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Testimonial Tuesday: Skin-Eze Review


My German shepherd cross, Raoul, was driving himself and me to distraction, constantly chewing and snapping at himself and rubbing himself raw in patches. Conventional veterinary treatment provided only temporary relief and because of the risk of negative side effects if continued could only be applied for short periods. Your herbal medication has completely restored his health and well-being. Now being maintained on your suggested minimal dosage, his coat is fully restored and he is once again a calm and happy dog.

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Testimonial Tuesday: Nuroplex Review


I just want to thank you SO MUCH for your Nuroplex treatment.  My 14 y.o.Golden Retriever Anna started having seizures last November, at approximately 2 week intervals.  Her blood tests showed no abnormality, and I felt she was too old to have a scan, so my vet said I should wait until the seizures are more frequent, and then she would be prescribed phenobarbital.

I hated the thought of this as I have always given her a natural chemical free diet, so I looked for information on the web. I found you and ordered Nuroplex tabs straight away.  I started treatment just after her last seizure on Feb 4th,  and she has had nothing since.  I have the homeopathic spray, but have never had to use it.  The side effects are amazing,  she is happier, has more appetite, more energy, and has taken up jogging!  I now have to buy myself some joggers so I can keep up with her.

If anyone is wondering if this product really works,  I say to them just try it.  You will be so happy with the results.

Tess Hughes Healesvillen Vic. Australia.