Lax-eze Ingredients

Veterinarian developed and perfected, Lax-eze relieves constipation in cats and dogs, and eliminates and prevents hairballs in cats (hairballs in cats is a common cause of cat constipation). But it does far more than that. Lax-eze promotes total pet health.

Here?s how it works: The formula contains soluble and insoluble fiber, natural digestive enzymes, chelated trace minerals, as well as essential fatty acids. This combination works synergistically to promote optimal digestion and absorption of nutrients. At the same time, the soluble and insoluble fiber promotes intestinal cleansing.

Beet Pulp, Kelp, Psyllium Seed, Flax Seed, Oven Dried Chicken Liver, Papaya Leaf, Apple Fiber, Bentonite Clay (edible, safe form), Diatomaceous Earth (edible, safe form).