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How Epilepsy in Dogs Happens and What to Do

When your dog is having a seizure, it’s a scary experience. All of a sudden, man’s best friend is lying on the ground and you don’t know how to cope. The worst part is that while it’s scary for you, you know it’s even worse for your dog. Well, here’s a brief overview of what epilepsy in dogs looks like and how to treat it.

Epilepsy is a condition that causes a dog to have an attack of the nervous system. An epileptic attack can leave a dog unconscious, dazed, or twitching. Causes of epilepsy include brain lesions and genetics. However, all seizures look different for every dog. Epilepsy in dogs can leave the animal stiff, urinating, defecating, or with a variety of other symptoms. Each individual animal has a unique reaction. When dogs are younger, epilepsy can be more severe, but the good news is that they will also respond to treatment better than older dogs.

When you begin noticing your dog’s epilepsy, it’s important that you keep track of your dog’s seizures and tell your vet about the frequency and intensity of each one. Your vet can diagnose epilepsy in dogs better with more information, and in the end, your dog will receive better treatment.

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