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The Dog Days of Summer

Caring for your Pets Skin in the warmer months.

Many people notice that their dogs get itchier in the warm summer months, and you may find this to be true for your canine (or feline) companion as well. In general, the itching problem will worsen as summer progresses and then disappear when the season ends, which means that same dog who was scratching his head off in July might do great all winter long. Sometimes we see the opposite timetable and animals itch in the winter months instead.

Either way, itching and skin problems often start with seasonal changes and get worse before they get better. These problems can be particularly frustrating since some animals in the same household as an itchy pet have no problems at all, while others have problems no matter what season it is! In addition, skin problems can be difficult to diagnose and treat because they’re usually triggered by more than one factor. This is why different symptoms may appear for the same animal at certain times of their life (different ages and different seasons). Still, there are some recognizable causes for summer dog allergies...

The first and most obvious reason is that there are more fleas, ticks and other insects to attack your pet during warm months. In addition, your pet tends to be out more when the weather is nice. Ask anyone who has a pet with chronic skin problems and they will tell you that they use far more pest control during the spring and summer, even though they actually let their pet out less when it gets warm! Some dogs that are itchy from bugs and environmental allergies will eventually become afraid to go outdoors.

The good news is that there are a number of solutions to “the summer itch”, and indeed most chronic skin problems. The bad news is that they often require frequent visits to the vet and expensive prescription medicines – sometimes with less-than-expected results.

The Dog Days of Summer Skin-eze banner image mobile The Dog Days of Summer Skin-eze banner image mobile

This is where you may come to find that products are your other best friends. Our holistic therapies are safe and gentle, yet in nearly all cases yield excellent results. Our Skin-eze chewable treat tabs (or capsules) are made from a unique herbal blend that safely helps most pets with itching and related skin lesions. Skin-eze Skin Spray repels insects without potentially harmful chemicals and also helps to dramatically reduce itching and promote healing. Skin-eze Shampoo is specially formulated to work well with its companion Skin-eze Skin Spray, and unlike many prescription treatments, both products are safe enough to use daily or as often as your pet needs it.

Skin-eze Oil O3 is a great topical treatment for skin lesions (fungal, yeast-related, and bacterial). This product also works great for ear and interdigital infections. We have homeopathic drops that are available for harder-to-treat, unresponsive animals. And finally, our popular Lax-eze powder contains digestive enzymes, chelated trace minerals, and combination of soluble and insoluble fiber mix that will substantially curtail excess shedding and produce wonderful looking and healthy coats. All of these products are natural, safe, and even work well on humans (buy some for your mother-in-law)!

Whatever you decide to do for your pet’s skin problem, go ahead and do it before the beautiful summer months slip away. Being able to have fun outdoors and live itch-free will significantly enhance any animal’s emotional and physical well being.