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Dog Skin Problems

Managing your dog’s skin disorder is difficult for both you and your pet.

Dogs can suffer from over 160 different skin problems— and those conditions have many causes. So what should you look for if you want to know if your pet has a skin problem? Types of Dog Skin Problems

If you notice any of the following problems, your dog could have a serious skin problem and need treatment to help heal their skin and soothe discomfort:

What Causes Skin Problems in Dogs?

Environmental factors can cause skin problems in dogs. Rough or crusty skin, rashes, and patchy hair loss can be caused by:

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The last point may come as a surprise, but dogs can have allergic reactions just like humans! Allergic reactions are the easiest skin problem to remedy for dogs. Once you prevent your dog’s contact with whatever they’re having a reaction to, the condition will disappear. Note, however, that some skin problems have more serious causes. These are genetic conditions which dogs inherit from their parents. Some possibilities include:

What You Can Do to Help

Treat any type of canine skin problem as soon as possible. Dogs will lick and chew on irritated or itchy skin. This makes the problem worse, causing painful hot spots that are at risk for infection. has a large selection of safe, all-natural shampoos, oils, and topical ointments that can help relieve any skin irritation your pet has:

These soothing products are also available in complete packages in small, medium, and large for dogs of any size!

If your dog has any type of irritating skin condition, click over to our selection of shampoos and topical ointments. Our products will help heal sores and raw skin, plus help relieve irritation from rashes and hot spots caused by a variety of canine skin disorders.