Common Dog Allergy Causes

If your dog is scratching, biting and coughing he might have allergies. Although food might seem like the most logical allergen, experts say this is usually one of the least likely culprits.

Second-hand smoke, perfumes and dyes and fleas are some of the most common household allergens for canines.

Coughing Bronchitis and airway irritation often manifests with coughing and sneezing. Smoke is as dangerous for your pets as it is for your family. If there is no way to remove smoke from your environment, talk to your vet about testing your pet for bronchitis.

Scratching and Skin Irritation: Treating the Symptoms Treating for Fleas: Develop a flea control plan. Wash or discard all bedding, coats and cloth chew toys. Clean hard surfaces and vacuum throughout the house. Treat your home for fleas and eggs with an eco-friendly extermination product.

Treating for Dust Mites and Dander Just like we humans are allergic to some pets, our dogs can be allergic to their human families and other pets in the household.

Clean all areas where your pet hangs out thoroughly from top to bottom. Wash all fabric curtains, floor mats, bedding and other washable items in the washing machine with hypoallergenic laundry soap. Vacuum carpeted areas, upholstery, mattresses and drapes.

Eliminating Dye and Perfume You dog may be allergic to his care products. Switching to herbal allergy treatments and soap products that are naturally chemical-free relieves itching. Switching might prevent future allergic reactions caused by avoiding harsh dyes and harmful perfumes.

After cleaning your home, treat your dog to a relaxing chemical-free bath. dog allergy products. Natural dog allergy products

Puppy in the grass

Puppy in the grass (Photo credit: justmakeit)

are often less expensive than allergy shots and prescription meds. Another benefit of using natural treatments is that there is less likelihood that your dog will develop new allergies to the ingredients.

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