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Feline Constipation


When it comes to owning a cat there are about a million different things that owners need to worry about. What food works best, what bedding they like, and what type of allergies they may have. Knowing a bit about felines and common issues like feline constipation can help any cat owner get their act together and really figure out what their cat needs to be healthy and happy.

Feline constipation is a fairly common issue that cat owners may need to deal with on a daily basis. There are a few common causes for feline constipation and the first is most likely food choice. Foods can make a huge difference when it comes to the regularity of your pets bowel movements. Things like food that are too high in certain vitamins and minerals, that are too dry, or that have certain ingredients that your pet may be allergic to can cause your pet to have issue with going to the bathroom. If you are having trouble with your pet using the bathroom, it may be necessary to switch up food choice to see if it helps.

Yet another reason your pet may be having trouble going is of course a change in their surroundings. Cats are creatures of extreme habit. If one thing changes in their day to day routine it is likely to make them act differently. Something as simple as changing the type of litter that you use can make your pet uncomfortable enough that they are unable or unwilling to use the bathroom. If you are experiencing issue with your pet using the bathroom, try determining if there have been any life changes that may be disrupting your pet’s day to day. Still another reason for constipation may be something more serious like a blockage. If this is suspected, it is always best to talk to your vet about treatment options.

Tabby Cats and Allergies


Cats are great companions and they can help make your life more enriched, happy, and fulfilled. That being said, they can also have allergies that can make some lives more uncomfortable. For those that love cats but have cats with allergies, there are a few different things to consider. The first issue to contend with is of course what is causing your pet’s allergies. This could be something as simple as pollen and grass in the yard that they have come in contact with or something as hard to deal with as an allergy that is undiagnosed and hard to treat.

Skin allergies are the most common issue with cats. Things like flea bites, scratches, and even common irritations from other animals can cause your cat discomfort and even pain if it becomes a bigger issue. Taking the time to choose a product like skin-eze is a great way to ease your cat’s allergies and help them feel more comfortable. Skin irritations are the most common allergy in cats and often there is little that you can do aside from getting a prescription from your vet to help block the histamines that cause the irritation.

Skin-eze is a great medication that helps your pet feel much better without having to give them allergy shots or more brutal and harsh medications. Allergies are often a part of your pet’s day to day life but they do not have to be a constant. There are also things that you can do that do not involve medication. Things like isolating your cat, taking note of life style changes and any other issue that may cause irritation in your pet’s skin can help you to make your pet more comfortable. It may be beneficial to take the time to make sure your pet is actually experiencing an allergy rather than stress from some life change.

Devastating Effects of Chiari Malformation in Toy Dogs


New research is finding that Chiari malformation is on the rise among toy dog breeds. Some of the most commonly affected breeds include those who are specifically bred to have doll-like or apple shaped heads, such as Chihuahuas, Griffons Bruxellois and even Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. A study from the University of Surrey has uncovered some of the problems that Chiari malformation causes among these breeds.

In humans, Chiari malformation occurs when seams in the bones of the skull fuse too quickly in young patients. This causes pressure that pushes parts of the brain through the base of the skull. While many toy dogs with Chiari malformation show no symptoms, others can have severe problems. The increased pressure can cause headaches and push spinal fluid into pockets along the spinal cord. In serious cases, affected dogs can have poor motor function or even paralysis.

Experts say that the soaring number of Chiari malformation among toy breeds is the result of selective breeding. Scientists measured the skull and spine of 155 Griffons. As they compared the measurements, it became clear that dogs and puppies with exceptionally tall foreheads were at much higher risk for this condition.

By purchasing puppies from reputable breeders with responsible breeding programs and veterinary supervised health programs, future pet owners can help to reduce the number of dogs with Chiari malformation. Dr. Clare Rusbridge from the University of Surrey warns that breeding dogs for specific traits isn’t always beneficial to the breed.

Meanwhile, researchers from the University of Surrey have teamed up with geneticists from the University of Montreal. With as many as one in 1280 humans affected by this disease, the hope is that they can find better ways to treat this condition in both humans and dogs.

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