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Dog Cataracts Testimonials

What our customers are saying about how Eye See Clearly has helped their pet's overcome the trauma of cataracts in dogs.

I've been using Eye See Clearly for about three months now. My dog is totally blind from dog cataracts, and I didn't think Eye See Clearly was helping much. I stopped using it for awhile, and now my dog is bumping into things again, which he didn?t do when I used Eye See Clearly. I see now that the product is, indeed, helping him!


John W.

Just a quick note of thanks. My one year old Golden Retriever dog was diagnosed with dog cataracts. My vet told me it would not be a good idea to breed her since it is probably a genetic defect. I did not want to breed a defective dog but found it hard to accept that a one year old dog could have canine cataracts. I went searching on the web and found this product "Eye See Clearly". I read about it and thought I would give it a try. Well I am happy to report, after only a 1-1/2 weeks, it appears the canine cataracts on my dogs inner eyes have cleared up. I will be bringing my dog back to the vet to confirm my observation and give her a clean bill of health.

Best Wishes,

Ted T.

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I am really pleased so far with the "EYE SEE CLEARLY"..product I have recieved last shih tzu(7 yr old)..has begun to develop a dog cataract in her eye and has had conjunctivitis in her far her eyes are opening up a little wider than they have been in previous days...I thank you....and I will send more mail as the month goes on...this is a blessing so far ....and i know she is happier too.

Valerie Y.

thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!! this stuff really works!!!!!!!...its dogs eyes have virtually cleared up !!!!just has a small part of her eye covered with the canine cataract that a couple of weeks ago,,,,almost covered her entire eye....thanks so much ...for anyone out there thinking of having surgery for cataracts in dogs..plz try this product first..I am amazed that in a few short weeks ...that I would get these type of results so quickly....thanks once again.

Valerie Y.

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