Turkey Week Testimonials

We’re feeling thankful this week for all of our great customers and the feedback they send us. Here are a few of our more recent testimonials:

Our cat, Dexter, was up to 5 seizures per day. in the first 24 hours after starting VSF Nuroplex he had one and has none to one in the following two days. We expect that once he gets used to having it in his cat food he will be cured. We couldn’t be more pleased and Dexter is pretty happy, too!

Anti-seizure formual has kept my dog free of seizures for 3 years …it’s the best…have recommended allergic pet to many folks…

I love allergicpet. Saved my cat from chronic constipation. Now helps with urinary problems as well.

Skin eze is the only product which has helped my dog he has allergies to grass and dust mites, I have tried many products and a few 100s dollars etc. later this is the only one which works have mentioned this to many other dog owners who I have met with the same problems

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