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Christmas Presents for Pets?


With all of the madness of holiday shopping ramping up, we have but one question – will you be buying your pet a gift? Does your sweet cat or spunky pup have a special present under the tree that’s all of their own? In our household, our pets are our family, so we love spoiling them too with cute little presents. Of course, they don’t really understand what’s going on, but it makes us feel like we’re sharing the love. Plus, we love taking cute pictures of our dogs and cats under the tree. ;)


Odd Cat Behaviors Explained

Portrait of a male tabby cat

Portrait of a male tabby cat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cats are definitely a rare breed and some of their behaviors can be a real head scratcher. I mean, why do cats knead our chests with their claws? Or why do they groom us? Lucky for us, Michele C. Hollow provides these answers and more to Parade Magazine. Go learn, find out what’s going on in your kitty’s head. 

Read: Odd Cat Behaviors Explained

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