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Dog Seizures Testimonials

Cat diarrhea is a messy and embarrassing problem, especially if you want to have guests over or want to ensure that your house stays clean.

What our customers are saying about how Vet Select Seizure Formula has helped their pet's overcome the trauma of seizures in dogs.

I have an 8 year old cocker spaniel. He has never had a dog seizure until Monday, April 24th. He was having dog seizures every day when he would be let out to run on the ranch.

He would get hyper then go into a seizure, a horrible seizure, with the legs and head shaking uncontrolably. He continued to have 2-3 a day until I received your medication.

A week later he is free from dog seizures and playing, swimming and back to normal. I can't tell you how appreciative I am for this medication. It is a miracle and a blessing.

Kristi T.


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Our Italian Greyhound Rudy has been experiencing grand mal canine seizures on the order of about one every two days. My wife and I have been VERY reluctant to put him on phenobarbitol or any other sort of heavy chemical drug.

In desperation, we found your product and decided to give it a try. We received the Seizure Formula pills and homeopathic treatment on a Thursday. On Friday, I noticed that Rudy was in the pre-ictal phase and was about ready to seize. I quickly squirted a few drops of the homeopathic formula in his mouth and, even though he was sort of wobbly for about 30 minutes, he never did go into a full-blown seizure, the first time that I've ever seen that happen.

On Saturday, we found him right in the midst of a canine seizure; once again, a few drops of the homeopathic solution in his mouth, and his muscular convulsions stopped immediately, and he began his recovery; it was the shortest seizure that we've ever seen him have.

And on Sunday, he was completely seizure-free.

I'm writing this on Monday, so it's way too soon to see what long-terms effects your product will have on Rudy and his canine seizures, but from what I've seen, they have already helped him tremendously. My fingers are crossed!

Many thanks for what I hope will be Rudy's salvation.

Scott and Laura R.

Hi! I am writing to say what a wonderful product you have in the Vet Select Seizure Formula. In November 2004 my then 23 month old Golden Retriever, Molly, had her first mild seizure, followed by significantly worse dog seizures over the next 2 months. I am sure many vets would have prescribed phenobarbital for Molly but I have a conservative vet who pointed out the risks of using that drug, all which seemed to have worse risks than the seizures in dogs themselves. I started using Vet Select Seizure Formula in January 2004 and have closely monitored Molly since. I am happy to report that since using Vet Select Seizure Formula Molly?s canine seizures have diminished so significantly in both duration and severity that it is hard to tell if she is having them any longer. Molly is now 4 years old and I am very thankful I am able to provide her relief by using Vet Select Seizure Formula.

John C.

Warrington, PA

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