before either.

What amazing products! Your products are cheaper than vet visits too, and natural as well which I prefer. I don't know what I would have done had I not had your products to use!

Barbara B.
San Antonio, TX

Just wanted to let you know that I received your products (Lame-eze, 1 oz. Knee Pain, and Eye See Clearly) on Wednesday and administered them on Wednesday night. Yesterday (Thursday) when I got home from work it was as though Asa had a new energy!! He was jumping up and down off of the couch – as a matter of a fact, I had to fuss at him because he was doing so much jumping up and down. He has not done that in MONTHS!!!! I could tell that he felt better and my best testimonial is that I administered the Eye See Clearly and he was sitting on the bed and noticed a dog in the window (ACROSS THE STREET – A SMALL DOG MIND YOU) and he jumped down off of the bed ran into the living room jumped up onto the back of the couch to bark at that dog – something he has done all of his life – has not been able to do this since he got the “football knee” and he saw it – he was able to do it again yesterday!! It was as though the old Asa was back!

I am really impressed with your products – I am telling everyone I know about your website!

Thanks much and God bless –
Lindera O.
Memphis, TN

I didn’t realize it made such a difference in his mobility. WOW!

Nancy B.

I want to thank you so much for your product, Lame-eze. I could not believe how well it is working for my 1 year old Poodle with hip dysplasia. She has been on Lame-eze for less than a month now. Before starting on your product she just mostly layed around; it was so hard for her to move that she would have to move around in circles just to change positions. Now she’s prancing around and playing – it’s a miracle!

Cinga G.
New Philadelphia, OH

Thanks for your miracle product. My dog has found relief from the pain of arthritis and now sleeps through the night!

Rhonda M.

My dog, Wilbur, suffers from Hip Dysplasia, and has been in a lot of pain. He was having side effects from the pain meds prescribed by our vet. We started using Lame-eze and the liquid homeopathic. He’s doing great now with no side effects. I didn’t have much faith in herbs before, but I’m so glad I tried your products for my pet.

Steve B.

Lame-eze (Pain) Formula Full Treatment Pack - Ingredients

Homeopathic Formulas

Lame-eze Joint Formula:
Hpus active ingredients: Rhododendron chrysanthum 30x; Arnica montana 30x; Apis melifica 30x; Eupatorium perfoliatum 10x; Symphytum officinale 30x. Inactive ingredients: Pure water base; Citric acid (.0075%); Potassium sorbate (.1%).

Herbal Formula Lame-eze Capsules
Eucommia, Achyranthes, Aconite, Rehmannia, San Qi, Drynaria, Siler, Astragalus, Atractylodes, Licorice, Calamus Gum

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FAQ - Vet Select Lame-eze Formula Full Treatment Pack

How do I determine the proper dosage to give my pet?

A. The dose is determined by the size of the pet and the severity of the symptoms (pain, limping, trouble moving, etc. with a diagnosis by your health care professional). The dosage is 2-6 capsules, twice daily. Examples: 12# or less (1-2 caps/twice daily); 13# - 50# (2-4 caps/twice daily); over 50# (4-6 caps/twice daily).

Can I overdose my pet on Lame-eze Formula?

A.No, not as long as you stay within the recommended dosing guidelines (an exception may be that a very large pet - 100# or more, may need to dose a bit higher). This is an all natural, herbal combination found to be safe and, generally, without serious side effects. The formula has beneficial properties with long-term use (unlike most conventional drug therapies).

When should I use the 1 oz. liquid Homeopathic?

A. It is recommended that both the herbal capsules and the liquid homeopathic remedy be used in combination where symptoms are more severe. This combination usually produces the best results.

Can I put the Lame-eze and/or the 1 oz. homeopathic in my pet's food?

A. The capsules can be opened and put in food; however, sometimes you can't be sure that your pet is eating all of it this way. You can try some tricks to get him to eat the capsules. One way that works well for most pets is to melt a thin piece of cheese in the microwave, then wrap the sticky cheese all around the capsule (most pets will just wolf it down this way). Another option is to hide the capsule in a small meatball of canned food (dog food or even canned cat food ). Of course, you can always try wrapping the capsule in a thin slice of lunch meat, or even putting peanut butter or cream cheese on it. Another option is to open the capsule, dilute in water, and either mix into food or syringe directly into pet's mouth. The 1 oz. Homeopathic will work best when put directly into the mouth (a few drops, anywhere in the mouth or on the gums - most pets do fine with this). Another option is to squirt 5-10 drops on top of food or in the water (this method may work better for very cranky pets).

You or your vet are welcome to contact us if you have questions.

    How It Works - Lame-eze Full Treatment Pack

    Homeopathic Formulas

    Homeopathy is a 250+ year-old healing modality started in Germany. It is practiced widely in America, Europe (very popular in England and France), South America, and India.

    With extremely small and totally safe doses of different natural material (animal, mineral and herbal), one is able to stimulate the body's immune system against very specific immune body responses (such as conjunctivitis (eye infections); pain, coughing, sneezing, wheezing, and other allergic responses (asthma, bronchitis, discharges); seizures; constipation; diarrhea, etc. The way this works is similar to a vaccine or anti-allergy serum injection.

    Herbal Formulas

    These formulations are designed to work extremely well together. By adding additional herbs to a main formulation, one can target specific issues.

    Our herbal formulation for pain addresses the progression in more than one way. Pain usually affects many different body organs and tissues at the same time. The ingredients address different ways to help the body heal itself. There are ingredients that have anti-inflammatory qualities to address pain issues in different parts of the body. We also include ingredients to nourish the weakened individual. Many tonic ingredients are used for long term maintenance. Some herbs are used for their antimicrobial properties. Our formulations contain many ingredients for their tonic (vitality) long term quality of life properties.

    All of our herbal formulations are comprised of the highest quality human grade herbs. Our products are processed and bottled in the United States in approved FDA bottling facilities that must adhere to stringent regulations governing laboratory testing for purity.

Lame-eze Full Treatment Pack - Arthritis



Lame-eze Joint Formula 2oz. Homeopathic Liquid



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