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How to Improve Your Dog’s Coat

American Eskimo Dog

American Eskimo Dog (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You probably love your dog no matter how he or she looks on the outside. However, it will not take you much to improve the appearance of your furry friend’s coat.

Here’s some practical ways to make your dog’s coat healthier:

  • Give your dog the right kind of food. Your pet needs a rich source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Your beloved animal also needs plenty of protein. If you’re switching to a new food, just observe your dog’s hair condition carefully. In the process, give your dog smaller amounts of the new brand along with some of the previous food. Then, slowly increase the new product over a period of six to eight weeks if it has a positive effect.
  • Brush your dog every day. You especially need to do this if your animal has longer fur. It will help remove dead hair and improve the color of the remaining strands. A good grooming for about 15 minutes daily should do the trick. However, you may need to brush your dog twice a day during shedding season.
  • Apply olive oil to your dog’s food. This could help in between times you have limited means for purchasing new dog food. Olive oil has omega oils in it that keep the dog’s skin and coat strong and healthy. However, only add about a tablespoon for a large dog and a teaspoon for a small dog. You don’t want to give your pet too much. Otherwise, they could end up suffering diarrhea.
  • Give your animal a qualified fiber supplement. It helps regulate the digestive system so your dog can absorb more consumed nutrients. It also promotes healthier fur growth and causes your dog’s hair to appear shinier. We recommend Vet Select Healthy Fresh.
  • Give your dog plenty of exercise. This also helps make the digestive system work better. Furthermore, it leads to healthier skin, bones and hair. As a result, your dog’s fur will look healthier than it ever did.