What To Do When Your Cat Has Allergies


Just like humans, cats can suffer from skin and respiratory allergies producing symptoms such as runny noses, itching and scratching, sneezing and chronic cough. Common allergens affecting cats include fleas, foods, pollen and contact dermatitis.

Flea Allergies

Cats suffering flea allergy dermatitis experience hair loss, scabs and open sores from biting and scratching incessantly at flea bites. It is actually the flea’s saliva that causes skin irritation and not the bite itself, since flea saliva is full of aromatic compounds, phosphorous and amino acids responsible for producing an allergic reaction.

Besides the cat feeling miserable, the possibility that a bacterial infection will develop due to open sores is very real, making flea allergies a potentially dangerous health issue for cats.

Contact Allergies

Cats are roamers at heart and encounter all kinds of objects during their nightly adventures. Their intense curiosity often leads them to getting irritating substances on their fur and skin that causes an allergic reaction.

Scratching, biting and clawing at one particular area of the body may indicate your cat is suffering from a contact allergy. Motor oil, gasoline spilled on the pavement, solutions thrown into garbage cans and polluted water are just a few substances that often cause feline contact allergy.

Treatment for Cat Skin Allergies

Unless effective treatment measures are immediately implemented to reverse symptoms of feline allergies, a cat could suffer major hair loss, blood infection, intestinal distress and other serious health complications.

Safe and natural Allergic Pet’s Skin-Eze offers the benefits of anti-microbial, anti-fungal and antibiotic herbal ingredients to relieve the itchiness, burning and hair loss associated with skin allergies in cats and dogs. Available in tablet or capsule form, Skin-Eze is veterinarian-formulated to quickly eliminate inflammation caused by allergic reactions without producing side effects associated with prescription medications.


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