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Turkey Week Testimonials

We’re feeling thankful this week for all of our great customers and the feedback they send us. Here are a few of our more recent testimonials:

Our cat, Dexter, was up to 5 seizures per day. in the first 24 hours after starting VSF Nuroplex he had one and has none to one in the following two days. We expect that once he gets used to having it in his cat food he will be cured. We couldn’t be more pleased and Dexter is pretty happy, too!

Anti-seizure formual has kept my dog free of seizures for 3 years …it’s the best…have recommended allergic pet to many folks…

I love allergicpet. Saved my cat from chronic constipation. Now helps with urinary problems as well.

Skin eze is the only product which has helped my dog he has allergies to grass and dust mites, I have tried many products and a few 100s dollars etc. later this is the only one which works have mentioned this to many other dog owners who I have met with the same problems

Testimonial Tuesday: Skin-Eze Reviews

Today we have a few great Skin-eze testimonials to share. We love hearing about how Skin-eze has helped your pets. If you have a story to share, please feel free to leave a comment! Without further ado, onto some Skin-eze reviews.

We have been fostering a severely abused golden retriever with tremendous skin issues including allergies, puncture wounds, dry, itchy skin, hair loss, scarring, dry spots, et al. Between the bathing several times weekly, the change in diet (he was severely underweight), the meds from the vet and the Skin-eze, he has made a remarkable recovery. We ran out of the Skin-eze 2 days ago and he’s scratching constantly which he hadn’t been doing after a week on the capsules when we first started.

Skin-eze is a great product which does what it says, my dogs skin has cleared up and no more break outs, I will continue to give my dog the skin- eze tablets. Thank you

I cannot say enough good things about these products. It truly works. It is a relief not to depend on harsh chemicals and vet prescriptions. Thank you so much.

It really works!! I was able to decrease the daily amount for a few weeks but had to recently increase. Hope it takes all the itchiness away! He is only 6 months old and I did not want to go the traditional route. So blessed to have found your website!!!

Testimonial Tuesday: Bladder Crystal Edition


I have been through the “bladder crystal” routine with our local vet before, and after over $3000 in operations on the poor dog I was forced financially to make the decision to put him down anyhow. Once this new patient (my six-year old male Yorkie) was diagnosed with the same thing but in the beginning stages, I refused to let the vet proceed down the same route. I found you on line and after reading other testimonials on the product, decided to give it a shot. After almost two months of treatment, I am happy to report hat my boy is doing just fine. After the pills are gone, I intend to take him to another vet and have a urinalysis done to verify the results and will report at that time to you the results. For now, I am viewing your product as a “life-saver” and I am extremely grateful I found you when I did. I questioned the vet on their lack of knowledge of these homeopathic medicines especially when their are no other cures but surgery that generally have poor results for the outcome. As expected, they were mum on the subject but did say they would investigate. Thanks again for now and will follow up when meds are finished.

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Testimonial Tuesday: Nuroplex Review

Your product amazed me, in the fact my vet didn’t see how the Nuroplex would help my dog with her seizures. I slowly weaned her over a 6 week period. Well to my surprise and my Vets surprise she had no more seizures and is back to a normal weight. My dog is very vibrant and happy full of life :) Thank you so much for formulating such a Great Products!!!! Nuroplex Herbal Supplement is Awesome!!!!!!!

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Testimonial Tuesday: Skin-Eze Review


My German shepherd cross, Raoul, was driving himself and me to distraction, constantly chewing and snapping at himself and rubbing himself raw in patches. Conventional veterinary treatment provided only temporary relief and because of the risk of negative side effects if continued could only be applied for short periods. Your herbal medication has completely restored his health and well-being. Now being maintained on your suggested minimal dosage, his coat is fully restored and he is once again a calm and happy dog.

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Testimonial Tuesday: Nuroplex Review


I just want to thank you SO MUCH for your Nuroplex treatment.  My 14 y.o.Golden Retriever Anna started having seizures last November, at approximately 2 week intervals.  Her blood tests showed no abnormality, and I felt she was too old to have a scan, so my vet said I should wait until the seizures are more frequent, and then she would be prescribed phenobarbital.

I hated the thought of this as I have always given her a natural chemical free diet, so I looked for information on the web. I found you and ordered Nuroplex tabs straight away.  I started treatment just after her last seizure on Feb 4th,  and she has had nothing since.  I have the homeopathic spray, but have never had to use it.  The side effects are amazing,  she is happier, has more appetite, more energy, and has taken up jogging!  I now have to buy myself some joggers so I can keep up with her.

If anyone is wondering if this product really works,  I say to them just try it.  You will be so happy with the results.

Tess Hughes Healesvillen Vic. Australia.

Skin Eze Reviews

Today we’re bringing out a compilation of Skin Eze reviews we’ve received in the last couple week. We love seeing positive skin eze review from our customers. Keep ‘em coming!

I researched the internet for something to help my daughters dog as well as my own. I came across this and read the reviews. But I thought they only put the good reviews up so I looked some more. I did find some unhappy customers but you will with everything. But for the most part everyone was really happy with the product. So I thought I would give it a try. It has helped tremendously for my daughters dog. His hair is coming back in on his back and he rarely itches his paws. His coat is looking so good it’s unbelievable. My dog used to lick his paws to the point of sores. That’s almost stopped as well. I just ordered the spray for itching and can’t wait to get it in. I’m sold on the product and will Highly recommend it to everyone. Thank you SKIN-EZE!!!

One of my dog has allergy and I found this product when I was in the US. Now I am in Japan, I searched similar products but I couldn’t. No sever side effects is the most caring issue. I don’t want to use steroid for my dog. She is in better condition so far ,because of this product. Thank you. I recommended this product to my cousin for his shiba inu. I hope his dog will get better soon.

The itching has definitely slowed way down. Not sure whether the rest is habit or itching.I have added oatmeal rinse cause he won’t sit in the tub.Happy

Its a nice to find a site that caters for pets with natural products after multiple vet visits had not produced any results.

I don’t know what we would do with out Skin Eze products! My Bichon has both food & environmental allergies, she was in really bad shape before I found Now she’s doing great!!

Testimonial Tuesday: Kidney Stone Edition

Today we have a couple testimonials for our Vet Select Kidney and Bladder Stone treatment. We’re so happy to hear good news from both of these great customers!

Our shizu came to our house during a bad storm and we took her in. She had huge bladder stone which required surgery. Months later she started bleeding again and I ordered the kidney/bladder supplement kit. She stopped bleeding and we now have her on a maintenance program of just the pills..two a day. Thank God for this supplement. It is a blessing and keeps crystals from forming. We also just feed her canned food from Blue.


We have a dog that is seven years old that has been suffering from kidney stones for about 3 yrs. now. “Sami” was put on the SD diet at our local vet. This proved to be VERY ineffective. We were then told that she would need surgery amounting in the 2000.00 dollar range or to put her to sleep. It was so hard with her urinating all the time and to see the red blood coming out of her was terrible. THEN…my sister visited for Christmas and referred us to you..okay I thought its worth a try for the 90.00 dollars but was not expecting anything. Well today about 3 mos. later I am purchasing more product to manage her kidney stones as really she appears in every way to be healed from them! Thank you for giving us back our Sami!Please let us know if we need to keep her on the product to manage this.

Thank you

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