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Urinary Formula Testimonials

What our customers are saying about how our homeopathic Urinary Formula has helped their pet's overcome the discomfort of urinary infections and incontinence.

5 Stars
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My beloved Springer Bronte is 5 1/2 years old. I have just started her on your incontinence mix as she had been wetting (started a year ago) alsmost certainly because of early spaying - sphincter incontinence. She seems to be responding really well immediately.

Thanks for your help.
Carole K.
5 Stars
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I have been using your homeopathic product for urinary tract infection. I believe my cat is back to normal now. My cat is prone to infections & your product seemed to put him back on a healthy tract. Thanks for letting me know how to keep him that way.

Rose Marie A.
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5 Stars
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On January 27th I ordered 1 oz. of Urinary Incontinence Homeopathic. So far it has worked brilliantly, and I want to order more.

Michael D.
South Africa