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Natural and Effective Liquid Therapy for Seizures, Epilepsy, Tremors

What our customers are saying about how Vet Select Seizure Formula has helped their cat's overcome epilepsy and seizures.

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His seizures began dissipating before my eyes.

My daughter and I went to the internet. In the past I had tremendous success with homeopathic remedies against Parvo that I had found on the internet. My daughter got online and found the allergicpet website. The Vet Select Seizure Formula was mailed to me the next day. By the second day my cat Booger was resting through the night. His seizures began dissipating before my eyes. It has been a week now and Booger is on the road to complete recovery. There are none of the side affects he had on the phenobarb, which doped him up so badly he was unable to do normal functions.

Alice F.
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Good Day!

This is our second order of your product, Vet Select Seizure and we are very much satisfied because until today our cat has not experienced even one attack! Thank you very much for such a wonderful product.

Manila, Phillipines
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I just wanted to give you an update on my cat, Merlin. He is doing great, not one seizure or spacey behavior. Acts like a new cat. He's been on 5 drops two times a day in the juice of his cat food for just about 2 weeks now. Can I wean him off or leave him on the same dose or whatever? Let me know. I have told many people about this and they are as happy as I am with it (and Merlin, the cat, too).

Thanks Again,
Ann H.
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I recently ordered the natural drops for seizures in my cat and he has been perfect ever since so I highly recommend your website. Can you tell me if you have something for overall good health in cats? I have 3. One is 15(the one that had the seizures) other is 2 years and the other is about 1 year old. Can you suggest anything?

Thank You,
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I feel you have saved my cat's life!!

Thank you isn't enough to say. I feel you have saved my cat's life!! My four month old kitten was hidden by her mom & so shy I thought she was wild, too afraid to come with the rest of us. What I didn't see right away was she was having seizures. Your Seizure control drops have given me a new kitten & her a new life!! She has only been on this med for three weeks. She has not had a seizure for the last week!! Also when I gave during a seizure, it stopped within seconds. I think it is nothing short of a miracle!!! Highly recommend.

Linda T.
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Thank you again for formulating such a great product. It's been almost 6 months already since my cat's been on the formula and she has never had an attack again!

Walter C.
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he's gone four weeks with no seizure.

I am on my second bottle of medicine with my cat and so far, he's gone four weeks with no seizure. He had increased to once a week and the vet was no help up to present. Just being able to give him some relief has been so great. His seizures usually resulted with him clawing himself and ripping out claws in the carpet. It was horrible to watch and I'm sure even worse for my cat to experience. I'm really glad I found you guys.

Leann V.