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Skin-eze Herbal Capsules & Tablets
Before and after using Skin-eze

Skin-eze Herbal Capsules & Tablets

  • Works Great!
  • Veterinarian formulated and used in small animal clinical practice for over 20 years.
  • Safe. All-natural mix of herbs and spices.
  • Helps to alleviate itchy dog and skin allergy problems in pets. Learn what causes dog allergies.
  • Available in two forms:
    • Capsules - 3/4" L x 1/4" diameter; soft, odorless; easy to hide in soft food - good choice for finicky pets 15# or over. Tablets can be cut and may be a better choice for cats and small dogs 15# or less.
    • Tablets - 1/2" in diameter x 1/4" thick; hard, round, coated; small enough to hide easily in pet’s favorite food, or can be cut into smaller pieces for pets under 15# or cats.
  • Severe skin case - for best results and faster relief, use our Special Full Treatment Skin Pack (has shown to help even some of the worst pet skin issues). For best products to use for your pet’s symptoms, Click here to view How to Use Topicals.
  • No serious side effects that are commonly seen with conventional drug therapies.
  • Contains no steroids - Good Dog! Magazine test report

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Suggested Dosage For Skin-eze

For generally itchy pets, start with the suggested dosage on the chart below. You should see results anywhere from twenty minutes to four days. If not, adjust the dosage upward. When Skin-eze is working, and your pet is itch free and comfortable for a couple of weeks, you can try cutting back on the dosage to the suggested maintenance level. Remember, the following chart is only a GUIDELINE. If your pet becomes itchy again after reducing the dose, you will know that your pet needs to stay on the higher dosage. You want to try and find the minimum dose necessary to control the symptoms. For a large dog, or even a small dog with severe allergy problems, the maintenance level to control symptoms might be four capsules or tablets, two times daily. A very large dog (90-140 pounds) might need as many as six tablets or capsules, two times daily.

Since Skin-eze is an herbal, all natural approach, it is safe to use as much Skin-eze as is necessary to control the symptoms. There are no harmful side effects. Also, the dosing of herbs is different than the dosing of drugs. Herbal remedies often times require higher dosing levels than pharmaceutical drugs.

If your pet has lesions (sores), dry or flaky skin, ear infections (active or a history of this problem), or foul odor, we highly recommend the use of our topicals (Skin-eze shampoo, skin spray, and O3 oil). This will speed up the healing process with the use of tablets or capsules. See FAQ for more information on how to use topicals.


Suggested Starting Dosage

Suggested Maintenance Dosage

up to 20 lbs.

3 tabs, 2 times daily

1-3 tabs, 2 times daily

20 lbs. to 60 lbs.

4 tabs, 2 times daily

2-4 tabs, 2 times daily

60 lbs. to 100 lbs.

5 tabs, 2 times daily

3-5 tabs, 2 times daily

100 lbs. and up

6 tabs, 2 times daily

4-6 tabs, 2 times daily

Dogs with seasonal allergies might only need Skin-eze during the itchy months, while dogs with year-round allergies might need to take Skin-eze all year.

REMEMBER, SKIN-EZE IS NOT A DRUG. IT IS SAFE TO GIVE AS MUCH AS NECESSARY TO CONTROL SYMPTOMS (ITCHING). During periods of additional stress (high pollen count, fleabites, etc.), increase dose as needed.

We do not recommend giving Skin-eze to pregnant dogs, just to be safe.

You or your vet are welcome to contact us if you have questions.

Skin-eze Testimonials

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What our customers are saying about how Skin-eze and has helped their pet's overcome the discomfort of itching and scratching caused by skin conditions such as cat or dog allergies.

Wanted to thank you again and give you an update. As you know my Chocolate Cocker Hershey was close to having to be put down on June 1st and look at her now thanks to your products and a change to all organic food. I am sending another before and a new photo taken more recently.

Thanks again.

Before Skin-eze After Skin-eze

Im writing in regards to skin eze and my experience. i promised a couple of months ago that if it worked i would send pictures. i hope you did get them picture 1 is of my llasa meesha who looked like this for a year she scratched till she bled she pulled all her hair out till she was totally balled except her head couldnt reach it she cried i cried with her to see her suffering so much she couldnt walk and her skin smelt like raw meat even to touch her was awful we took her to the vet numerous times always the same story pills injection allergys nothing you can do etc this went on for a year i couldnt let her suffer any more decided i had to make a decision to put her down which i didnt have the heart to do. i thought i would look on the internet to see if there was an allergy like hers and came across your website read all the articles called the company and thought what do i have to lose its worth a try a last resort i usally dont believe things like this but i thought ok what do i have to lose weve tried everthing i started her with 4 pills a day of the skineze tablets and a few weeks later started to see she wasnt scratching as much so i gave it a 30 day try well i could not believe my eyes she was growing her hair back meesha has been on it for almost 3 months now picture 1 is at her worst and picture2 is now seeing is believing i cannot express my feelings in words for your product she runs and walk again she eats and has kept a healthy weight she has so much hair all over again the groomer was in shock she thought i got a new dog thank you from the bottom of my heart you saved a little dog from being put down and giving me the joy of my life back i have told all my friends that are having similar problems and other to check this out because your product worked the pills the shampoo and oil i still cant believe it i keep looking at the pictures and like they say a picture is worth more than a thousand words thank you for being there for me and my meesha shes a happy little dog again what a blessing i hope your readers try it well worth it you made me a believer and not to many do thank from the bottom of my heart to you and your staff.

God Bless
Liv from Canada

Before Skin-eze After Skin-eze

Just wanted to say how thrilled I am with the skin-eze caps. Our dog had oozing,bleeding places on this neck and leg that were spreading & had hair loss. After $150 vet vist to which he had no idea what it was or how to treat it, I got on the internet and found your site and being VERY skeptical, but impressed after reading comments, I ordered 1 bottle. I was truly amazed-in a week his bleeding spots have healed up and his hair is growing back. I am ordering more-

THANK YOU for this miracle--

I had contacted your site about our mix breed pomeranian, 2 1/2 years old with severe allergy or something causing big lesions and hair loss, extremely sore feet and odor. After having him seen by 4 vets and many antibiotics and other meds I read the information on skin-eeze and looked at the photos. I decided after all the money I had already spent, what was the cost of one bottle of the skin-eeze. I am happy to say that after finishing the first bottle he has had only two new lesions, smaller than a pencil eraser, when previously some spots were as big as the palm of my hand. He has new hair coming into all the bald spots from the previous lesions. He still looks kind of sad but seems to be getting better. I started giving him the second bottle this last week and today gave him the first bath with the shampoo. It smelled good, not mediciney like some I had tried. Itching seems to be almost gone too. Thank you for Skin-Eeze. First thing to help in over two years of misery for him.

Thank you, thank you!
Janet K.

Our Boston Terrier has been on skin-eze for 4 years. Skin-eze has allowed her to be a dog. She can rump around in the bushes, go for hikes. She does not spend her time scratching and gnawing her paws and having a rubbed raw underbelly. Her belly is now white not red. And I feel better too.

Sandy F.

hi just wanted to know where i can post a testimonial i have a Rottweiler on your seizures product and i have a Chihuahua who has skin issues actualy vet told me he had scabies so we treated him but he never did regain his fur and he smelled well i can tell you first day i started given him your herb he didint smell any more my only problem is he hates the capsul i have to dilute in water and syringe it down his little throat but i tell him it for his own good and one week im a happy camper fur is growing back and he smells like a puppy should not yeasty thank you so much and as far as my Rottweiler i havent had any seizures except one and it was small i used the drops on her every day but when she had seizure i gave her extra and i think it helped


24 hours now no scratching!!!playful happy doggie again!!!! yeah!!!! I was ready to go back to the vet and finally some relief. Still have to grow a coat back but what a difference. Thank you thank you I'm so glad I stuck it out, your web site really convinced me to wait and I am so glad I did!!!!!!

Cathy W.

I was at the end of my rope, and I was searching the web for help, my West Highland White Terrier was dying, she had itched he self almost to death. I found your web site and thought how could this help my dog when the vets could not help. I decided to try it and I could not be more pleased, you have given my dog Buttercup a now chance at life, she is back to her old self, playing and having a good time and sleeping through the night without itching.

Thank You,

My 12 year old female dog was long haired till she was 3 years old. She was 3/4 bald when I started her on you treatment one month ago, She is growing hair again and her skin has improved Can't wait to show her off to the Vet!

Pal G.

Just wanted to let you know, I am on my second bottle of skin-eze for my Westie. After her second breakout on her back, I ordered my first bottle and started giving her 3 pills a day, left on vacation for 10 days and my husband mistakenly gave her 6 pills a day. When I got home, her back was full of black scabs, so I thought OH No! but after I gave her a bath, scabs out of her fur, she looked beautiful and hasn't had a breakout again. Hopefully more Westie owners will read this and order instead of putting their dogs down. I give her a maintenance dose now of two pills a day. The first bottle was the tablets which I had to camouflage in turkey meat. All I have to say is "time for your medicine" and she goes running to the kitchen. This time I am trying the capsules. I have notified the Westie Rescue group in hopes of getting this info out to other owners.

Thanks for a great product!
Debra H.

Once again I would like to say how fantastic your Skin-eze is, my Border Collie was diagnosed as allergic to grass!! Unbelievable - and the vet said she would have to be on steroids forever - anyway I looked up your product on the internet - this was some 3/4 years ago and thought I would give it a go. The raw red rash on her tummy went and she stopped the continuous scratching. She has been fine for ages but has just started again so I thought I would get some more of your capsules. Thank you and I will be no doubt ordering some more in the future.


What's in Skin-eze?

Skin-eze is a combination of herbs that is available in capsule or tablet form (tablets can be cut into smaller pieces with a pill cutter and are a better choice for small pets 12# or under). The herbal ingredients have specific functions in herbal medicine (see below).


Capsules - Angelica; Arctium; Calamus Gum; Salvia; Rehmannia; Forsythia; Sophora Root; Cicada; Kochia; Schizonepeta; Siler; Licorice in a vegetable capsule.

Tablets - Angelica, Arctium, Calamus Gum, Salvia, Rehmannia, Forsythia, Sophora Root, Cicada, Kochia, Schizonepeta, Siler, Licorice. Other (binding) ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, Stearic acid, Hydroxypropyl cellulose, Croscarmellose sodium, Magnesium stearate, Silicon dioxide

About the herbs:

Here is information on the herbs, from Herbal Medicine Materia Medica (Eastland Press, Seattle, WA, 1986). Each herb is listed with a reference in herbal literature, the active chemical compounds, and the type of activity the herb has on the body. All of our herbal formulas are comprised of human grade herbs which are processed and bottled in the United States in approved FDA bottling facilities that must adhere to stringent regulations governing laboratory testing for purity.

Angelica (Angelica root: Angelica sinensis): Divine Husbandman's Classic of the Materia Medica.
Vitamin B-12, carotene, beta-sitoserol
Antibiotic effects

Arctium (Great Burdock Fruit). Illustrated Classic of the Materia Medica.

Calamus Gum (Dragonsblood, Acorus calamus): Grandfather Lei's Discussion of Herb Preparation.
Antibiotic effects

Cicada (Moulting): Materia Medica of Medicinal Properties.
chitin, chlorine
Decreases nervous spasms

Forsythia Divine Husbandman's Classic of the Materia Medica.
forsythin (phillyrin), matairesinoside, oleanolic acid
Antimicrobial effects

Kochia (seeds from the Broom Cypress tree): Divine Husbandman's Classic of the Materia Medica.
triterpenoid saponins, oil, alkaloids
Antifungal effects

Licorice Root Divine Husbandman's Classic of the Materia Medica.
glycyrrhetinic acid (GA), glycyrrhizin, uralenic acid
mineralocorticoid effect, glucocorticoid effect (increases both duration and strength of the effects of cortisone)

Rehmannia Divine Husbandman's Classic of the Materia Medica.
B-sitosterol, mannitol, stigmasterol, campesterol, rehmannin, catalpol, arginine, glucose
Prevents depletion of hepatic glycogen stores
Antifungal effects

Salvia (Sage): Divine Husbandman's Classic of the Materia Medica.
tanshinone, miltirone, tanshinol, vitamin E
Mild vasodilation, antibiotic effects

Schizonepeta (Japanese catnip stem, Schizonepeta tenuifolia): Wu Pu's Materia Medica.
d-menthone, menthone, d-limonene
Shown to shorten coagulation times, increases circulation in the subcutaneous areas

Siler (Ledebouirella seseloites): Divine Husbandman's Classic of the Materia Medica.
mannitol, phenols
Antimicrobial effects

Sophora (Bitter Root): Divine Husbandman's Classic of the Materia Medica.
d-matrine, l-methylcysteine, d-sophoranol
Antifungal effect
vitamin B-12, carotene, beta-sitoserol
Antibiotic effects

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FAQ - Skin-eze Tabs & Capsules

1. How do I determine the proper dosage to give my pet? See Skin-eze Suggested Dosage

A. The dose is determined by the size of the pet and the severity of the itching. A small pet that is mildly itchy might start with two tabs or capsules, two times daily. The same size pet with severe itchy skin might need 3-4 tabs, two times daily. A large pet that is mildly itchy might start with 4 tabs, two times daily. The same pet with severe itchy skin might need 6 tabs, two times daily. Once you determine the starting dose, continue with it and see how it goes. If the itching is less, but has not been eliminated completely, then increase the dosage.

2. Can I overdose my pet on Skin-eze? See Skin-eze Suggested Dosage

A. A. No, not as long as you stay within the recommended dosing guidelines (an exception may be that a very large pet – 100# or more, may need to dose a bit higher). This is an all-natural, herbal combination found to be safe and, generally, without serious side effects. Once the pet is comfortable and itch free for a week or two, you might want to gradually reduce the dose (in other words, if you were giving 3 tabs twice daily, go to 2 tabs twice daily to see if this dose will be adequate to control itching). If the itching increases, you'll know that you will need to go back up to the original dose. Of course, you can always call our Customer Service representative for help if necessary.

3. Can I stop giving my pet the drugs my vet prescribed for itching?

A. This is a decision that you and/or your veterinarian will have to make. We can offer you the following guidelines. It is usually best to not make any changes in current treatment protocol until you have started using the Skin-eze products and your pet is 'itch free' for a week or two. Many of the drugs given for allergies (itchy skin) can have harmful side effects. Generally speaking, your pet would be better off without these drugs if at all possible. Just remember that steroids must be reduced gradually, so you might want to consult your veterinarian on how best to do this.

4. What is the difference between Skin-eze tabs and Skin-eze capsules?

A. Skin-eze tabs and capsules both contain the same active ingredients. The tablet is round, hard and coated, and measures ½” in diameter x ¼” thick. The tablet can be cut into smaller pieces with a pill cutter, making it easier to administer to cats and small dogs 15# or less. The capsule is ¾” long x ¼” in diameter, is softer than the tablet and cannot be cut. Some pet owners find it easier to give the capsule to pets that are finicky eaters because it hides easily in soft food (it is soft and less likely to be detected in food than a hard, coated tablet might be).

5. What if my dog won’t eat the tabs or capsules?

A. Some pets will eat the tabs as treats. However, if your pet is a picky eater (not uncommon), it may be necessary to find creative ways to administer either the tablets or capsules. Here are some methods of hiding the tabs or caps in food that have worked well for our customers: (1). Make a small meatball of canned pet food, hide one Skin-eze in each meatball then HAND FEED as a treat (very important to hand feed, and be sure the first one or two meatballs have no Skin-eze so that your pet won’t get suspicious); (2). Soften small piece (a small amount goes a long way!) of strong smelling cheddar cheese in the microwave, then wrap the soft, sticky cheese around the tab or capsule and hand feed as a treat (most pets will wolf it down like this). Very important to soften cheese so it sticks to tab or cap – otherwise, pet will eat cheese and discard Skin-eze. You can also try wrapping small piece of bread or lunch meat around cheese covered tab or cap, then hand feed if your pet is really finicky. (3) Try spreading tab or cap with peanut butter, cream cheese or butter. Although you can open the capsule or crush the tablet, it is usually best to try and hide the entire tablet (or piece of tablet for smaller pets) or capsule in food (they have less odor when given whole and your pet is less likely to reject the product due to taste or smell). The goal should be to hide them in some type of food that your pet will just “wolf down” without chewing. As a last resort, you can pop the tab or capsule down the throat (most pet owners find this easy to do with the help of a “pill pusher” which can be purchased at a local pet shop). Remember, your pet relies on you for help. A little extra effort will go a long way to help give him the relief he so desperately needs.

6. My pet has itchy ears that have become infected. He sometimes has a foul odor, and licks his paws frequently. Some of these pets have chronic ear problems or scabs on their face. Sometimes the skin is dry and flaky. Will Skin-eze help?

A. Yes, there is a good chance that Skin-eze will help. However, on cases like the ones described above, follow the following regimen for best results. Bathe your pet with Skin-eze all natural, herbal shampoo daily for 5-6 days. This is VERY important, in order to speed up the healing process for more immediate relief. After that, continue to bathe twice weekly thereafter. Treat the ears with Skin-eze Oil O3 - put two drops in ears one to two times daily. If the pet has any lesions or sores on the skin, use the Skin-eze Oil O3 or Skin-eze Spray on those areas, too. In addition, use the Skin-eze tabs or capsules as directed above for long term, systemic relief of itchy skin caused by allergies. This will help prevent a recurrence of the scratching that caused the surface damage to the skin.

7. My pet has red hot spots. What should I use on that?

A. In addition to the Skin-eze tabs or capsules, use Skin-eze Spray to cool the skin and give topical relief to itchy skin.

8. Is Skin-eze guaranteed to work?

A. No. There is no product that will work on 100% of all cases (this is why huge drug companies do not guarantee their products). Skin-eze does work on a high percentage of cases, though, and our rate of reorders is excellent. We wish we could help every animal, and we hope that the product works well for your pet. Be sure to Contact Us if you need help using Skin-eze. Contact Us

9. My pet has lost a lot of hair from biting himself. What can I do for this?

A. The Skin-eze Spray will help promote healing of the skin. In addition, our Vet Select Healthy Fresh food additive helps promote regrowth of damaged hair, in addition to many other health benefits. It contains enzymes and chelated minerals. Check the website for further info.

10. How long will it take before Skin-eze starts to work?

A. Some pets respond to Skin-eze almost immediately. Other times, it takes longer. It takes diligence on the part of the owner to be sure to give Skin-eze twice daily, and to stick with it! Often times, best results are achieved when Skin-eze is used in combination with some of our topicals shampoo, O3 oil, and skin spray) especially if there is a lot of surface sores, red skin, ear problems, etc. In the more extreme cases, it might take as long as three to four weeks before you'll see a big improvement; however, even in these cases you should see some improvement within the first two or three weeks, with things getting progressively better from there. Remember to try increasing the dosage as necessary for good results, and don't be afraid of overdosing - Skin-eze is not a harmful drug that can cause unwanted side effects.

11. My pet seems to scratch more after starting on Skin-eze. Is this possible?

A. In rare cases, the pet could have an allergic reaction to one of the herbal ingredients. Or, you might have introduced a different type of food that is causing a reaction. Also, this could be due to discontinuation of drug therapy within the previous one or two month period, if applicable. In most cases, it is better to start using the Skin-eze products along with current therapies until your pet is “itch free” for a week or two. Then slowly begin to wean your pet off of the drug therapies (we suggest that you consult with the veterinarian who prescribed the drugs on how best to do this when your pet’s condition has adequately improved).

12. Will Skin-eze help my itchy cat?

A. Skin-eze works equally well on cats, and all of our topicals can be used on cats, also. We recommend Skin-eze tabs for cats. The best way to get cats to eat Skin-eze is to cut the tab into smaller pieces with a pill cutter and hide it in canned food or any of his favorite foods.

You or your vet are welcome to contact us if you have questions.

    How It Works - Skin-eze

    Herbal Formulas

    These formulations are designed to work extremely well together. By adding additional herbs to a main formulation, one can target specific issues.

    Our herbal formulation for skin and coat issues addresses these problem areas in more than one way. The unique blend works to calm the nervous system. Stress reduction from scratching is addressed. Blood flow and detoxification are affected by various ingredients. Many of the herbs are used for their anti-fungal and anti-bacterial effects. There are also ingredients that promote healthy skin and coat condition.

    All of our herbal formulas are comprised of the highest quality human grade herbs. Our products are processed and bottled in the United States in approved FDA bottling facilities that must adhere to stringent regulations governing laboratory testing for purity.

    Topical Formulas

    Skin-eze shampoo, spray and O3 oil are formulated to work synergistically with Skin-eze capsules or tablets. These are the products that comprise our Special full treatment skin packs. The topical formulas contain a blend of the highest quality essential oils and homeopathic mother tinctures. These topical products are a proprietary blend of exotic substances that bathe and condition the coat and skin (shampoo), help to relieve dry, itchy skin (shampoo and skin spray), help to calm red, inflamed skin (shampoo and skin spray) help heal the skin (shampoo, skin spray and O3 oil), and help promote healing and prevent infection (O3 oil). The Special full treatment skin packs are your best choice for relief from the more serious skin irritations and secondary infections that can result from your pet’s scratching due to skin allergies.

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Skin-eze 1080 Tablets (3 bottles of 360 Tabs)



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